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May 02, 2008


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I feel like you are God renaming Jacob to Israel. "And she gave a decreed, 'You shall henceforth be known as MVP.'"

Great tribute to MVP. Congratulations on the 18th! He will love Colorado and may never come back, unless that ocean calls his name. Colorado still calls my name.



What a lovely tribute to a wonderful young man.

Smalltown Mom

Happy Birthday, MVP!


Happy Birthday, MVP!


Great tribute to fine young man! You must be so proud and he must be honored to receive your accolades. MVP is so fitting
Best wishes from our house to MVP man


Happy Birthday, MVP! Look, even the flowers are reaching out for him :-)


Awww how nice and what a great looking boy you have there!

Manic Mommy

What a coincidence, our boys are only 14 years and 51 weeks apart! I'm also looking to re-name mine. RC (Roger Clemens) just doesn't have the same ring it once did.

Happy Birthday, MVP. He seems like an old soul. And a good kid.


Great birthday tribute for a son!! And yes...MVP seems to be the best name to move into!!
He's going to love Colorado!! He'll meet some great people and the mountain biking there is awesome!! Something tells me he will also have many "friends of the female persuasion" there, too!!
Happy 18th!! and to you too, Jenn...and your husband...congratulations!!!


what a great birthday card! You need to get this printed up and get that boy a copy!!! Many happy returns--and congrats to you on raising such a fun-loving & adventurous son!


Um, have I mentioned the attractive young ladies who reside with me? Oh, sorry, back to the matter at hand - Happy Birthday MVP!


He sounds wonderful. Nice job, mama.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Happy Birthday MVP! Best wishes for the exciting year he has coming up!


He sounds like a great kid, I'm sure he will grow up to be a great man. Ya'll did good!
Happy Birthday MVP!


You just HAD to warm the cockles of my cold dead heart didn't you. What a sweetie.


Happy Birthday to the new MVP!!!

(Ya did good Mama!)


Happy Birthday, MVP! Keep being such a thoughtful person to your mama & others. It truly makes you an MVP in life.


Happiest of Birthdays to your MVP! I think he looks a lot like you, too. You've done such a great job with your kids. It really shows, Jenn.


He'll fit right in in Colorado. Happy birthday MVP. Your Mom sure is proud, and by the sound of you, rightly so.

mike golch

MVP A great big Happy birthday to you young gentilman. Best wishes for the future.


Happy birthday to your MVP
Nice name change


Looks like you done well. Congrats to all of you.



Aaaaaw! Happy Birthday to your little (Big) boy!

Jennifer H

Such a great tribute--he sounds like a great young man.

Happy Birthday, MVP!


Aww what a sweet birthday gift. Hope it's a happy one. :)

Tootsie Farklepants

I love all the ladies pictures! Happy birthday MVP!!!

Reluctant Blogger

Sorry I am late - but Happy Birthday MVP.

Snowboarding is well cool. I approve of anyone who plans to do that. He looks like a boarder actually - well except I can't see if his trousers are hanging off his butt like snowboarders' kecks always do.


Great pics! MVP seems like a fantastic guy. How could he not be?

phd in yogurtry

Happy 18th to MVP. He sounds like a real sweetie pie (mo day flowers for your friend too?!) He may look like his daddy but he has his momma's smile.

I'm trying to imagine my son turning 18... sigh. I feel too verklempt to go on.


Happy birthday to your lovely boy. Wow I can't imagine the day when my boy turns 18 and goes off to college! How do you deal Jenn? yikes!
Sounds like you have done a wonderful job preparing him.


he's so fabulously windswept.

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