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April 18, 2008


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oh, they do come up with some funny s**t.

phd in yogurtry

Oh the innocence. Don't you want to bottle it up, put it on a shelf and bring it out in the years ahead?

I just think this is hilarious.


Great post. I slept with my best friend's husband once. He is also a good friend of Tom's. My kids were there too. Seriously, we all stayed at the apartment of a friend of ours in LA when she was out of town, and she'd promised him and me (separately) that we could use her place -- on the same night. He slept in one room and we slept in the other, but "I slept with my best friend's husband" makes for a good first line of a story.


Yup, The innocence is priceless. I pray they don't get it for a long long time. "getting it" somehow ruins the magic of it all. Doesn't it?


Innocence is such a wonderful thing.
Your cutie daughter looks so much like you, love!


Marriage has a way of fading out sleepovers, I suppose.

Tootsie Farklepants

Oh lawdy!

sue bull

gotta love their innocence and long may it last!


SO Cute! How sweet! (deep sigh)

Don Mills Diva

Bless their dear wee innocent souls!
You guys should have really played the situation up just to get the gossip flowing...

Reluctant Blogger

haha oh such innocence. It's funny how people get worked up about people of the same sex being friends. Mostly I laugh about it but some times it gets a bit irksome.


I find it hilarious that they wanted to kick you out of the comfy bed. Have you slept on a sofa bed recently? No thank you!

Jennifer H

My, they do come up with things, don't they? Of course, ever after, they would have said, "Remember the time my dad slept with your mom at that hotel?"


Oh, to be that innocent again :-)

Green Girl

Oh how funny! I'm glad you handled the chatter gracefully:) Those tournament team$. My kids are banned from participating for that very rea$on.


Great story! And I find providing fodder for the rumor mill to be HIGHLY entertaining!


I don't sleep on the fold out if I paid for the room (with Stephanie or anyone else). Now, when the kids start caughing up for the hotel room then they get first dibs.


mike golch

LOL,lets hope kids never figure us out.


This was great! And I would have picked out your little girl in a heartbeat. She looks just like her mama!


oh boy!!!! Well, at least she's still innocent!


This is FUNNY!
I too have male friends that WE have known for years and it would be like sharing a room w/ a brother....
It is great that the girls did not even find it odd....well adjusted kids!


Sweet innocence! And even better than "my mom married her divorce lawyer."

Domestically Challenged

Their innocence is so refreshing.


I loved this story,
thanks Jenn!


What a cute story - one day they will get it.

Have a good weekend - Kellan


I remember the baseball tournament years. They lasted all summer. Luckily we had a camper and stayed at camp grounds, which saved us. We were actually in a tornado one year at a 10 and under State BB Tourney. The players got to stay at host families. I don't know if they still do that.

Irish Goddess

Oh, I love that.


That would have made things much more interesting
too funny

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