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September 05, 2010


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Lynda M Otvos

Sleeping thru the night is non-negotiable with all the other obligations. Good to hear you feel better.

Jen on the Edge

This sounds like a really good plan -- balanced and reasonable. I'm glad you've set your priorities -- again, balanced and reasonable. Good work.

Manic Mommy

Great plan! You're certainly not sitting around watching Oprah!

After nearly four years, I'm finally coming to terms with being a SAHM. There's a lot to be done if you want to do it well. And we do.

Smalltown Mom

I'm glad your 2 a.m. self-conversation was so fruitful.

busy bee suz

A lot of stuff to consider Jenn.
Glad you are sleeping again!


Yep, the 2 a.m. voice is important to hear. Sounds like a great plan to me - addresses the things you want to do (and that feed your soul) while leaving enough space/time for the things you have to do.

Karolyn Crabtree (klcrab)

Like you I am juggling a 17 yr old with college deadlines and forms. He is our only and I am trying to find a balance between nagging and empowering. I don't want to do it for him either. any words of advice would be appreciated greatly.

Deb D

I think it's a great plan. Being able to set priorities is important.


25 pounds! You rock!

And really, you will be so much less busy next year - it makes sense to put the job on the back burner for now.


You're making me tired just reading... school starts for my students on Tuesday, and I begin my last class for my master's this week as well... You are reminding me that there aren't enough hours in the day.

(Negotiable things in my life are few and far between...) Ack.

It seems like you have a good plan in place, and congrats on that 25 pounds.

home tutors

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25 pounds! Yay, you!

As much as I like your blog, obviously there are things that must take priority. But I would keep reading even if you couldn't post as often.

I'm just starting the "going back to school, going back to work" cycle and have had a few of those same conversations with myself. It can be overwhelming at times. It's good to have a plan in mind even if it needs to be a flexible one.


Good plan. I was wondering how you thought you were going to have a full time teaching job AND do all of this other stuff.

Still....it is SUCH a bummer that new graduates cannot get teaching jobs now. When I graduated they were hiring anybody that could breathe.

Brightside Susan

A full plate, indeed. So happy to hear the get healthy plan is working so well! You will manage to do it al and you should enjoy the last years with your kids at home - time enough for the classroom ahead of you!


17 yr old with college deadlines and forms, check!
Wondering how anyone can do all of this and work full-time, check!
Losing 25 pounds in 5 months... wish I could nod in agreement but instead I will just cheer for you! Hooray!!

I have great late-night conversations with myself and I get pumped up for new beginnings in a new day... and then the new day comes and it all fizzles out with old routines.


25 pounds! Very impressive. Congratulations.

I know this sounds weird but since I cut back on blogging I've got more readers. I saw it happen when I was reading other blogs. I never (or very, very rarely) read anyone who posts every day. Unless they're having a rock star life, I just usually don't find enough to keep me interested.

But then so many people cut back on their blogging in the last year that when one of their posts finally popped up in my reader I was eager to read it, much like an old friend you're catching up with.

Take care of you first. No one's happy if you're not happy.


Inspiring check list of evaluating what's possible. May I copy your work? My life just isn't working properly, and I think I see a roadmap in your post. Thanks!


My girls were no better with the applications/essays/deadlines. Drove me CRAZY!


Congrats on the 25 lbs!!

I recognize your lists, your 2am realizations and your need to maybe go in a completely different direction next week. People often say to me, "How can you do it all?"

The answer is, "I don't!" My husband handles most of the kid stuff. If I had to take that one, something else major would have to go.


This sounds like an excellent plan! I'm glad you didn't take a job that may have pushed you to the brink (or, you know, have made things much more stressful than they need to be). Good luck with the juggling!

Math Tutor

Get started one step at a time. Thats the best we can do. Sooner rather than later you will have everything successfully scheduled and running.

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