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March 10, 2008


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jozet at Halushki

Happy Birthday, Danger Boy!

What a beautiful write-up about your beautiful guy. What a wonderful and blessed family you have.

I love this post. You need to show this to him someday. We all most of us know that our mom's just adore us, but to have it written out in words - to know that they really "see" us...what a gift to a child. Beautiful, you. :-)

jozet at Halushki

Happy Birthday, Danger Boy!

What a beautiful write-up about your beautiful guy. What a wonderful and blessed family you have.

I love this post. You need to show this to him someday. We all most of us know that our mom's just adore us, but to have it written out in words - to know that they really "see" us...what a gift to a child. Beautiful, you. :-)


Happy Birthday, Danger Boy!

Don Mills Diva

What a sweet post about your spirited boy! Happy birthday to him.

Smalltown Mom

Happy Birthday to a great kid!


Danger Boy sounds like such a great kid...and wow! he doesn't look like you at all, does he?!?! :-D
Have a wonderful birthday!!!
"otanjyo bi, omedeto gozaimasu"!!
(in Japanese, "happy birthday"...putting some international flair into his day!!!)

The Mom Bomb

Handsome and empathetic: you've got a rare one!

Great kid, and so good to hear how he's met his challenges with such spirit and determination. I've got a couple "spirited" kids of my own, so I always feel encouraged by posts like these.


I love this. Great tribute to your son who obviously brings you great varying emotions. Happy Birthday to Danger Boy. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the future of my nearly 5 year old.


Tootsie Farklepants

This is awesome!! Happy Birthday DB!!!


What a great ode! Happiest of Birthdays. And I agree, home is for falling apart (kids) and catching the pieces and building up (moms).


Happy Birthday, DB!

Empathy is a tremendous gift.
My own 15yo also has a big heart and has had his share of challenges. Not the same as yours--to begin with, 39 hours of labor--and the docs have different words and acronymns to describe him. It does seem that the ones who give us the greatest challenges also seem to have the strongest grasps on our emotions.


A very lovely tribute!

Happy Birthday Danger Boy! :)

Manic Mommy

You may be biased but I'm not: boy is he a handsome kid. Adversity makes him stronger and more well-rounded.

Your comment that sometimes home is for falling apart is right on target. We're the soft landing.

Happy Birthday to Danger Boy and Mom.

(2 cm to 10 in 45 mins, then an emergency c-section - oy.)


TS is a small price to pay for having that kind of heart and spirit. Beautiful post.


What a wonderful boy you have.
He has overcome alot and will be a great father/husband because of his great upbringing.
You have every right to be proud.
Happy day to all of you!


Happy Birthday. What an amazing boy. I love that he was jumping off the diving board at 2 and I love that you let him.


Hi Jenn -- (Something interrupts me everytime I visit your blog. I am determined to finish this comment.)

I just love your post. My hair stands up on end when I read or hear about a parent who sees their child for Who He Is, and loves and honors that. It is a gift to the child. It will always center him. :)

I have a 15yo boy as well. Wish we lived close by. And Happy Birthday to Danger Boy!


I bopped over because every time I was leaving a comment today, I found you'd already said exactly what I wanted to say, so I came over to share the giggle, but loved this post so much I wanted to say that, too. Also? Can you believe you have a 15 year old? We should all look so good!


Happy Birthday DB!!! What a sweet post about your special boy - he sounds like a great person and a wonderful son - you should be very proud, as I know you are!! I hope he had a great day!!

See you soon. Kellan

Anastasia  Beaverhausen

Happy Birthday to a seriously handsome guy who has SO MUCH going for him. I hope this year brings new triumphs for DB!


Happy Birthday DB! Spirited kids are the BEST!


Aww that was just lovely. What a sweet birthday gift to make for your son. He's a sweetie.. and comes by it honestly.

Domestically Challenged

Happy Birthday Danger Boy...

and happy birth day to you Jen...
What an amazing, positive Mother you are - he is a very lucky boy.

Mrs. G.

Happy Birthday Danger Boy! He is a handsome boy. And the pictures with the dogs? Fogeddaboutit.

Reluctant Blogger

Awww lovely post. Sorry am I rather late in wishing him happy birthday. But then he doesn't know me anyway!!!!

I love reading about Danger Boy. It is the only time I get to feel that my oldest son is not too reckless. Danger Boy is about the only child I have ever heard of who is more reckless than my Harry.

I love the way you write about your family - you make them seem so real.


happy birthday toooo yooouuuu (danger boy).


Jenn, I always enjoy your comments on Hollywood: Where Hot Comes to Die so I checked out your blog. I have a son who is 18 who is "normal" healthwise, for the most part, but he sounds so much like your DB. He does not have Tourettes' although his father does (well only my opinion) ..but he did have quite a ferocious temper when he was little. Anyway, enjoy your posts. We have some things in common (my 18 year old will be going away to college next year and he is my last chickee to fly the nest).


Your post made me cry...Beautiful, Jenn. And you are an AMAZING and wonderful mom. I wish we could sit down and have tea together or maybe some hard stuff. We'll have to make that happen since we're only a couple of hours away!

ms. changes pants while driving

hahaa... i love that... "if you can't play nice, play water polo."

i went to high school in coronado and that TOWN is ALL about water polo.


I see why stories of my BOY remind you of yours. :)

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