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January 09, 2008


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Sounds to me like "Andy" is ready for one of the summer-time drinks I have been thinking about!!! Can you wear an I-Pod at work? Great way to tune people out!!! Hang in there!!!

Reluctant Blogger

I think people often forget that they are not the only ones on earth. I do it myself sometimes. Particularly when you feel a bit grotty, you forget that all those in front of you also feel a bit sick and that the poor souls behind the counter are people too who are trying their very best to be helpful and quick.

Very amusingly written. I hope you have a better day today or maybe it is tomorrow. Time differences throw me!!

Mary Alice

Well, at least you made it funny. People are so often completely unable to imagine themselves in anyone else's shoes. I watched a frazzled Starbucks barista juggle several orders with everyone shouting things like: "no no I asked for the non fat, no whip, with REAL syrup" and "wait mine was the half decaf with extra whip and TWO honeys." ...it was right before Christmas and I am sure she had the same family holiday obligations as everyone else.....I ordered mine black and straight, when she handed it to me I looked right at her and said "You have a good day, Okay?" Her eyes welled up with tears and she said “ohhh, thank you, so much.” You know, people, have a little compassion for others....even if you are sick.


I have already asked my boss just why you can google the phrase "idiot central meeting place" and our business address comes up - or if there is some sign in town that says "if you don't have a clue you can get one at _______" ---- because every stupid/idiot/don't have a clue person in Athens GA has been here this week.

I feel your pain.

Hope your sunny disposition soon returns.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Oh, I feel your pain. I was also a pharmacy tech for a big chain store. People were MEAN to me. One day after a man yelled at me about his wife's toe fungus, I told him that unfortunately he was next in line after a baby with strep throat and a woman with bone cancer. That shut him up. I quit after a lady threw a bottle of suntan lotion at me.
Hope today is better.


SFP days (S= Stupid, P= People, you can figure out F= for yourself) are a part of my daily existence. I'm mulling over a funny way to explain my latest SFP day now...maybe it will appear on my blog soon. I bow to your genius in finding a gracious and funny way to describe yours.


Keeping a sense of humor about it will help, and you do! This was funny.


Ha! That's good!


This was great!

Angie @ Keep Believing

I want to work 10 hours a week. I really do. I wish I could find this job.


Angie @ Keep Believing

Oh and by the way, sometimes those of us that may come across as rude in the pharmacy line are the ones that have been on the phone with the insurance company being told one thing to be told something else when we arrive. Or the ones that have called ahead and been told one thing to be told something else when we arrive. Or the ones that have recently been at the doctors office assured they were taking care of it all and all we had to do was show up to find no record of us whatsoever. Sometimes... just sayin'...


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