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April 15, 2010


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Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

Oh my. My eyes just glazed over...I want one of your grandmothers burgers. Gluten filled bun and all!!

My all time favorite thing to come from my grandmother's kitchen was her pear preserves. Her "sweet milk gravy" might come next...I am gaining weight just thinking about it.


I wish I knew something that my paternal grandmother cooked. I'm sure it was in this category. I'm told we visited a few times when I was still in diapers, but the only visit I remember was when they came to see us when I was around 10 years old. I don't think she cooked that week.
I saw my maternal grandmother a few more times than that, so I do remember a few things she created in the kitchen. It wasn't artery-clogging per se, but I will always associate my memories of her with Biscochitos and New Mexican Hot Chocolate.


My grandma didn't really have a specialty, but she is famous for saying "Eat up, cuz that's all yer gonna git!" Then, she'd be shoving more food at us 30 minutes later.


Fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and chicken and dumplins. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them!

Little Miss Sunshine State

I grew up eating a French-Canadian pork pate called creton. It was made with high-fat ground pork. My grandmother wanted it to stick together a little more, so she added a big lump of beef lard into the cooking pot.


Now I'm hungry. Maybe I'll pan-fry the pot roast I had planned for dinner. Would that work?


I remember my grandmother used to cook with lard.
And she always had a big plate of white, squishy sandwich bread on the dinner table with mounds of butter to spread on them.

Prof. J

Oh my gosh, that sounds good.


My mother's mother would pack us a picnic lunch to eat along the way back home to Michigan from her house in Chicago. Fried chicken to absolutely die for ... My father's mother liked to fix us a little snack. Ritz crackers with sour cream ... sprinkle a little Lawry's season salt on the sour cream and dip the cracker. I've always wondered what possessed her to try that in the first place!

green girl in Wisconsin

I always go for a burger with fries. YUM.


My grammy was the breakfast queen. Bacon first, then scrambled eggs cooked in the bacon grease. Also, her homemade bread toasted, and smeared with real butter and homemade strawberry jam. Top it off with a big glass of whole milk. To die for.


I am starving now and want one of your grandma's burgers in the worst way! And one of my grandma's too, she fried burgers too and mixed onion and egg and cracker crumbs in with the meat. YUM!


Pie. Lard in the crust. The most amazingly flaky and delicious pie crust ever.

Also home-canned green beans with bacon or some other pig-part in the jar. And homemade grape jelly.


Those burgers sound fabulous and I'm a mustard and mayo girl too. Ever since the owner of a restaurant in NY told me that ketchup was really just pure sugar. Now if I eat it I can taste the sugar, tast the sweet and I already eat plenty of sweets tyvm.

Mom Taxi Julie

I miss my grandma's beans that she used to make. They were so good!

Kristen M.

What you've made me miss are the "In-N-Out urge" stickers from old pickup trucks that I would see while growing up in SoCal in the late 80s/early 90s. No one was trimming the stickers any more but they were certainly still around. :) And I really do miss In-N-Out. I'm sure one day they will stop expanding into Utah and start coming north to Washington!


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