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January 08, 2008


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You have a gorgeous family. Not just physically beautiful either - from what you've said, they also have that ethical "bone structure" that will serve them well all their lives. Good parenting helped, but what they make of themselves will be up to them in the end, and it sounds as if they are all on the fast track to success in life - whatever that might mean to each of them. I myself am lucky to be married to a Mr. Fix-it, and I agree with you - I should stop referring to him as "my husband" or "John" - and give him a real moniker, which I have decided will be "The Wiz". Partly because of his website, but mostly because he really IS "The Wiz" - at everything. Clogged plumbing? No problem. Window won't roll up on the driver's side? No problem. Computer making a funny noise? No problem. I know you get the idea, because you are lucky enough to have one, too!

Mary Alice

You have a gorgeous and talented family. Thanks for the introductions. Being able to Fix Things? I think that is a totally HAWT quality, one that I am particularly fond of in my own man. Military Man and Mr Fix It would get along great!


Beautiful family. Thank you for visiting my place as well.

Have a wonderful day. I happen to have a 6'tall 17 year old - female athlete. photos at my place - maybe we could hook up two really great kids. lol

have a wonderful day.


what a great looking family. And how lucky you are to have a fix-it person -- when my husband left, he took his hammer-wielding skills with him.

Now I just use whatever's handy. Shoe, book, stale baguette.....


Nice to "meet" the family. What fun names you have chosen. I don't suppose you lend out Mr. Fix-it? Mine can do anything on the computer, but the other stuff...not so much.

Reluctant Blogger

Yes, it is always good to see what people really look like. I have four too. I tend not to talk about mine much on my blog (not because they would mind. They might but not for that reason) but just because they are so "in my face" the whole time that it is nice to have somewhere to get away from them!!!

You are clearly really enjoying blogging. Good for you. I wish I could do it with such a clear head and so much enthusiasm!!


What a beautiful family! Really, good job.

I thought I had it tough because my daughter walked at 8 months. But crawling at 3 months? I think that's some kind of record.


Jenn, you have a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I also love the "handles" you have given them...I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not a big fan of using DH or DD or DS1....sometimes, mine are just NOT darling!! You've got me to thinking now....what can I use?!?!?! Have a good one!!
(and I hope my sons grow to be as tall as your sons...my side of the family is tall, but I'm afraid the Japanese genes may be more in their favor....*sigh*)

Little Miss Sunshine State

Nice to officially meet the family. They sound like a great bunch!
I've got Cape Cod Kid. When we moved to Florida he stayed behind. And his sister is Sorority Girl, who loves everything about college.
How many girls have crushes on Big Red?
I also met Mr Sunshine State when we were 16 and 17.And he dated my best friend first!

Mrs. G.

This was such a treat. I am all about backstory so now I'm ready for whatever you throw my way. You all are a good looking bunch.


What a great way to introduce your cast. I'm still struggling with the inital thing, but I loved your inspired list of names. Very creative!

passing through

I'm figuring you don't use the actual names of your family members for privacy reasons and such.. so I wanted to point out that this post kind of defeats that purpose. Hovering over the photos allows one to see what title the image was uploaded with. All of which appear to be real names.


graabbeeee..ang lupeett ang ganda ng rikwonteng nu pangfISHball LANG YAN ..magnetworking narin namn kayo, dun na sa malaki ang kitaan yun bang millionaire, grabeeee naman pano pag di nabenta yung product?..toink .50 peso direct referral? .//oink oink wala yan

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