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April 16, 2008


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Jenn, I am always in awe of your ability to get both words into one photograph!

Domestically Challenged

thanks for the giggle -

My friend's son recently discovered that if he and his friends 'surfed' the lockers in the gym (next to the housemaster's room) they could get on to the housemaster's unsecured wireless network and access all sorts of inappropriate websites....it's amazing how inventive teenage boys can be!!!

Just strike a pose!


This is a great picture...but..."as the crow flies"?!?! I'm thinking that you are channeling my 95 year old grandfather 'cause he's the only other person I have heard in the last 20 years say that....and I'm from the "country"!!
Jenn....you are so funny!!
And way to look out for those young men...helping out whenever you can!!!
(but usually between 9 and 10:00 of an evening!!!) :-D

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Good morning. Love the view too. We have a wondow in our bathroom across from the tub. Very little chance of someone looking in but I sure to love the view out. And it is wonderful for morning makeup application - sunrise light.

Now about your hard water spots. I sell plumbing and can maybe help a tiny bit. RainX - yep - the stuff for your car windshield. This is great for shower doors and windows - it is a silicon based protector and the stuff just doesn't seem to stick. Depending on your tile you may be able to use it there too. Try a tiny spot and see what you think. It also will keep your mirrors from fogging up so bad in a bathroom. You can buy it repackaged for bathrooms - but its a whole lot less money in the auto section. You can also wax your tub walls and lavatories (NOT FLOOR) with turtle wax -makes cleaning so much easier and you'll know when to reapply.


Nice job again Jenn.

I see a cross with a Jewish day school. See how we are all one people?


You think THAT'S dirty? You should see the window my dogs look out of. There are so many puppy nose prints, the glass looks frosted. :)


hahaha I'm with Tink ;-)


Ugh! I feel your hard water pains. It is a constant struggle here in Central Illinois, too. My beautiful black fridge that dispenses water has a constant white film.



I'll just say that I envy your bathroom window! Our bathroom has no window and so not only is it extra dark in the day time, but there is no outlet for steam (other than the noisy fan).


Love the big window!! And the comments about the boy and the binoculars - ACK!

Have a good day - Kellan

Tootsie Farklepants

That is very altruistic of you!!! ;)

Green Girl

I LOVE that window in your shower. What a thing to see each morning-- that view is so wonderful. I hope your Jewish boy enjoys HIS view:)


I love your interpretations each week of the photo challenge. I wanna play! I wanna play!


Bwaha! "If an orthodox Jewish boy with binoculars is that desperate, I'm happy to help out." I wet my pants.


What Fannie said!

I love that window and the view. We don't have any windows in our bathroom.

The Introvert

We have a very tall window in our master bath, which means, if we ever decide to pull those shades up, my nosy neighbors are going to get the full centerfold view. I should change out the lightbulb in there for a red one and then they can have their own private Amsterdam.

Jennifer H

Yeah, lots of us are going to need your address. And some binoculars. :-)

I would love showering with that sense of openness, too.

Great photo.

aaryn b.

We couldn't afford the add-on, so we just installed an outdoor shower in our garden. Unfortunately, our neighbors could afford the add-on, so now their children can look out on me as I shower in my backyard. If they want to look at a woman nearing forty and her ever-sulking skin, have at it, I say.


Gorgeous view!!! I'd be standing there every morning until the hot water runs out!


You all have indoor plumbing in America?


You're so funny.

Tell your local outdoorsman shops that you want a kickback on all the binoculars they're selling. And don't let your daughters shower in the master bath. :)


Wow! what a view! I'd love it too!


My kind of woman indeed!! I say similar things about the old people in this neighborhood. ;)

mike golch

great view.I used to have a fantanstic view out our back pation door as well.than the state had to go and ruin it by putting a freeway extension in.


Giggling pretty hard here at that image! You are such a good sport, tee hee. Lovely view though.

Nora Bee

I'm jealous! Of the sun, the window, the lack of covering. Here in Seattle my window looks directly onto the street. I'm sure I have given someone or other a show without knowing it :-)


OK, so what DO you do about cleaning your hard water stains?

A San Diego Momma needs to know. I'm drowning in hard water over here!


Manic Mommy

Strike a pose - haha!

We had a 1,000 year old crazy nun in high school who used to go on and on about "those nice Jewish boys..."

It was without context. Maybe she was referring to flashing 'em too! Eww.


Smile, you're on Binoculars! View looks lovely.

We have the lime in our water, too. It is impossible...

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