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April 29, 2008


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Those last 2 were new to me!
But mostly, I'm excited to be your first commentor on this post! Whoohooo!

Smalltown Mom

#4, actually we have used and liked Batter Blaster. When only one person in the house wants pancakes, it's pretty handy.

#1 is absolutely disgusting because I dealt with it last week: when the kiddies who get "hot lunch" have field trips, guess what goes in the sack. And they hate it. And when their field trip is unexpectedly cancelled that morning, they still get the sack lunch. And then they bitch to me about it.

"Hot lunch" is such a joke at my school. There is one choice. Sometimes it's actually hot, most of the time they don't eat it no matter what it is. Today it was pizza. Gross pizza. They threw it away.


Yuck, yuck, yuck...and yuck.

Decadence at its worst.


Jennifer H

How about the pre-packaged hot dogs in a bun? Seriously, how lazy are we?


I know it's not a convenience item, but that green ketchup creeps me out.

The Poet Laura-eate

Am I lucky that I've never heard of any of these products?

Lindt Swiss Chocolate is my own personal ruin. Luckily it is so rich even I could not polish off a whole bar in a single sitting!


OMG we do not have any of this in the UK yet (except chocolate straws) Surely it's not food?!!! Might as well just opt for pills don't you think?!


Forgot to say hello! I found you at Fannie Maes place


LOL! I could not agree with you more. Cooking from scratch is far less time consuming than most people think. And the health benefits are incredible! I don't buy pre-made pasta sause. It's so easy (and tasty) to make one with fresh ingredients.


I TOTALLY agree.
I heard something recently that stuck in my mind...
Don't feed your kids (or eat yourself)anything that your Granmda would NOT recognize.
Makes good sense to me!

sue bull

i'd have to say 'only in america'!!! ellen de generes would have something to say about that (after the invention of the breath 'strip'). all of those things look like they don't have a gram of fibre between them!!!


See...it's stuff like #s 1, 2 and 3 that make my boys just loooooove going to America. I think they have "calling devices" in the boxes because it's that kind of crap that my boys see first!!
(I must admit that I'm always on the lookout for 'car snacks' and the cereal straws just might work.....)


100 calorie pack Oreos. Because I have no willpower to limit myself when faced with a whole package of 'em...


And people wonder why Americans have such a high obesity rate. We're getting lazier and lazier. It's disgusting.


OK, permit me, please, to take the conversation in a marketing direction? I find it fascinating that in the early 80's, commercials were all about disposable everything. In the 90's, the trend began to shift, products didn't change but they were packaged more environmentally friendly, less waste, blah blah blah.

Yesterday, I watched a commercial that told me as a mother it is shameful to waste, "precious family time" cleaning dishes, and I wouldn't if I used their heavy duty paper plates. Hmmmm.

Reluctant Blogger

I don't think any of those exist over here. Or at least I have not seen them.

But we do have crazy things - prepackaged bits of cheese with biscuits for children's lunches - surely even the most heavily pressed mother could cut a few cheese chunks?

And then of course there are all the frozen things - frozen mashed potato, frozen roast potatoes, veggies all chopped and ready.

What is the world coming to?


This is seriously genius.

I am going to have to go pick me up some batter blaster. My arms get so tired from stirring water into bisquick.


lol the comments just cracked me up!


Pringles: they are a "potato product".


I think we only have the cereal straws here in the UK - chocolate and strawberry - so far. Though the nation's favourite cook book writer has written a book called 'Cheats' that is full of frozen mashed potato. Yes I have made the chocolate cake with frozen mash as it's secret ingredient - I won't be doing it again (or if I do I'll leave the potato out).


Yikes. I will admit this, and accept all responsibility, I would LOVE to try one of those Uncrustables. Oh, they look so creamy and dreamy and ... But my daughter has a peanut allergy, so they are banned, like all other peanut products, from the house. Oh, but just one, please...

I saw chocolate straws at the store the other day. Put it in your glass of milk for a more simple way of drinking chocolate milk. :)


I have heard of NONE of these. Probably because mine are over the age of 13 (thankyousweetbabyjesus). Forget food, what about all the the cleaning "wipes"? Really? Spraying Pledge THEN wiping is too hard? Windex? Clorox? No wonder we're fat!


Holy smoke! Now, let's see how long before some of those products are introduced in Sweden!


nasty nasty nasty!! I've tried the uncrustables. gross.

Grandma J

I think this laziness in the kitchen all started with instant oatmeal...or maybe kool-ade


Ok I admit my kids had #1 in their lunch today! Mostly because I already get up at 5:30 and they think they are cool, and it saves me 3 minutes in the morning ;o)

Next week I'll be layed off from work so maybe I'll have time to spread the pb & j myself ;o)


Genius Jenn, Sheer genius.

And seriously, Uncrustables? Where is the convenience factor? They have to be thawed, don't they?



Genius Jenn, Sheer Genius.

I don't get the Uncrustables? I mean, don't they still have to be thawed? Where is the convenience in that?


mike golch

goes to show how the food industry really thinks of us,and want us to buy into this,It is just a quick way to make even more profits off the back of us consumers. Not to mention you get a small amount of product and pay out more.


Lunchables. I have never read the sodium content, but like all pre-prepared foods I'm sure it's astronomical. And expensive. And the most wasteful packaging possible. And they market it to kids, so my daughters wheedle and plead and I put my foot down -- NO. I see no upside.

One I WOULD use (haven't yet) would be the packaged cheese and crackers, for food on the go without refrigeration. Otherwise, I'm completely with you.

Great post idea.

Mrs. G.

Cereal straws? Are you kidding me? Where can I buy them? No Way.


oh, the sarcasm is oozing out the edges of this post. it's fantastic, and i love it.


oh yeah, tv dinners for me. dinner made easier, except that there are fourteen steps to nuking one of those suckers, and if you have more than one child you could make a four course meal in the same amount of time.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

The universe (or Jenn, same thing) DELIVERS again! Laura was just telling me about 30 minutes ago about the "edible straws" that she had at a friend's house, and I had no idea what the heck she was talking about. Now I know! I'm In The Know. Thank you!


I saw a woman at Costco taking that batter blaster out of the freezer and exclaiming to her husband with wonder. The idea of pancake batter coming out of a nozzle has given me the heebie jeebies for weeks!


This is hilarious! I didn't even know about some of these products!


Gah! This looks like a joke--yet I know better because my kids saw those cereal straws on TV the other day and are now begging for them. If only we could market broccoli and spinach with such stunning results!


you. are. kidding. me.


sad that someone actually created junk like this knowing that kids would be the recipients of it....but your commentary on each is hilarious!


it's ok, we'll just keep those cardiologists and endocrinologists in business. seriously, it's all good. god forbid you actually pour the cereal and the milk.


I like that Ice cream that I think are called dips or dibs um... I can't remember.


Genius!! How did I NOT patent the pb& j thing??


Cereal straws???? You gotta be kidding me! And I thought "Hot Pockets" was pushing the envelope! Love your blog!


I have to admit to using Easy Mac semi-regularly, but not the kind that comes in a bowl. If we were on vacation, maybe, but how hard is it to stir stuff into a bowl?
We make our own uncrustables by making a regular PB&J (takes what, 30 seconds?) and using one of those Pampered Chef bread-sealer thingies to cut off the crust and make the ridged edge. My son calls them "spaceship sandwiches."
I've heard of squirtable cheese, but never squirtable pancake batter. Ew.


OMG !!! OMG!! My daughter came home with that pnacakes in a shooter can gig. She's 19!!! I thought I might die laughing... `Lee


Microwave brownies! Yuck!

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