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May 23, 2008


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The Introvert

Wow! My prom wasn't nearly that eventful! The worst thing that happened to me was getting hit by paintballs (our dates thought playing paintball would be a fun after-prom event).

Jennifer H

Wow. Scary.

Love the Jessica McClintock dress!

It's amazing that you knew right away that you would marry him. Could you pick some lotto numbers for me?


You have such a distinctive smile. I think I could probably pick you out in a photo at any age.

Great story and lead-in to kidlet prom.


wow, what a beautiful couple! and so long together!!!


You two were an absolutely adorable young couple! Disneyland after prom? What a great idea! Champagne showers and drunk drivers? Not so good. I think I will never, ever rent a car for my son. Because I'd hate to see him sick like that.

Can't wait to see prom pics!


I love the pictures! And Jessica McClintock dress! Hee!

I'll bet it feels kind of strange to be on the "other side" of the taking pictures thing. :)

I DID go to Denny's after my senior prom - still dressed in prom attire. :)


In this day and age, the cops SO TOTALLY would have blamed those (you) snot-nosed drinking teens, unfairly. Great story and love the Jessica McClintock reference.



Wow, what a great story! Sans the drunk driver.

Gotta love Jessica McClintock. I had a few of those myself!


When you were telling the story about how your car was sitting on this cliff, etc - I kept imagining a car coming down the hill and hitting you guys and then you went on to say that that is what happened - WOW - THAT IS A CRAZY STORY!! I'm so glad you all were okay and were able to go on a marry that very cute boy!!

Great pictures of you and your hubby.

Have fun with prom. Have a good weekend too - see you - Kellan

The Girl Next Door

Sometimes Fact is way better and more amazing than Fiction. From the whole "I knew it when I met him" to the drunk driver, the kids jumping, the mom renting the car for the kids (so 80's What the..was she thinking?). An great photos - love the dress, the hair, the BOY is too adorable as are you. Can't wait to see the "new" prom photos!


Okay I don't even know where to start. First of all, you are the sweetest Prom couple I have ever seen. I'm not kidding. I hope that picture is in your house somewhere, it's PER-FECT.

And are you kidding me on the drunk driver? Holy Moly!?

I love this story Jenn. It's that simple.


Holy cow! I love how you met, and I love your beautiful prom picture (you have the best smile), and I love that you just knew it would work out. What a happy ending, despite the drunk driver. Congratulations to you both!


I'm almost positive I had that dress in light blue.

And? Was everyone OK in the crash?

And: drama!

And: cute!

And: when do we get more prom pics?

Smalltown Mom

This story is both lovely and frightening at the same time. I'm glad it had a happy ending!


OMG I'm glad you all were ok!!! I loved Jessica McClintock's perfume, too, remember that?


I'm so glad everyone was ok. That's really scary. And I LOVE the sweet young love story. I always hoped for that, but wound up with a 40 year old off the internet. Oh everything turned out ok, but I remember how I wanted things to go well with whoever it was at the time so badly. That was a fun story.


THAT is one great story!

Little Miss Sunshine State

Husband and I had the same high schoool love story, circa 1974, complete with him dating best friend and her moving away and me going to senior prom with him and getting married 5 years later!

You two are too cute!


I LOVE that you guys went to prom together...and your Son is going to the same place...SO cool.
I can't believe the drunk driver part. Wow, any little difference in that night could have changed your destiny.
I started dating my hubby when I was 17, he 19 too.

Minnesota Matron

Too funny -- how many people have that sense of certainty at 16? I knew I was going to spend a long time with my guy after our first 36 hour date, but I was 29! Looking forward to more prom pictures!

Memarie Lane

I can definitely smell the confidence oozing from that picture. That's the same thing that attracted me to my husband, that and the fact that he looked like Brad Pitt. Only shorter and fatter.


hmmm, I couldn't access the comments last night, but now it is working..
Gorgeous photos, what a wonderful love story. Minus the car accident, how scary!
Incredible how quickly the time passes isn't it? Can't wait to see the new prom photos.

Mike Golch

Thanks for making me feel really old.In 1980 I was 28 years old and getting married for the second time.Thank God we were able to make this marriage work ans by the Grace of God here we are 28 years later sitll married.

Manic Mommy

You sound like my sister and BIL; married 19 years this month - and not yet 41!

It's so funny that you posted prom pictures. I just ran across some (Class of '86 baby!)and was thinking of scanning them for fun.


Ooh! Jessica McClintock twin... what a *story* - I am so glad y'all were ok and left with such a tale to tell. Hope the young(er) ones have a great time.


What a sweet picture of you and the hubby!


What a sweet pic of you and the hubby!

The Mom Bomb

You two were so cute! And I love the progression of hairdos. In the first photo, you're kind of Olivia Newton John in Grease (before she turned slutty) and your future husband's hair is kind of David from Eight is Enough. And then in the second photo, I think I see some 80s curls on you, don't I?


Good pics, good story, good times.


Sweet memories. Your wedding picture is beautiful!

Sorry you had to read that about my desk. it is sad but true, stacks and piles. Please don't have a bad reaction to this comment! I almost took a picture of it! That would have been worse.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Jenn, I love this! I have another friend who has prom and wedding pictures with the same man. Awesome!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

P.S. Jessica McClintock dresses were da bomb.


Brings back memories of my prom with my soon to be husband.

Yours was a bit more crashin though
Glad everyone stayed living


What a story!!!!!!! wow wow wow!


A beautiful love story...but HOLY COW...the crash! What a freakin' story!! Your wedding dress was very similar to mine...VERY similar...brings back memories. Congratulations on bein' married to the same guy for EVAH!


Those GM cars are just drunk driver magnets. Yikes, scary-lucky-cool story.

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