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March 19, 2008


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I have merely one dog (a big one though) and a fairly small house and I empty the canister at least once while vacuuming!
And I love your Domestic and Foreign, great interpretation!


Better a day late than not at all... Nicely done WWC. :) I have the same vacuum. I empty it a lot (and clean the filter below the cup, and the one on the side) and we only have a bunny.


Would you believe, I've never owned a rug in my whole life? In fact, my whole goal is to eliminate the carpet in our house ENTIRELY. :)


I love that rug! I'm a huge rug person and have rugs everywhere throughout my house. One of my friends once said, "You are really into rugs," which I think was not a compliment.

Have a good day - Kellan

Mrs. G.

That is a beautiful rug. I am the only person in my family who empties the cannister. I shudder to admit this but once I emptied it on one of my kids' bedroom carpet. Just to make a point. Looking back, it wasn't mature. But the point was made.


Does it work on hardwood too? I have those darn little dust bunnies every day!!


I really want a new rug. Ours is the same colors as yours, mostly dark. The dog is blond. Not a good combination. I am going to wait until after we potty train the little one to get a new rug though, I foresee some piddle accidents in this rug's future!


Ooooh, purdy rug. And clever choice with WWC.

Prof. J

Kids! Empty the cannister once in awhile!


Hey - your comment was so funny about my hair! I DO NOT have cooperative hair - AT ALL. This style is a style that is the only style that works with my hair - that's all. I do cut it myself, as it is the only style I really know how to cut. See you - Kellan

Tootsie Farklepants

Yes! And just in case the kids didn't hear me, I'll say it again...YES!!!


I concur and I don't even live in your house. I do, however, live with 2 dogs and only 1 cat. I think my canister needs emptying even when the darn thing is not turned on.


typical kids...they're not thinking of stuff like that. they'll understand when they're older :-)

Karen C.

At least you can get your kids to vacuum!!

Manic Mommy

I have a slightly different model Bissel. If everything is empty and the filter is cleaned, it could pick up the dog, not just the hair.


Oh, most definitely. Emptying a cannister SO helps. Pretty impressive domestic help you've got there at Casa Juggling Life.

Smalltown Mom

I bow to your rug finding talents and hope to channel you as husband and I TRY to agree on a new rug. Usually there is/are one or more males lying on the floor in front of our TV. As the males have gotten bigger, the rug needs to get bigger too.


You are good at this challenge.


I wonder if it works on tatami...and I'll put my dust bunnies up against anybody's any day...ooh...foreign and domestic dust bunnies!!! Another picture?!?! :-D
My oldest thinks that running the vacuum is fun...yeah, I think he's crazy too, but if he's volunteering to run the damn thing, I will empty the cannister!!!


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