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April 02, 2008


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Congratulations! So fun to learn more about you.


Wow! Congratulations on your 100th post! I am always glad to read what you write.
And now I know that we share the same favorite color!


Great list ..wow! I'm impressed.
#32 - Me too
#38 - I love your reading your blog also.
Thanks for this. I bet it was fun and enlightening

Green Girl

You are too cool! I loved your list and it was fun to read. I'm right there with you on NPR and AM radio, by the way...


Jenn, you're even awesomer (yup, it's a word) than before.

#20 so, so sorry to hear this
#23 me too
#43 it's *very* stylish
#65 how'd you pull off that magic?
#75 still appreciating this talk


Wow 100 posts already! That seems fast! I think i"m up to 75... I'll have to catch up to ya one of these days.

Hope you are having a good spring break.


Congratulations!! And a great post!

Domestically Challenged

Congratulations on your 100 - I am willing a large vodka collins and a bouquet of irises wrapped in cobalt blue paper to waft their way through the internet to you!


You are astounding. 100 posts since Christmas? I've been blogging for over two years, and you have a WAY bigger readership than I do. Whatever you're doing (besides just being a good blogger, I mean) keep doing it!

-- Laurie

Billie Wages

Hi, Jenna. I followed you from Manic's blog today, and got snagged into staying and reading since we started blogging about the same time.

I'll be back to read your blog some more.

Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission

Billie Wages

LOL Sorry, I followed Mary from Manic's, then followed you from Mary's blog! Something for you to laugh about today.

Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission


Great list. This was a fun read...some of the 100 posts are long, but yours was concise and interesting. I have a chalkboard, too, but my children do not. It baffles me.


Smalltown Mom

Wow! (I confess, I skimmed. I'll go back and read them all carefully later.)

#28, what a coincidence. There is a Gustav Klimt calendar on my wall, and I just watched a movie about him.


Seasons in the Sun?! Great. Now I can't get that silly tune out of my head...

Mary Alice

What a great list. You and I have a lot in common.


I love your comment about being happy. I keep thinking when I get a little more space to myself, it will be easier to be happy. I mean, I'm mostly happy now, just tugged by more hands more hours of the day. Does that make sense? I mean, I know 4 teenage boys will keep me busy, but a couple of quiet hours a day will do me a world of good!

But not too soon, long enough away to REALLY appreciate them!

Life As I Know It

"I don't get sad when my kids are leaving a stage behind; I get excited about what's ahead for them"

That's a great one. I always think each stage is better than the last. They get more interesting!

Congrats on post 100!

Jennifer H

Congratulations on your 100th! This was a great list, and for some reason #90 (the plant) got me. I love that you've kept it alive all these years. And the plant, too.


That was so fun to read and learn a little more about you!

stephanie (bad mom)

Most excellent list.

I also did not study as a freshman because high school was so easy. Bad bad bad news (tell your son I said so, too).

I had "Seasons in the Sun" on 45. I'm sure I'd cry if I heard it right now; it was delightfully lame.


The tv show Sunday Morning did a piece on Gustav Klimt awhile ago...it was interesting!

#90 made me shed a tear...maybe two...


Congrats! And that is FAST, by the way - good for you!


So, what WERE you doing when you were supposedly at the all night roller skating rink?


Hi Jenn! Stones from the River is a hard book - but so fabulous. Why are book groups hard on it?

We have a lot in common: I was also painfully shy, had a fabulous time during the 80's (Sunset Strip!), had food issues, hate to sell things -- do you prefer to just give them away? -- that's what I do, love to organize and I'm probably 98% soda/caff free. And Seasons in the Sun is my #1 skating rink memory song along with Tin Soldier. What we don't have in common: I like string cheese, I'm a morning person and I'm a total introvert.

You're in the feeds now. I'll be back.


I am most impressed that you kept a houseplant alive for over 20 years. (Have you named it?) I'm also impressed by all that exercise! May I have some of your energy, please?


Super cool! I'm a NPR lover too.
Laughing because: you brush your teeth in the middle of the night
Hope you'll teach me: how to raise my kids to have a good work ethic and know the value of a dollar
Never want to: be 95% caffeine free!

Jozet at Halushki

WOW! That is a fabulous list! You are an amazing person, that's for sure. And yes, we too have a lot in common.

#49 made me laugh out loud. I do the same thing with numbers, and it's a real mess when I'm working a cash register at work.

#3 - me too! I got over it in college, and then with acting classes.

#48- amen.

Jozet at Halushki

WOW! That is a fabulous list! You are an amazing person, that's for sure. And yes, we too have a lot in common.

#49 made me laugh out loud. I do the same thing with numbers, and it's a real mess when I'm working a cash register at work.

#3 - me too! I got over it in college, and then with acting classes.

#48- amen.


Jenn, this was really amazing. First off, congrats on such a successful and great read of a blog. I love it! You always keep a great range of posts going on all kinds of things.

The list was a beautiful description of you and your life. Thanks for letting us in to see you a little bit more.

The house plant thing. UnFRIGGINbelievable to me with BLACK THUMBITIS.

My husband and I loved to go to the movies a lot pre-kids, too. 3 a week sounds about right.

And I commented above on your feelings about parenting your teenage son and the drinking that is around all the teenagers today. You are FABULOUS!


Yo, you are very interesting. I cannot believe how many of the items on your list we share. I was a little girl in Santa Monica too. And I'm happy. And I love my blog and yours. I went back to school, college and law, after having kids. If I don't grow up to be a writer, I would want to be a teacher. Or both. And and and.

Congratulations on Day 100.


#3 cracked me up...i hope that's ok. just love the wtf attitude.

and the love to organize things? we could be a great team, b/c i'm totally disorganized.


#21 - check
#32 - YEH
#53 - Been there to stalk it out
#65 - I can hook you up!


If you ever want to talk to other dyscalculics, go to http://dyscalculiaforum.com :)

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