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January 19, 2008


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Little Miss Sunshine State

I'm also leaving my nails to the professionals these days. I decided to quit coloring my hair this year and I'm actually quite happy with how the grey is blending in with the rest. I figure the money I save on the hair, I can spend on the nails.


My favorite is leaving the house thinking everything is looking good, then by chance, running my hand across my chin and realizing I have a huge, surely quite dark lone hair....how the hell could I have missed that? And how can anyone else? Then I spend the whole day trying to hide it!! Will keep tweezers in my purse from now on!!! ** My mom got that book and said it was too funny....am waiting for my chance to read it!! *
Will do my nails and move focus from "laugh lines" to hands!!

Reluctant Blogger

With me it is my legs. I had great legs. But just lately my knees seem to have grown chins. It is not pleasant at all. Urghhh! I think my days of wearing shorts in public are severely limited. It's not a weight thing either - I am still skinny, it's just that my legs are not what they once were.

My great aunt always used to say to me though "look after your feet" - her line of reasoning was that it doesnt' matter too much what you look like re wrinkles etc when you are old, but you still want to be able to get about, not have bunyans and hobble about unable to wear anything but slippers. So I have always heeded that.

This is a bit depressing! I usually try to forget that I am over 40!!!

Life As I Know It

This post made me laugh. I am mid 30's and am obsessed with wrinkles! I somehow acquired a permanent furrowed brow recently. ACK! I spend every night slathering on night/anti-wrinkle cream, which, of course, is doing no good at all.
Thanks for giving me a glimpse into my future!

Just found your blog today...


Hey you...I JUST deleted a picture from my cell phone of my nails. You are not a junkie, but are beautiful.

I've sent some link love your way and tagged you for a meme. Come check it out and let me know when you've done yours so I can check it out.

Take care!!!


Loved this logic. Using this money saving option of not being a junkie either, i think I'll go get my nails done too. Yours look great! And maybe a pedicure! Let's go.

Mrs. G.

Your nails look marvelous. I can't sit still long enough to get mine done. I have to sit a long time for highlights and that is about all I can stand. But you inspire me.

Mary Alice

Your nails look fabulous. It is important to spend time (and a little money) making ourselves look good. When you look good, you feel good...and that is impowering. And what the Hell? In the last year the random sprouting chin hair has started for me. Why did someone not warn me about this before?? Oh they tell you all about what will happen when you get your period...but this Perimenopausal stuff ....not enough warnings.


Hi! Great post! I totally did not see that eyebrow thing coming either. I too had to Brooke Shields brows, and they mortified me as a pre-teen. Now I'd pay big money to have them back. I've been pondering whether to give up the brow pencil; I think it may pull out more hairs than it is worth.

Smalltown Mom

My eyebrows are disappearing, too. And I don't have to shave my legs any more. So why do I get those damn chin hairs?


I'm not a junkie nor do I drink Starbucks coffee (on a daily basis). I am now making my wish list because of all the money I've saved!

And Norah Ephron's book was great - loved it.


My natural nails have all the strength, beauty and luster of toilet tissue. My only hope (ever) has been acrylic nails. However, acrylic nails are high maintenance, ruin the pathetic little twarfs that are your real nails, and are a tad costly. For the reasons just mentioned, I decided to have the acrylics removed, and it has taken OVER A YEAR to get my (pathetic) REAL nails to the point where I don't keel over from the pain when a drop of water hits one of them.
Naturally, I am thinking of getting the acrylics applied again, because, really - who doesn't want to go through all the pain, maintenance and expense of having "pretty" nails? Why do we do this?!

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