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April 08, 2008


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Dang and double dang! I'm so thrilled that you guys had a fabulous time, but I'm still writhing in anguish because I just could NOT make it to meet Bossy in Scottsdale. She was here last Saturday, but that was the day I had been planning for MONTHS to give my husband ("The Wiz") a huge surprise birthday party. We had friends from all over locally attending, and his brother and sister flew in that morning JUST for the party. They then flew back home at the crack of dawn on Sunday. I just COULDN'T make it to the Scottsdale Hilton to meet Bossy, what with being the hostess of the surprise party and all. *sigh* Having read the reviews of the Scottsdale party, and now the San Diego party...well, you can imagine how I'm feeling. *triple sigh*
LOVE the shoe-shot, btw!

Mary Alice

I am so jealous I could just lick the walls. And why did I not tell my own bloggy sisters in the San Diego area to get their happy hinneys (sp) over to join all y'all? Because the stress cortisols are making me stupid, that's why. Well, anyway you guys look beee-UUUU-tee-ful and it looks like it was a lot of fun.


Great pictures (including the rockin' cake). I am so glad you all had a good time. With alcohol, though, what's not to love??!



Well said Jenn. What a treat to be among such soulful and lovely women. Thanks ladies. And MY OH MY, the cake was superb!


Well done on the frosting-writing. I am bad, bad, bad at that. I'm so glad you all had a great time.

And P.S.: Jenn is super-cute and seems to be pulling some supermodel poses up there.

Green Girl

What a great recap--your pics were fabulous. Drinks, flowers, chocolate cake and bloggy friends. Sounds like a mini Women's Colony to me:)


It sounds like y'all had a WONDERFUL evening. Now would you like to come cook dinner for me? Because I read over on Aaryn's blog that your enchilladas were incredible (and the cake, too, of course). If you come, I'll make you as many of my famous margaritas as you can handle!

PS: I think it is great that you had a "practice run" last week, to get to know one another first.

Don Mills Diva

Wow - sounds like an awesome time! I'm a little jealous - hope you can make it up the coast so I can meet you at Blogher in July...


This is what is great about blogging, isn't it? The real connections and friendships. It's not true that we are all isolated behind our monitors.
Oh, and I love the printed flats in the shoe pic! Got to find some of those!


Way cool! Way jealous! Love the snark about Cheri's pain-whatever.

Da Goddess

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it last night. I wanted to meet all of you in the worst way. However, Deb promised there would be other get togethers and I'm holding her to it!

Looks like much fun was had.

Manic Mommy

Every Bossy post I read makes me more ready to head to BlogHer.

And about the alcohol? I think it's the way all bloggers roll (the cool ones anyway).

Reluctant Blogger

Blogging is an amazing thing, isn't it? None of you would have known each other or met or anything if it hadn't have been for this weird thing we do.

Lovely photos. I don't read any of these other blogs (and I daren't widen my net any wider or I'll never get any work done, my children will starve and my house will be even more of a hovel than it already is) but they all look lovely people.

Every post I go to today mentions alcohol. It's like torture!


Sounds like a blast.
I LOVE girl fun!
BTW, your cake looks good to me.


"She's (literally) driving herself to the brink in order to share the love and connect people from one end of this country to the other."

Such a lovely tribute to Bossy and blogging, and indeed, Mrs. G herself....


How fun! How I wish I lived closer to some of my bloggers! I would SO be plying them with booze as well. And personally? I think your cake was cute!!!! :)


bossy bloggy lovefest. the food though? holy s**t, was it good. thanks! we had chocolate cake for breakfast.

yes way.


I am so excited that you got to meet her (and a little jealous) I was planning on going to the Dallas event and life just got in the way. CRAP. It really looked like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing it.



lovely, perfect post, as usual

god, i missed you all

my shoulder is painful today, but i'm not taking any more meds, that stuff is nasty

i really am typing with one hand

sounds like it was perfect, which i knew it would be from the practice run last week

please tell me you didn't water those flowers with tequila . . .

xoxoxoxo to you

Jennifer H

Looks like so much fun. I love the shoes photo...


i still can't believe she kicked Boston to the curb! Looks like you guys had fun!


You guys are so lucky to have been able to do this. I love the pictures and the idea of you guys finally getting able to meet - I am so jealous!!

Have a good evening - Kellan


that looks like to much fun. love the shoes.

Amy the Mom

Serious shoe envy over here...also-great new colors on the blog!

Little Miss Sunshine State

I knew you would LOVE your Bossy party as much as we loved ours.

You knew she was coming, so you baked a cake? Wasn't that originally sung by Ernie on Sesame Street? ;-)


Love the recap.
And the food? Of which you brought large quantities?
Thx Jenn.


What a great thing. To real life connect with those that share in this addiction called blogging, via the bossy! I rarely comment on her blog, I am a total bossy stalker/lurker because she is so talented and makes me feel so unworthy. She has GOT TO BE SO FREAKING TIRED!



Oh, this DOES sound like Mrs. G's Women's Colony. It looks so intimate, fun and just girls. Love it! Also love the signature foot shot again.

Tomorrow night is our night to meet Bossy. It will be at a restaurant, so nothing intimate, but I'm sure it will be great none-the-less.

I'm about to drive down to San Diego just to experience one of your chocolate cakes!!


sounds like a whole lotta nonstop girly chatter!

thanks for mentioning mrs. g's women's colony. i am so there!


Glad you ladies had a blast!
I love the new blog look!
I want a new look now!!!


This just sounds like so much fun!! What a great meeting of some really wonderful minds and personalities!! Good food...conversation...lot's of bloggy love all over that night!!!
(and great shoes, too!!)


I could have handled that particular meet-up very well. Good size, good group. If the group gets any bigger, though, I get cold feet, cold sweats, and cold sores. So, while I am bummed not to be meeting the San Francisco group tonight, I already have two carbuncles the size of manhole covers on my face from stress. Oh well -- living vicariously! Great recap!


Wonderful post! It looks like you guys had a terrific time. Hey, if I come to Scottdale, you can ply me with alcohol too. :O)))))


Wonderful post! It looks like you guys had a terrific time. Hey, if I ever get to Scottsdale, you can ply me with alcohol too. :O)))))


Wonderful post! It looks like you guys had a terrific time. Hey, if I ever get to Scottsdale, you can ply me with alcohol too. :O)))))

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