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March 18, 2008


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Jen M

I am intrigued - but I think I need to be in a VERY happy place before I read that book.

On the positive side, we can count our blessings that our own children are so sheltered and safe.


When my Dad was waiting for a new heart at Brigham & Womens Hospital in Boston (4 years ago) he met and befriended one of the Sudanese Lost Boys. Mac has become such an important part of our families life.

Thanks for letting me know about this book. I plan to read it.



Mac "walked" out of Sudan when he was only about 12. He walked 1000's of miles and watched countless friends die - many eaten by alligators during river crossings.

He was eventually taken out of a refuge camp and brought to the US. He was all alone. he is about 24 although he is not exactly sure. He has been back to see his family twice but both times had to be smuggeled into Sudan. His family lives in a village - huts, no running water, no medical care for 100's of miles. When he went home, he brought a camera and teh village elders made him stop = they feared he would take their souls.

He is a wonderfully, kind, gentle giant. Mac is over 7 feet tall and is as dark as night. When we say pics of his family, he is only average height.

He works as an orderly at the hospital my Dad lived in for 98 days while waiting to die or to get a heart. Mac befriended my father and my Dad has kept him close ever since. We have helped him raise money for his village for educational materials and for a working pump to bring water into the village. He needs much, much more money but he struggles.

He is a wonderful man and we are all blessed to have him enter our life.


Don Mills Diva

It really is unbelieveable what those children endured...

Manic Mommy

Since I've had kids, I've been unable to read those types of books. That may be a cop out. Actually, I'm sure it is.

Thanks for the reminder. I wrote about my toilet today.


Amen, Sistuh! Very important topic. Heart wrenching subject.


I have not read this book but reading books like this (just read Kite Runner) or any of the other heartbreaking stories about what children not lucky enough to be born here, go through to survive, makes me want to go out and join the Peace Corp or something. I still have kids at home so I don't obviously, but I am going to find a good charity and donate some money right now. BuyaCow or freerice.com or the ONE Campaign are good places to start I suppose. Thanks for bringing the subject up.

PS I read like you do now, 10-20 pages at a time. Tooo tired.


"There must be a place between doing nothing at all, and making yourself sick when you can't do enough..." Jenn, beautifully said.

I often wonder *how* to help, or how to get started. I will read this book. I have fingered through the pages, but haven't actually taken it home. This time I will. Thanks for the reminder.

Little Miss Sunshine State

All I can say is that I don't think people are paying attention to what's important in this world. HUMAN BEINGS. Too much attention is paid to power and money and status.


Sounds like a book I need to read.


I love finding another good read. I actually like books that make me think. But like you, I don't have time to read anything that isn't assigned at this point. Can't wait till summer when I can read what I want to! But, the academia is assigning a lot of great books too.

Thanks for letting me know what I'm missing in Brit Lit. I'll miss it again on Thurs. And I have 3 research papers to write while I'm home taking care of my little sickie. So its very doubtful that I'll read any British poetry!

I need a month long spring break right now!!!

Mary Alice

At our last station we used to attend church with one of the "lost boys." What I remember most about him is that he was always smiling. There is so much we take for granted.

Reluctant Blogger

I haven't read this book but I must do so.

I often read "depressing" books but actually they don't depress me - quite the opposite.


I'm with the reluctant blogger; books like this make me appreciate, even more, what I have in my life.


This is a great post Jenn. Have you considered joining us on the Spring Reading Challenge?

Here is the link:

I don't read at nearly the pace I used to either... but this is where I write about the books I finally finish when I do.


Have you seen the movie God Grew Tired Of Us?
It's a great documentary about a group of the 'lost boys'.
Very moving film.


I think you mentioned this book when we had coffee. I will check it out when I finish A New Earth, which may take me another six months because my nose keeps bleeding every page or so.


I have to admit that I haven't heard of this...but will go to Amazon and check it out. It sounds like an interesting read, but...like someone said before, I need to be in a "good place" I think to read anything about children and bad things happening to them. I tend to put my boys in the places of those I read about and it makes it very hard to continue.
Thanks for this post Jenn...

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