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April 25, 2008


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I highly recommend giving up laundry and cooking.

Nora Bee

Oh, I know where you're coming from! It's amazing how the days just keep getting longer and longer, and then it stops.


Good luck, Jenn! I hope it all goes well...

Heidi :)

Mrs. G.

Real life comes first. Sending good thoughts your way, Super Woman.


Give up anything someone else can do. There goes housework, volunteering and driving hither and yon. Concentrate on the things only YOU can do - and don't forget your own me-time!
Your readers will wait!


Busy lady! I completely understand, life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. And it shouldn't be the other way around. Hope you are OK!

Domestically Challenged

Let somebody else do the cooking, laundry......but please don't get somebody else to blog for you.....we'd miss you!


Sleep is overrated.
Hang in there! I know the juggling act is a tough one.


no you are a BUSY BEE!!!!
I don't know how you do it!


Oh, good luck! I think you need a wife or a SAHM so you can keep the blog going--and the school stuff! (But I understand and will be waiting in the wings for your next post)


Go Forth and study! We'll be here when you get back!


Good luck! Come back when you have time :-)


Keep what makes you happy, fulfilled and necessary. Out goes housework I guess. Always the first to suffer in this household


Come back to the blog! Step away from the darkside! Come back! Never give in on the blog! The horror!


I am impressed with your endeavors. You are granted a short blog break. A SHORT ONE. You hear?


Yes, real life comes first sometimes - but do come back soon!!!

Have a good day - Kellan


I hear you. The hardest thing for me is having the time to read all the fabulous blogs that are out there. Especially the people who support my blog and my writing. You are an amazing woman, Jen. I SO want to meet you. Me, you, Tootsie, it is a date!

mike golch

I can understand the need for a break,just come on back,Please,pretty pleas with sugar on top!


You have my sympathies! And if I were to give advice, which I never do, it would be to delegate. It's time for some payback!


Nah! Give something else up instead ;)


How many times have you checked your comments, though. I find even when I "take the day off" (from posting and reading) I still get obsessed with my own comments.



You have a LOT of stuff on your plate at the moment. If we have to go without your blog for a bit, so be it. The first things must come first - and you are working really hard to take mid-terms, take care of your family, and have a bit of breathing room. However, we KNOW you love blogging, so we'll just compose ourselves to wait until you have a moment. Meanwhile - good luck on those mid-terms - I know you will come through with flying colors!

Jozet at Halushki

Student teach?

Could you write lesson plans about blogging?

There! Two birds, one stone! Easy peasy!

*ducking as Jen throws fry pan at me*


I say forget the laundry. Clothes are so over-rated! LOL


I say Delegate! All chores go to the kids!
Good luck with your papers and exams.


Get Out Of Jail Free Card ... or for a fellow San Diegan, King Stahlman grants you a reprieve.


I hear you loud and clear.

Reluctant Blogger

I am always amazed that you manage to blog so regularly. From a personal point of view I would find it very very difficult to keep up with blogs if everyone wrote every day.

But blogging must def take preference over housework, Jenn. You can wipe those cupboards at the same time as you blog and speak on the phone.


yeah, sometimes something's got to give. my mantra. well done.

Amy the Mom

Like others, I'm in awe of your posting prowess. You've got more on your plate than I do and yet you still post with amazing regularity. You are hereby granted a hiatus!

phd in yogurtry

A lot of admiration flying your way, Jenn. I dropped my daughter off for a sleepover yesterday and the mom (my age, 4 kids) was struggling through college Algebra. Oy. I don't know that I could do it, after so many years. I suppose I could, but what a struggle! Thick cobwebs to cut through.

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