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May 17, 2008


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You just reminded me why I enjoy teaching teenagers.
Yesterday was not one of those days, as I had to deal with a couple of snot-nosed individuals too big for their britches, but most of the time I'm having so much fun! The quick repartee, the sometimes awesome insights into humaity, the need for me to stay on my toes.... Keeps me young(ish) and tires me out!

manager mom

I like the little vignettes ... they give a nice picture of your life.

Do you really keep a lint roller handy? that's either impressive, or pathological.

I fear your mad grooming skillz either way.


Are you sure those are your kids? Because they could really be my kids...


Very funny.
Sounds like our family.
My husband has a sign on his desk that says:
"Sarcasm, just one more service that I offer"
He says he got it from me though....
I don't believe it.


It's like you live in an episode of "Friends." Good stuff!

I think we're training our kids well, too. Stu wears a t-shirt that says "National Sarcasm Society - Like We Need Your Support."


I love this. You're like a modern day Cosby family.


Better than a reality show, or your average sitcom, it's "Juggling Life!"


These are so funny - my family is just plain aggressive too!!

Have a good afternoon - see you - Kellan


Oh no. Tell me it isn't true.

Karen MEG

Hi Jenn, these vignettes were great... making me look forward to when my kids are teens LOL!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...you know, I've seen your pretty smiling face around the blogosphere but for whatever reason this is the first time stopped by! I'm glad I finally did.

Have a great weekend, and BTW, congrats on finishing the semester!

Manic Mommy

Good for you for remembering them. Your family is funny. I love it when we're on a roll.

Mike Golch

Hi Jenn I hope that you are haveing a good day.Memorial services can be a bummer unless you have a group of people family and friends that share stories of good times silly times.who said that you have to be somber all the time.


You have some very wise people in your life. That's my nice way of calling your family smart asses. Emphasis on the smart part.

Scene #2 is my favourite!

Smalltown Mom

It's great to have a family with a sense of humor.


aah...sarcasm...the glue that keeps my family and my wonderful group of friends together!! Without it, we'd still be beautiful..but not as much fun!!
Love the closer looks into your life,Jenn!!


See, this is why I love you. We have the same family conversations.

Sandy (Momisodes)

I often feel like I carry around a CVS store in my bag, but never had a lint roller on me ;)

ROFL at the legal lobster!

Little Miss Sunshine State

We often have Sarcasticom going on at our place too. And it sounds like Music Man fits right in with your bunch!

Tootsie Farklepants

May I have as many sarcastic exchanges with my own children.

That was hilarious!


OH, your house sounds like so much fun!

Jennifer H

I like your family.

Also, I know who to go to if I need a lint roller. :-)


Sounds like some good people to be around


Do you keep a lint roller in your purse? I love that you had it ready and waiting, you rock.
I have sarcastic kids too, I taught it to my eldest as self-defense with his super sarcastic dad. It bites me in the ass daily.


The lawyer lobster thing reminds me of a place in a small vacation town we used to go to that sold hot tubs and pizza and rented videos--all out of the same store front. Made me want to open a store that sold shoes, tile and desserts.

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