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April 11, 2008


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I need to get my SO to read this!

Jennifer H

Very clever, that husband of yours. I'd say that investment paid off. :-)


EXCELLENT! I am SO emailing this post to my husband!

And I totally get the morning empty dishwasher situation. My goal is to empty it before 9. Otherwise, there will be dirty dishes all over the place.


What a creative way to show how much he appreciates you and recognizes the work you do!

I'm afraid I would have missed seeing the ring (esp. the one in the dryer!) but Mr. Fix-It obviously knows you very well...and he certainly fixed that "woe is me!" feeling you had, didn't he? Smart man. :)

I am not a morning person, either --and I'd prefer to sleep in to a saner hour of the morning-- but I now get up before 5AM and make sure that SuperDad has his coffee, protein shake & vitamins; then I hand him his packed breakfast and lunch bags before he starts his 2-hour commute. (He eats breakfast when he arrives at work.)
It's one way I can totally let him know how much I appreciate him.


what a guy! i just love this story. he sounds so creative - it just takes a little something to jolt you out of the mundane and feel appreciated. he's a keeper. my dh is unloading the dishwasher right now, i must go hug him. :)


Gee, I'd better start doing my housework...


Awwww... Amazing what you find when you clean, huh? :)

You know, if Hubs did stuff like that, I might actually ENJOY housework! :)

Great story!!


What a smart man!


I read this to my husband and seriously...he snorted! Then he said, "you want a dishwasher?"...and chuckling to himself, he walked back into the living room. If you read about a crazed American woman strangling her Japanese husband with computer cable, gather all you can from other bloggers and send bail money, please!!!

Does Mr. Fix-It have a brother I could borrow for a while?!?! :-D


What a sweetie. It's not easy to find a way to make housework fun. Have you checked your vacuum bags lately? ;)


I LOVE it!
Makes all the crappy househould chores more worthwhile for you!
Gotta go check the litter box there could be a bouquet of flowers for me....

Smalltown Mom

Aaawwwww, what a great guy. I'm glad you didn't overlook the ring.


How sweet! Too bad I wouldn't have thought of my hubby if that happened to me... I would've wondered whose ring my daughter accidentally swiped & put in her sippy cup! LOL (Or I would've not even seen it & put the dishwasher running!)


Genius! Sheer Genius!


Okay, *you* my friend really do have it figured out. You are an inspirational couple. I need to hang out with you more often (and bring Patrick along).

What a great picture of you and your (little) lovies.


That romantic gesture is oozing with so much sweetness that my teeth ache from reading this.


Mrs. G.

I love your husband. But in the purest way. That is one of the sweetest dishwasher stories I have ever heard-a real domestic love story.

Tootsie Farklepants

So you're saying that your dishwasher hold sentimental value! What a sweetie man.


OMG i am getting teary! I love that pic of you! and the story. Lovely lovely lovely.

Green Girl

That IS romantic! What a great guy! And lucky you:)


What a sweet, sweet, sweet guy!!! Almost makes dishes worth it! ;)


OMG... that is sooo sweet!! :) I think your hubby should teach classes to the other hubby's of the world!! and since I know the classes would fill up quickly I want to be the first one to sign up my wonderful but not all romantic or thoughtful-in-this-manner husband that occasionaly says really stupid things and does NOT know how to apologize for ANYTHING, and also is having a pretty active social life these days while I'm at home raising three children and feeling ~somtimes~ like a single parent!!! okay... I feel better now... thanks... and really that is beautiful!! You Mr. Fix-It... whatta good man!!!

hugs, Jenn


This is awesome!! Mr. Fix-It sure fixed you, he did. I just shared this with my hubby. He thought it was pretty funny (while having the 'hope you're not expecting the same thing' look in his eye).


I just read your 100 Things post, and I no longer drink caffeine either! But also, there is an artist in San Clemente who paints quilts. I think you'd like her stuff. It's watercolor, but it looks like quilting. http://ww2.mollyart.com:81/ I have "Three Hearts!"


Since only my husband loads and unloads the dishwasher (I'm a hand-washer -- weird, I know) I guess it's up to me? Maybe I should hide a beer under a cup in the top rack.

Manic Mommy

Mr. Fix-it is Pavlov and we are the German Shepherds. I'd look for a ring every time I put in a glass. So sweet!


Oh, he's a KEEPER that one. :)

Amy the Mom

Please direct your hubby to my hubby. That would be Steve@blackhawktile.com. That has got to be the most brilliant gesture I've ever heard of. What a guy!

Deb D

Awww - what a sweetie. I admit I have the same thoughts -even now it's only the two dogs I have to feed and medicate every morning. I should direct dh to this blog and maybe he'll get the hint.

Mary Alice

That is sooooo sweet. My guy is more of a "I got you snow tires so you wouldn't slide off the road and be killed" romantic.


Wow. He is one smart man.
And can I just say how cute you all are in that photo.
The first thing I thought while reading your post was 3 kids in 4.5 years? Wow,that is just crazy!
Well, that is exactly what I will have in a couple months. 3 in 4.5 years. Yikes! And I have 2 older ones too. What was I thinking!?

Have a wonderful weekend,


Hi, I just stumbled into your blog via finslippy and this is so sweet. I am currently a child bride...I have had three kids in 4 and a half years (my oldest almost 5)...shall I be expecting a ring soon...how long will I have to wait??



I have seen you around the blogospher. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I am so happy I came here. This was such a "feel good" type of story - just what I needed this morning! I can't believe you already have a son near college age as you look much to young!

Take care. I'll be back. =)


That's awesome :) My husband knows me well enough to know I'd probably miss the ring being there :) Good on you for noticing!


Oh, this is a GOOD tale! What a clever and lovely gent, this husband of yours. And even lovelier that this is what you think of when you unload the dishwasher.


Get out! No wonder you have such a pretty smile all the time.

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