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April 28, 2008


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I am ridiculously impressed. Our washer and dryer in our apartment is on the second floor, so I try not to do any wash if I have to leave for fear of starting a flood and then causing the ceiling to cave in (but I'm just paranoid).

Sooner or later we'll have a house again and normal laundry conditions (although our house also had 2nd floor laundry, but the whole house was more well-build than this place.)

*files system away in head for when kids come along*

apathy lounge

My failure is in getting the recipients of the clean clothes to COME AND PICK THEM UP!!! If only they would do that! Love the new blog look!


What means this word "laundry" of which you write? I don't know this word.

Tootsie Farklepants

I don't think this system says that you're lazy. Highly organized queen of time usage is more like it. I'm impressed, as you know, I suffer from SLS (similar laundry system). Except I have to put all the stuff away myself because "they" won't do it right.

Mrs. G.

I love you for this post. I am feeling very loserish right now, so I am bolstered that you would even attempt to help. You're the best.

Domestically Challenged

Repeat after me:

"My name's Jenn and I'm obsessive about laundry."

You'll feel better afterwards!
CEO of L.O.A

(laundry obsessives anonymous)

Tootsie - I will post my system - which has successfully beaten my brood into shape!

Mrs G - Loser - NEVER!


Obsessive compulsive Laundry System.. :)
Nice though, I like how you have it working.


Drier?!?! I don'need no stinkin' drier!!
Laundry system, huh? Hmmmm....yeah, I guess I do have a "system"...it's done with a prayer that it doesn't rain or my "system" is screwed!! :-D
I'll be reading comments and taking notes...must tweak current laundry situation! :-D


Jenn, this is beautiful, and so FlyLady. (You have been flywashed, yes?)

Debbie, my clothesline is dripping wet today. I'm fond of it, but it's so unreliable. *sigh* Must use drier.

Mrs. G, we love you.

Mount Washmore is about to erupt here. The kids knocked on my door last night, plaintitively asking for clean socks.
[hangs head in shame, then runs to put load #2 of 6 in the washer]

But when I'm on my game? My little secret: I fold all laundry in my bedroom. I put my own & DH's away, but each kid has a stack in a regular spot on my bed. They know where to look. Each evening they have to remove it before 8:30pm, lest they be growled at.

Kalynne Pudner

I used to do it like Kcinnova (a spot on the bed for everyone), but after my husband found he was spending four of every five nights sleeping on the family room sofa because there were clothes on the bed at midnight, he made me change method.

So I made him buy us a bigger house with a 144 s.f. laundry room.

Jenn, I've noticed you're in just about every comment thread I join, so I figured it was about time I came over to check out the Juggling Life! Pleased to meet you :)

--"The Philosopher-Mom"


Perhaps that is my problem...I have NO system


Wow. I am in awe. I have no system, and you do more laundry in 2 days than I think I do in a week. I revere your skillz.


Allow me to correct your semantics ... You are not basically "lazy." You are obsessive and brilliant.

Could you come over here and do a practice run, say uh, every other day? You know, just to teach me.


If only it were that easy. My four boys + my husband and I = 42 pants, 42 shirts, etc. etc. etc.

And I procrastinate. Ugh.

Mount laundry? Oh yeah.


I'm way impressed with your laundry system.


I usually do one load a day, which keeps the mountain down, but I think I will institute a real system when my kids are old enough to put their own clothes away.


My system is that they stay clean and folded on the dining room table. I detest putting them away even more than doing the actual washing, drying and folding! I'm a nut!

mike golch

we all have a system,some are better that others and some are working for that person,and we should not throw "stones"


I like to think I have a laundry system, the one thing I have that a love is a laundry shoot from upstairs to the downstairs. Now I just wish it would shoot back up instead of having to carry it! Now that the kids are gone I don't have near as much laundry, but they always bring it back home with them.


You don't dry the underwear and socks? What? I must have misread that.

Jenn, I know you've said you have control issues, but...


I'm sorry - I'll stop yelling. But they all have their individual hampers already. Show them how to pick up said hampers when full, carry them to the garage, operate the machines, and - voila! - you will have sons- and daughters-in-law who will bless your name.

That's my system. And I love it.


OMG...I just climbed Mt. Laundry yesterday. I'm jealous you have a better handle on it with all your kids and I'm so challenged with my two (hubby counts here).


Holy cow! My laundry system is to do it en masse and then let it sit for weeks in the living room as they kids play through (and re-dirty) all the clothes!

stephanie (bad mom)

I would not dare mock your system. I have a routine that follows a pattern, but I wouldn't call it a system (especially against your marvelous regimen).

However, my mind is still reeling over this: I'm done with laundry by 8:30 a.m. on weekdays.


I LOVE your laundry system! That's terrific. I'm not ready to admit whether I have a laundry system or not.


wow. if i thought there was any chance i'd keep it up, i'd ask you to come and organize my life. if anyone could do it, you could. but alas, i know i would eff it all up, so i will just look on enviously.

mandy g.

ummmm... i do laundry after my husband tells me he's been re-wearing the same socks for three days. thank god he does his own ironing!

Jennifer H

My system is more along the lines of "Oh crap, there's no clean underwear for the kids tomorrow."

Maybe I should try yours.

Reluctant Blogger

Good for you.

Amazingly I too have a laundry system for much the same reason. I am the world's most disorganised person but this has just become something I do every day without thinking about it that it is nothing.

My children do tend to fight over socks - I tip all the undies into one basket thing and they have to fish out theirs and they do fight over them. Heaven knows why. But I just ignore them - they resolve it in the end.


I love the system. My head explodes just thinking about laundry.


System works. Especially good on folding immediately. That would be you, not me. Although I am aiming for this goal. It makes sense and avoids wrinkles.


That is great.
I have the colors severated and onlyhave time for clothes once a week.
So I do it then or go nakid


Wow! I'm impressed!

Melanie at Beanpaste

Thanks for outing yourself, Jenn. I, too, will confess to having system. But were it not for that system, we would all be crushed under a monstrous pile of our filthy laundry, amen.


I've never thought of my way as a system but I guess it is. I do laundry as it gets dirty. So I do laundry most days of the week, but I never have a mountain of laundry to deal with. THAT would make my head explode.

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