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February 28, 2008


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Actually, there won't be room in prison. California prisons are extremely overcrowded. Criminals are released early when they do serve even some part of their sentences they are confined in the most wretched conditions, such that released prisoners carry the harmful effects and consequences back into society.

That cheer you up?


I'm a glass half full, problem solver too, really. So we will work hard to get out the vote in November, and elect those who will fight hard to make changes to our economy such that our educational system has the resources to bolster and prepare young people. K?

Don Mills Diva

It's so frustrating isn't it? I too am very optimistic by nature but sometimes you look at the priorities that governments seem to hold and it all seems so discouraging. All I can say is that people like you are needed more and more these days - don't give up!


Very frusrating that we or "they" can find money for allll sorts of things except for education.
Keep fighting!


I know. I know. I know. My sister Jude is an untenured teacher at an alternative school in San Diego. Is she worried about losing her job? of course. But her greater concern was the kids that would have nowhere else to go. It's always the neediest who lose out first.

Minnesota Matron

Honey, I feel your pain even here in the northland. We have a governor routinely mentioned as Republican Vice Presidential material who once MOCKED the concept of a state poet laureate!! And we're still recovering from Jesse Ventura.


Oh, I so hear you. DC school system, nuff said? Prop 13 in California gutted the schools long ago...it's sad that kids are still being shortchanged.


my dear neighbor.

i share your pessimism about this. it's bad in all sorts of bad ways. i wish we had bad mom here to teach our alternatively needy kiddos.


I hear you!! I don't understand it either! I don't understand how they can even include education in any sort of cuts - it is criminal!! We have a lottery here in TExas, where the money is supposed to go to education and yet it does not appear that it does (at least not much) and yet we sit back and no one asks, "Where is the money? Where is all that money going?" It is crazy and I am sorry if this cut affects you and worse that it affects the children of CA!

Take care - Kellan


It is insane and I am with you 100%. The school system is a shambles here in Southern California.

Domestically Challenged

Oh good, another optimistic control freak (me too).

There is a small group in the UK who push to improve teaching for those who have slipped through the education net (the state sector) they have the vision to realise that educated kids will get decent jobs, and not end up in jail - thus saving the government vast sums of money. Sadly they don't appear to be clasped into the bosum of the education dept. Everything is so shortsighted.

More and more people here are breaking their own banks to send their children to independant school.

It very sad - but keep that glass topped up - there are already too many half empty people in the world!

Mary Alice

I just doesn't make a lot of sense does it? Keep your chin up and press on for change....we have to...our children's future depends on it.


I have been out of the American education system for almost 17 years and the sad thing is...things really haven't changed, have they?? We all had t-shirts that something on the lines of "If the Government was run like schools, they'd have to have a bake sale to buy weapons."
I too don't understand how the schools have very little money and yet...the gov't can spend God-knows' how much on finding out if...IF (when we can all pretty much guess the answer) some stupid baseball player took steroids!!!
Major screw up in priorities!!! If I said I won't be back until things have changed...I may never be back!!!

The Mom Bomb

I hear ya. I was born/raised in CA and my Dad taught high school English. Mama Bird's right --Prop 13 did gut the school system, and CA's been struggling ever since. And now more cuts on top of that. Bleh.

At some point my Dad became an administrator and began holding weekend Bingo sessions at the gym: basically, elderly, chain-smoking Bingo addicts saved our school.

Tootsie Farklepants

omg don't even get me started.


my glass is a quarter full,and at wors empty and running on fumes.

Mrs. G.

All I can say without starting a zealous rant is to tell you that my blood is boiling.

Deb D

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys will elect a Democrat in November. We don't get enough money up north for education either (is there every REALLY enough) but it is criminal to let those most at risk slip through the cracks.


*fume* I've been fuming for a while.


Remember how on Friday I asked where was all the Lotto money that was SUPPOSED to go to Education? Why is there no accountability for that money? What is Georgia going to do with the 80 million they did not have to shell out since the guy took the lump sum. As most of the winners do.

I just don't get it.


In my school district, we will be laying off 200 people. Luckily "only" 65 of those will be teachers. The rest is administrative staff (all principals & VP's are getting lay off notices). California is 46 is spending and yet, they want us to do more with so much less.

I just got back from a CTA conference on Urban Issues. A couple of stats on this budget cut:
•Shutting down every school across the state for
nearly one month.
• Laying off more than 107,000 teachers.
• Increasing class sizes statewide by as much as
• Reducing per-student spending by more than
• Laying off over 137,000 bus drivers, janitors, food service workers, maintenance workers, and other education support professionals.
• Cutting more than $24,000 per classroom.
• Cutting $7.76 million per school district.**
• Eliminating all music, art and career technical
education programs statewide with room to cut
even more.


Looking over my post, those stats are what 4.8 billion of proposed cuts to education might look like.

stephanie (bad mom)

You are, of course, preaching to the choir here. Me being in the choir but only pretending to sing because it would throw everyone off if I sang out loud. But anyway. Yes. Sad, and insane. I don't know what can happen; I just keep showing up and making things work, hoping powerful people will wake up and help us out.

Thank you for drawing more attention - that is something.

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