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April 26, 2008


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Yes, Jenn, it is.

Doorbell rings.

Me [calling from upstairs to husband who is downstairs]: "Can you get the door?"

Husband: "I'm talking to my brother on the phone."

Me: "Dude, it's a cordless phone. Take it with you to the door."


YES, it is!!!



I am constantly in awe of how you manage to stay on top of your life. The number of people that you organize, feed, clean clothes, help etc, then your school and school work, lets not forget the book clubs and your other social activities, now lets throw in your "personal" time for all the reading you do and your posts that you never miss a day. Honestly I have no idea how you do it.
I am in awe.

Reluctant Blogger

oh yes, so true.

Men can't even talk and do things at the same time. When I had a pet man, he would come home and I would be cooking and doing about 12 other things at the same time and he would tell me about his day and that would be fine.

If he were even stirring his coffee and I tried to impart some information he would frown and look stressed and give me that "can't it wait a minute" look.


So. Very. True.


This is too funny and yes, it is true.


I love the new header! I saw some purses with similar pictures and wanted one. I'll get one eventually!


YOWZA!! That one hits waaaay too close! Don't you love it when a joke makes you laugh...then...makes you wanna pinch someone's head off!!! *whew* Glad I got that out...feel much better!!!
Debbie..."I do more by 9:00 in the morning than my husband could ever think of doing all day."

nap warden

Hi, just stopping by to tell you, you won! I have a SanDisk Flash Drive to ship you:) Just email me your address, and what color you want (red, pink, black) and we'll ship it out to you:)


Whenever I try to multi-task, I end up with a washing machine full of sudsy water and ...no clothes. Or a scorched pan. Or... well, you get the idea.

I'm not a good multi-tasker, but I often do it anyway.

mike golch

you are right Women are better at multi-tasking,just ask my Mrs.G.

Jennifer H

It is SO like that.

Mrs. G.

That is how it is here.


My husband can't possibly do two things at once unless it is eating and playing WOW


that's totally true. except. all i did today was stir my coffee. honestly, i even flaked on book club. i forgot, i suck, i'm sorry.


Totally true. And in a house full of boys it gets pretty irritating.

Smalltown Mom

I was greatly cheered today because Frank, after having had friends sleep over for 2 nights in a row, cleaned up afterwards. And Ernest, who had stepped in his bowl of ravioli (don't ask) and tracked it on the rug, said, "I'll clean it, it was my fault." Is the world coming to an end? Or do I look exceptionally tired today? And this was while the TV and game player was on...so I consider it multi-tasking.


I love this...so true. I am so sorry I have been so neglectful of commenting lately. I am getting back in the groove!

phd in yogurtry

Least favorite task of my husband's non-multi-tasking: his trip to the grocery store for hot dog buns and pickles. What did you get, honey? Hot dog buns and pickles. Anything else? No, why did you want me to get something else?

No stroll down the various aisles to see what we might need? grrrrrrr.

Tootsie Farklepants

I can relate. Except Mr. Farklepants would say "I drank my coffee".

Granny Annie

While the man is stirring his coffee he is planning a project. According to my spouse, 90% of any project is the planning so he is always working:-)


apparently, god or whoever forgot to give me a pen!s.

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