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May 01, 2008


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Reluctant Blogger

Awww poor you. Insomnia is horrible. I suffer quite a lot. I have no solutions. But I try to turn it on its head and use the time wisely - so if I can't sleep I get up and do things and then at least something has been achieved. But the eyelid dropping tiredness the next day is no fun.

I find not drinking anything with caffeine in it at all (and that includes chocolate!!) in the 5 hours before you go to bed can help a bit.

Stress is the usual cause. If you sort out the cause you will probably sleep. I sleep much better these days than I did 6 months ago.

I hope this is just an irritating phase for you and that it soon passes.


Let's see...2:22 AM your time means I'd been up for 30 minutes already. I hope you are sleeping right now!!
Warm milk or chamomile tea are my personal sleep assitants. Sounds like you've got so much going on that your mind and body can't shut down. :*( I recommend a good massage and facial to relax you. Hope tonight is much, much better!


I hope you get back on track soon. Personally I swear by a nice Benadryl.


Oh my goodness. I hope you were able to get some much needed decent sleep, love. Going without decent sleep blows.


Oh, Jenn, I'm so sorry. Insomnia is just crazy making. This may sound counterintuitive, but is there any way you could summon the energy to take a walk today or go swimming in a heated pool? When you're awake of course! Sometimes that helps. At least it sounds like you didn't toss and turn, but got up and read blogs and such. :) Sending big hugs.


Oh...but I was hoping that the hugs I sent helped!! hmmmm...I can always go to sleep if I put an old Elvis movie on....don't laugh...strange, but...I've seen them so many times, I know how they end...you know he's going to sing when anything gets tense or the problem gets solved...no surprises...I can just watch the movie...and I usually never see the end!!!


hope you got some sleep. insomnia is horrible. drugs are good.

Don Mills Diva

Oh Jen that sucks! I hope your next post is all about how great and well-rested you feel...

Smalltown Mom

I feel your pain!

Mrs. G.

Insomnia can kill my happiness quickly. I hope you're feeling refreshed today. Sweet dreams.


I cannot function without sleep - if I have a bad night, I have a BAD day. I hope you did catch some z's last night.

"You're feeling veeeeeery tired"



Gah! Have been there too many times to count. And it sucketh mightily. I say beg, borrow and steal whatever drugs you need until the current stress/anxiety issues resolve.


LOVE your writing style! Can't remember exactly how I got here, but sure am glad I did. You'll definitly be a regular read of mine.
Hope you get some sleep!

Mary Alice

The stress makes it worse doesn't it? I hope you got some sleep in the wee hours this morning. You have finals and your friend needs to lean on you now....it's a lot....but you'll never regret being for there for her this week. My thoughts are with you and thanks for the support over at my blog too.


Awwwww! I have a history of sleep problems and have been to a clinic and all that jazz. It double sucks. Sorry!!


I went 3 1/2 days once, no sleep. I was delirious. Not fun. I do Benadryl and a nice glass of Cabernet. Works wonders. Oh, and sex. :) Just sayin'.


I feel for you.
I'm also knowing this is a temporary thing, that while sucks eggs now, will pass quickly.
Maybe some meditation before bed will help clear the mind?


It's a nasty circle...being exhausted and then getting stressed out 'cause you KNOW you aren't going to be able to sleep... OK, so far this has never been a problem for me,but I watch Shaun go through it!

I like CC's suggestions. If that doesn't work I'll come sing you a lullaby, THAT will cure you!


I recommend two cosmopolitans. Once you have a nice buzz, engage your partner in some vigorous sex. It clears the mind, relaxes the body, and warms the blood. All good for a lovely night sleep. (This has been a male secret for many years...) Sorry to your lovely children who may read this...secret's out. Mom and Dad have sex.


Awww.... sleep, sleep, sleep. Go with it.


you have insomnia too? sorry to hear that. hope you get some sleep tonight. think dreamy thoughts.


Thanks! I just read a very similar post at Threads Around the World, her April 2 post - kind of interesting to see very nearly the same post twice..makes ideas brew :)

Jennifer H

Insomnia is rough. I hope you got at least a few hours of sleep. Sending lots of zzzzzzzzzz's for tonight.


Oh so sorry. Please go see someone for this before you forget how to sleep...


Missed you in Brit Lit today. We had a quiz and watched more of Clarissa.

Hope you got some sleep!


I'm so sorry...insomnia sucks, badly. My solution is pilfering some of hubby's Xanax, but I wouldn't recommend that, because after a while you find you can't sleep without it. The Benadryl and the Cabernet solution sounds good though, not to mention non-habit forming. Seriously, I hope you were able to get some zzzzzs last night.


Sending you many sleepy vibes. I only get like that when extremely stressed, I hope this passes from you quickly.


Hope you got some sleep.
I have had trouble on the sleep front lately too.

phd in yogurtry

benadryl is my sleep aid, too
its a must for me on those nights when I just HAVE to have a hit of dark chocolate (i'm caffeine sensitive).

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