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February 18, 2008


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LOL.. good for you for even trying. I KNOW I'd look dumb in leather, and would feel even sillier in the third person skin. You made me laugh and I thank you for that. :)


Angie likes Jenn for whom Jenn has already established herself to be, anyway.


Hey fellow Bossyite. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Cheers! is only good if you're living in the UK. Or watching TV Land....


george is getting ANGRY! did you see that seinfeld? makes me giggle just thinking about it. now whenever someone in our house is made we yell "george is getting ANGRY!" cracks me up when the kindergartener does it.

so if you can't pull off "jenn is getting ANGRY!" try the george thing.


That Jenn crackith me upith.

Mary Alice

Mary Alice has trouble playing off third person herself, in fact Mary Alice wished at one time that she had been as brilliant as Bossy and Mrs G and played third person right from the bloggy go....it hard/impossible to switch it up mid stream......but all is well, because Mary Alice thinks she and her new friend Jenn are rocking along in the first person now.....it's not quite as sassy as third person...but still.


Yes, Debbie was thinking that maybe she could do like Mrs. G and Bossy, too...but Debbie also laughed everytime she wrote/thought it because Debbie thought she was sounding a bit..too..much...like George!!
Yeah...it takes special/creative people to do that...I get too confused trying to do it!!
I think I leave the "fun" stuff to Mrs. G and Bossy...they do it so well!!!

Reluctant Blogger

haha I am not going to join the crowd of third-personers here! I have to say that I would never write for pleasure in the third person (I have to produce little blurbs about me for work purposes in the third person on occasion and they always make me cringe when I read them back) because it feels so pompous and silly.

I think that it works for some people (Mrs G most definitely does it brilliantly) but probably if everyone started doing it, it would become extremely irritating (to me anyway!)

It is quite useful on occasions when you really need to distance yourself from something about which you are writing and I think I could be tempted to do it on such occasions if I were really struggling to find my own voice.

I prefer people to write as they speak and people who speak in the third person sound very peculiar. My children used to do it when they were tiny and it was sweet in them but it wouldn't really be sweet for an adult!

Amy the Mom

Amy the Mom can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode where Jimmy always spoke in the third person and everyone mocked him incessantly. Amy the Mom thinks that Bossy and Mrs. G can pull it off, but when Amy the Mom does it she wants to punch herself in the neck.

Mrs. G.

Mrs. G. has frequently wanted to stab herself for making this commitment to the third person. She has to work harder to keep her posts from being confusing and some nights she feel like she has created a monster.

Mrs. G. does like the fact that the third person creates a tiny distance and forces her to write a post a little like a story.

Mrs. G. likes Jen and her first person.

Smalltown Mom

moxie, n. slang

1. the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. agressive energy, initiative
3. skill, know-how

You've got moxie no matter which voice you use.


I'm with JCK - That Jenn crackith me upith! Too funny girl! See ya. Kellan

Manic Mommy

I can't carry off a Bossy-ism either but I do like your style. Maybe you could start with the leather skirt and work your way "down"?

PS - I tagged you!


Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where one of Jerry's friends always talked in the 3rd person and they thought he was actually talking about another guy until Elaine went out with him...anywho, I can't do the 3rd person either.


Save the leather for Mr. Fix-it. I am sure he would appreciate it. I enjoy the tone of your blog postings even if they aren't in the third person.


Blog This Mom! gives Jenn @ Juggling Life "Two Thumbs Up!" (She's using both hands, which makes hitting the space bar challenging.)


Yeah, it's about finding your own thing. For some it's leather pants. For some it's leather third-person tongues. You know, like that.

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