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December 20, 2012


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Jen on the Edge


Everything is so personal and has a lovely story to go with it. Thank you for sharing.


I love that the decorations are so meaningful and personal. I especially like last year's holiday card of your beautiful family. My you find some time to relax and enjoy.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

That door is always fabulous. And putting the "nonhangable" ornaments out that way is brilliant. Very festive home, Jen!


Lovely decorations and you take such lovely photos, too.

We are not religious either, but we have some very beautiful Christian-themed ornaments and nativity set that I love. There is a lot of beauty in that tradition.


It makes me happy to see my boy's smiling face on your door! I have a Christmas card holder that hangs by the door, but I have decided that I really don't like it because the cards aren't displayed. I will have to do something like you do next year.

Loved seeing your home. What a welcoming place that is obviously full of love and great memories. Merry Christmas!


By the way, only you would understand the fact that I love that my card doesn't clash with your paper! ; )


such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! When I lived in Japan, the general I worked for had a contest each Christmas. The door that was decorated the nicest won a gift certificate. Of course, my door never won, but I saw so many great ideas, of which yours was one! I wish I had an extra door to do this on...maybe the spare bedroom...hmmm...Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jenn!

Smalltown Me

I love that you're displaying SB's little apron. What a beautiful nostalgic touch. Enjoy your Christmas with your beautiful family.


You and your husband look smashing together!


Love the photos (and wish I'd remembered the Christmas card door earlier in the season!) Merry Christmas to you and your fam, Jenn!


As always - so personal and cozy!

And you looked fabulous for the party!

Busy Bee Suz

Beautiful Jenn....your home and your thoughts towards the holidays.
I DO love the card door, and like you I LIVE for Christmas cards. we should have shared addresses this year! *snap*
Christmas IS all about family and yours is wonderful.
P.S. that Christmas party sounds *interesting*

mrs. g.

Pretty Jenn. I love the vintage apron hanging from the stove.


You know, when it comes to impending 50, I'd just say this: the only reason to freak out would be if you looked at your life and thought you'd missed the boat. This post alone is clear evidence that you jumped on the boat and commandeered it--and should enjoy the advancing years as evidence of your ability to continue to hold the position.

You've missed out on nothing. Now, if you were alone and miserable about that, then 50 would be tough.

Strictly Jen

Fantastic decorating, and you look fantastic too!


Good choice on the shrug, festive. And your house is festive, too.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Oh, wow, DB has grown up!!

I'm glad to know that your "picture door" display is staying up for a while -- mine aren't getting mailed out until after Christmas this year.

What a treasure to have that little apron! I don't know what happened to mine...


Merry Christmas !

Kim Kasch

Best decoration of all is having the kids at home and on Mom's arm :D love those kids that are willing to comply with our wishes for "lasting memories". My boys aren't always so willing to let me snap photos without making strange faces for those memories.

Fireplace Heater

Reading your post makes me feel like I'm touring around your house lively, I prefer this than your 2008 tour.

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