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February 14, 2011


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Love you! I am the queen of over-packing. I accept it and so does AA as long as I keep my priority status. :)
Have a wonderful trip and I hope he gets a sense of whether or not it is the place for him. Stay warm!


I'm the queen of packing light, a skill learned through trial and error on a multitude of overseas trips. I've been seven weeks through Asia on one (fairly large) backpack. It's a pretty useful skill to have, especially because being able to just pick up your bag and wander off can get you out of a multitude of difficult/expensive situations.

K-man, on the other hand, struggles. The marital carnival comes to visit if we have to share a bag.

In a couple of weeks we're going to Lanzarote on holiday, and the airline charges 25GBP to take a bag weighing up to 20kg. I can't wait to see what I have to secretly remove from K-man's 'half'!


You pack like me! LOL

Manic Mommy

Basically, I need one bag for my clothes and shoes and a second just for toiletries/hair care products. It's disgusting.

I too pack extra undies - just in case...


Sounds just like me! I'm trying to figure out how to check only one bag when we go to San Diego and I just can't see it happening, between me and my daughter it will have to be two. The guys can just stuff their clothes around the sides of the suitcases, haha!

Good luck on the trip!

Little Miss Sunshine State

Last week I dropped Mom and my brother at the airport. She had 3 suitcases (<3 Southwest) and he had a backpack.

Who DOESN'T pack extra underwear?

Busy Bee Suz

I am laughing out loud at DB having to 'carry on'! It is always easier for men!
I had all my bra's stolen out of my suitcase a few years ago...Now I always 'carry them on' with me!

Mama Hen Em

I hate checking luggage. I'm already trying to figure out how to cram 10 days of stuff for a trip to Hawaii into one carry on. My MIL says she takes the oldest underwear she has and then just throws it away instead of repacking it to bring it home. I just find that ridiculously funny!

Slow Panic

travel safe.

i HATE the fees for checking bags. it's ridiculous.

also hate packing light. i can do it, but it causes me great anxiety leaving behind things i might need.

Baby Favorite

When we went on a cruise two summers ago (seven days to Mexico for pete's sake; not exactly a month in Europe), our family of four had TEN pieces of luggage. Do you know how hard it is to pack for not only daytime wear but also nighttime wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear, beach clothes, pool clothes, on and on and on? Yes, apparently it's ten suitcases' worth!

And? A few years ago I went on travel to Seattle with three coworkers. We had to upsize to a mini van for our vehicle, strictly based on my luggage alone. I had a carry-on that was nothing but shoes. (Again... business wear, casual wear, lots of walking, possibly rain...)

I feel your pain.


Bon Voyage from a fellow heavy packer!

Jen on the Edge

I am an overpacker too and can't imagine ever having carry-on only for a trip.


Good luck! And you may need more layers than usual, depending on the weather.

I've been both the light packer and the, um,
non-light packer. I know this is not true of all light packers, but I find that many of the folks who I traveled with were able to cram everything into one fannypack (ok, not really) because someone else was carrying the toothpaste and extra pair of socks.


Oh, I suck at packing. Horribly. My husband always mocks me.


Have a safe, fun trip! :)


I hope you have a wonderful trip!

I'm not a light packer either. I envy those who do it well...

men tuxedos

I really hope I could also experience choosing what are the necessities when packing up things. Unfortunately, I am not fond of visiting other places. My life is totally boring without adventures.

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