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April 14, 2008


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I just had to share with you a brief story of about my daughter.

My mom has always ironed my dad's clothes. One day, my daughter (who was about 7) was over at my parents' house. She asked her Boppie (what they call my mom) what she was doing.

My mom responded by telling her that she was ironing her Poppa's clothes. My daughter then said, "why are you doing that? Are his arms broken?"

My mom started laughing. She told me that she definitely was my daughter :)

(Not that I think there is anything wrong with ironing your husband's clothes!)


I love that all done feeling. I wish it lasted longer.
I am so impressed with you ironing. My dh irons for himself.


Wow. I'm impressed. My kids don't even know what an iron is. Once a year or so my husband will iron a few things (usually before a family photo). So I'm in awe!


While on disability with my surgery, I have really made an effort to catch up on the laundry and keep the kitchen clean. It's about all I can do to keep up, but I am trying. ;)

Tootsie Farklepants

I do know that feeling. Not about ironing because that's what dry cleaners are for, but about accomplishing chores and appreciating it. Like today after I finished mopping, vacuuming, and dusting then stood back and admired it all. That is, until the kids came home from school.


Yes it does feel good to get it all done.
I just wish I could afford a maid.
Then I would have that feeling by just picking up my sons toys

Jennifer H

I hardly ever iron, but there is something relaxing about doing it, especially while watching TV. I would rather do that than just about any chore. But I agree with Tootsie, since with the dry cleaner, I'd be lost.

Still, I know that sense of satisfaction. I remember it vaguely. :-)

sue bull

you are my new ironing hero! can u come and do mine plse? my 11 y/0 daughter irons her dad's shirts - i hate ironing, even while dr phil is on!!!


I refuse to iron. My husband does all the ironing - either he does it or the cleaning service does it. But I have to say - I think you do a better job of it :)

Good job!!



I am impressed! Good job!

I let my husband do all the ironing. I hate it!


I also put off ironing as long as possible! For me, that means I only do it about 3 times a year. :0
That feeling of accomplishment? It lasts longer when you mow the lawn.

Reluctant Blogger

I iron very little. For a moment, when I read your post, I thought you ironed underwear. Then I remembered that by "pants" you meant trousers. In the UK, when we say "pants" we mean "underpants".

You'll tell me now that you do iron underwear!!!


Ironing ... not satisfying to me. But vacuuming - ahhhhh! - I love looking at those perfect rows of fluffed up carpet. And then 20 seconds later the dogs run through the room and get it all footprinty. Ah well. Those 20 seconds were very nice. Very nice indeed.


What the hell is an iron and why does everyone but me seem to know what you're talking about? I couldn't find it in Urban Dictionary either.


Life As I Know It

I don't iron, but I did just clean the kitchen floor for the first time in a long time and it did make me feel better!

Green Girl

I don't mind ironing either, but I always do it while watching a chick flick.

Smalltown Mom

Oh, you just reminded me, I have to iron my husband's shirt. I think he could do it himself. But I'll be nice.

It is good to get a task done. Last night I cleaned up the kitchen for bed and it was a welcome sight this morning!


I'm going to have to figure out this HIgh School Confidential show to get me through the post-weekend mess today. But I share in that feeling of satisfaction as you look around ... then watch everyone else destroy your fine work. :)

The Introvert

I did some ironing Sunday as well. It took FOR-EVAH. How the heck did I end up with six pairs of white pants?

Interesting that you had such a warm day. It was downright chilly in TX.


I was the ironing slave growing up. We ironed dish towels, underpants and pillowcases. I totally hate ironing now but I have to do it now and then so TIVOing something and moving the ironing board in front of the plasma is a GREAT idea. By the way Jenn, I moved up the drawing for the t-shirt from May 31st to April 30th. I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I wrote May 31st. :-) You are entered. Thanks for stopping by! Trish


I'm impressed!! I'm not an ironer - ever - hate it and avoid it at all costs!

Have a good day - see ya - Kellan


i took out the iron today for the first time in months.

BUT, I'm inspired by you, so maybe, maybe, I'll take to ironing more often.

I'll have to look into this High School Confidential...maybe it will ease my chore angst...

phd in yogurtry

I have PTSD from ironing all those bleeping white cotton shirts from my days at catholic school. My little round collared shirts AND my two brothers' shirts. Oh, and I ironed my dad's work shorts, too. I was eventually paid. 25cents per shirt at some point.

So no, no pleasure in ironing here. Fortunately my husb works in a no dress-shirt environment, so rarely does he need ironing. And for some reason (this may be why I married him) he is proprietary about his laundry. To include ironing. He insists on doing his own.


Congrats on a job well done, darlin! I'm imPRESSED. (heh, sorry!)

Our living room, dining room, family room and kitchen were all clean this weekend at the same time! It was a very nice 10 minutes...


I have people that do that.


aaryn b.

I always find it very grounding to do household projects. And ironing---which I NEVER do, but need to---will go great with This American Life.

Domestically Challenged

I don't iron - I fold things neatly, and put them on the Aga...and hey presto.... flat clothes as if by magic.

The husband does his own shirts now - that was as a result of him heaping 14 shirts in a pile on the floor after I had ironed them....I told him I would never iron again - silly boy! he thought I was joking!

My weird cleaning pleasure is doing the loos! I think that might be more worrying!


a) your blog look magnificent
b) option 1 might instead be, husband irons? i know, most would rather go pantsless, and then who pays?? you
c) i do not own an iron, but i have an excellent relationship with the cleaners
d) your blog really looks magnificent


I can't even go there for ironing...because...well, I really don't know how to do it. If we ever need ironing, which is rare, my husband does it. But, I'm THERE with you on watching something good while folding laundry. Does that count?


I agree. There's satisfaction when all the housekeeping and laundry are done on a weekend.

Too bad it's usually all done at 3pm on Sunday and your weekend is totally shot. Oh well.


Oh I GET THIS. Ironing, of all things, is the thing I always do last. Give me a vacuum ANYDAY! But when it's done, the feeling that lasts for 8 hours is fantab!


I remember when I was little, one of my jobs was to iron my dad's handkerchiefs, the pillow cases and the sheets (can you imagine?!?!). When I got older, I moved up to the shirts and pants. I still remember the smell of something as it was freshly pressed....I loved the crispness of it all.
Now....no...not so much anymore...huh-uh...and hubby gave up and just takes his stuff to the cleaners. Bless that man!!
And it really does feel good when something, anything, gets done around this house!!! Now...go...take a break!! :-D

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