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April 18, 2008


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Oh my gosh...that is SO funny.
I wish you could record it ALL.
your family is great. you have done well Jen.
I think laughter in a family is like having food...it does not get any better than this.

Mrs. G.

Jen, you were what I call blog busted. My family warns me all the time not to blog certain situations.

Jennifer H

I would have taken that steak from BR. Well done for me, please! :-)

Sounds like a great family dinner.


I love that last conversation!

What a special family you have.

I've already noted two "scripts" since I picked up Courtney at the airport at 7:40 PM tonight. I have to note them when they happen or I forget too. Nothing says old mommy blogger more than a woman asking her kid, "Tell me what that really funny thing was that you said last night." Not that you are old Jenn, but I am.


Too too funny!!
There are so many situations that I think to myself that I really should remember so as I can blog about it that night..then..ppffftttt...it's gone!! I'be started keeping a little memo pad in the car even!!!
Today, we had a "school hiking day" , I took a few pictures and my youngest said to his friend, "My mom will put this in her computer for eeeeeevvvveryone to read."
You betcha baby!!
(I really want one..or two... of Trish's t-shirts!!!)
"We're only interested in being excellent if we can accomplish it while sitting right here."....this is very insightful. Please ask Grown Up Girl if I can quote her!!!


"snort" We do have such similar sons. Mine is SO good at "charming, witty" banter also. That could have been my dinner table. TOO funny!


Your family sounds like SUCH fun.
you never have to leave the house for your entertainment!!!


The stuff we say at the table lol!
Sounds like you have a wonderful funny family!

Prof. J.

He doesn't condone blogging about dinner? Well, I never.


I've been known to take notes when the dinner conversation gets going like that! Unfortunately, it's never as funny when I write it. I think the humor loses itself when I touch the keyboard. YOU, however, do not have the keyboard/finger/humor problem. And no, that's not an astute observation, either!


So, glad to know they are still funny little twerps when they are not so little anymore. Something to look forward to.

I am also astutely noticing you eat family dinners. How often? I was wondering if you would address family dinners in one of your opinion essays.


mike golch

glad that you had a great time.

Momo Fali

I so want to be invited over for a meal! You guys crack me up!


I love Grown-Up-Girl's criterion for excellence!


Big Red: I'm not going to help you blog about dinner. I don't condone it.

Haha.....I literally laughed out loud for that one. Hope you are having a good weekend!


Sometimes it is scarey where the dinner conversations go for us! =)


big red cracks me up. hehehe.

glad you're enjoying grown up girl.


I am at the sad point in my life where I carry a dollar store notebook and pen everywhere I go so I can write down what I will forget in the next 8 minutes.
Too funny!
I got hungry reading it though.


Wonderful stuff - especially the part about wanting excellence only if available right while they are sitting there, and not helping with a blog about dinner. "I don't condone it." Priceless!


LOVED the last bit :-)


Food always tastes better with fun company

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