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March 15, 2008


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Irish Goddess

I have a slightly similar system, but not nearly as organized. I love this idea for a post, though, so I might borrow it!


Thanks for playing along Jenn. You have officially put me to shame. Are you kidding me? You're brilliant. A staging area? Bags within a bag? Man, maybe *you* should run for office. :)


I bow down in the temple of your purse system. Yowza! After seeing yours and Cheri's, I am officially too ashamed to show or even discuss what's in mine. ;)


Whoa. First you confessed that you are never late, and now the purse system? I am humbled. Cool idea. I have a modified version (probably 6 zippered compartments) but I never switch purses (still in the jeans and flip flops stage). But the receipts (I am a packrat) are killing me. Like the idea of the index box in the car! You should check out Unclutterer if you don't already read it. Love the tips!

Marie J

I don't carry my purse. My purse is my minivan. You should see me on the rare occasion I ride with a friend, trying to grab everything I need.

I came homw with a new purse that would fit the aforementioned "everything I need". My husband said it was an old lady purse, and laughed at me. I returned it. He's going to need to get past that soon, I've been wanting one again.

Tootsie Farklepants

I feel like I need to go and organize my purse. I would be SOOOO embarrassed to show you mine. My purse doesn't know what organized means.

mike golch

works for me.but than again I'm not a purse toting person.


Would you hyperventilate if I dumped my 37 loose items in front of you including half a crayon, my shopping list from 4 weeks ago, a crayon crusted penny, a sewing kit which i have carried for 10 years and NEVER used, etc. Would you?



"Now my bags are big, but I don't really carry that much stuff in them. I just like the way big bags look. Any ideas what that says about me, Blog This Mom!?"

Blog This Mom! says that you are optimistic and prepared! A winning combination in a woman.

Reluctant Blogger

Wow, Jenn you are just so organised. I usually go out without a bag - just my phone and some cash and a key to get back in again. I am not a useful person to have around in an emergency as I never have a tissue let alone any paracetamol.

I rather like your bags though. And I aspire to one day being as organised as you.

Minnesota Matron

The book Breath, Eyes, Memory, glasses, reading glasses, tampons, lotion, band-aids, car keys, cell phone, comb, kleenex, wipes, dental floss, wallet (with checkbook), lipstick, tangerine lip balm, fixodent ( I have some friendly fake teeth),
Altoids. At least.


Hi Jenn - Thanks for coming by. Hope you are having a good weekend and I'll see you soon. Kellan

Smalltown Mom

I use the same purse all the time, a small leather backpack. I love having my hands free. The back pocket holds car keys and sunglasses. One of the two middle pockets holds my wallet, and sometimes a water bottle. The other center pocket holds personal items like hairbrush, tampons (very important!) and tissue. The small front pocket holds the cell phone.

I love your bag idea!


I LOVE you now! I am an organization devotee. My purse system is similar but uses a small cosmetic bag for necessities and a Purseket (www.purseket.com) which is easy to drop into whichever bag I am using that day.


Hey - I just noticed the changes to your site - it looks great - I love it!

Have a good Sunday Jenn- see you later. Kellan


You are bizarrely organized. And now my new role model. I, instead, carry the same purse every day - even when I'm wearing black and the purse is brown - because I can't make the swap happen without a major overhaul and who has time for that.


I'd like to come and live in your purse. Can I? Please, please??? Even for the weekend would be nice..to be that organized.


Hey! Love the new blog design look!


Purse staging area? Wow. Organized! I love it. I just keep the same purse all year round...never worrying if it matches my outfits... because it matches my car. :-) Zoom!


I am SO impressed! My purse is a horrible mess of receipts, opened kleenex packages, gum packages, etc. I can NEVER find anything in it, even though it isn't that big. Definitely giving your system a go.

By the way, love your purses.

Happy Sunday,



I desperately try for your purse organization. And I do have purses in a staging area right before I head out the door. Where I fall down is all the little things that get shoved in while using the purse, receipts, change, earrings, hair clips etc. So now the 2 purses I am not using in my staging area have those type things left in them. I am like you and am NEVER late! My FIL is one of those hour late people and it drives me crazy that he thinks we should all be sitting around waiting on him!


we have the same phone, only mine is orange.


I'm impressed! A purse system! If I get a big purse I tend to stuff it full, so I try to stay with medium or smaller purses. I like your Dooney!

Lyrics of My Life

Um....you are incredibly organized. I am shamed. I did this blog today, though, and saw that you had done it, so had to pop over.

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