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May 18, 2008


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Shamelessly Sassy

That is such a cute invitation idea. I wish they had been that crafty back in my day! Lovely blog that you have here.


It is hard to believe that all the teenagers are as creative as MVP. You're not going to convince me. He's a flat out doll, that he is. You're in big trouble.

Would love to hear your flashback story!

Mrs. G.

MVP has a bright future with the smart girls who love clever guys!


As far as "cute and creative ideas" go...that one rates up there pretty damn high!! I'm thinking we never had guys like your MVP in my highschool...or my university...or, well...ever!! He is going to be a very popular young man at university!!
Wait....you and Mr. Fix-It's first date was Prom?!?! Wow! Usually guys had to really work up to that!! High-5 to you both!!

Mary Alice

That IS cute. Hummmmmmm. I don't think the boys have such brilliant ideas at our school. I'm not sure if Rescue Ranger even officially asked The Exquisite Girlfriend...I think they just assumed.

And you and Mr. Fix It, well now, that is just so sweet. That is a far cuter story than the usual "we met in a bar" story. BTW Military Man and I did not meet at a bar, we met in a BARN. One extra letter and a whole different scene!


Wow. He better hope he marries someone else, that would be hard to top!


I had no idea it had gotten so complicated! But my own MusicMan has so far avoided the date scenario.
I suspect that MVP has a whole line of girls with their own Sharpies, just waiting to check that box!
First date = Prom?? And a car accident?! Do tell... You & Mr. Fix-It must have been adorable together. You do have a picture to share, right? :)

And from the comment above by Mary Alice, I want to hear her story, too!


That's SO cute!!! I wonder what my Pumpkin will do when it's HIS turn??!


Cute invite idea. I'm betting there was a line of girls waiting to say Hell Yes, if she had said Hell No! That MVP is a keeper.
I'll be looking forward to your prom story. Sounds like a good one!


What a clever way of "inviting" her to prom. Clever must run in the family.


Oh my gosh... The poor boys. They have to get creative now????
I am glad MVP got his...that was a very cute idea!

Julie Pippert

That's so clever and cute!

But OMG...the ante keeps upping!

Domestically Challenged

Wow, talk about the poor boys being under pressure - still, he did brilliantly!


Oh I'm making one of those up for bar-hopping nights. What a cute idea!


I love that idea, he is creative. I'm glad she said yes!

My daughter was asked to homecoming this year with a cake. As in, this on-again off-again boyfriend showed up at my front door with a single layer round cake he had made himself, with "Will You Go To Homecoming With Me?" in blue frosting. How could she say no to that? lol


How cute - I love the t-shirt idea! It must have made the girl feel so special!

Have a good evening - see you - Kellan

Deb D

What a cute idea. I know for a fact that there is not that much originality in my dude's class!

Mike Golch

I never went to mine.I was too shy to ask someone.


That is so clever!!!! I had no idea you have to be cute now. I was on prom committee but never went ;)


MVP is brilliant


Yes it is good that she said yes
otherwise he would have had to get another shirt made


Cute idea!


awwwww.... that's so cute! My daughter is going to prom with her best friend. They both turned down dates so they could have fun together this year. Where is your son's prom? Last year my girls went to prom in the SD Harbor on one of the dinner cruise ships. So nice!

the mama bird diaries

Wow. That's a lot of pressure. I think they're getting this pressure from "Newport Harbor"... not that I watch it or anything.

How cute that they are going to the SAME restaurant. Adorable.


MVP is a smooth operator.



Perhaps MVP can give me some dating tips? He is clearly a very smart young man.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tootsie Farklepants

First the price tag of children's birthday parties rival that of a wedding, and now asking a date to prom rivals clever marriage proposals.

Seriously? That was very cool of him!


I had no idea the process of inviting had become so demanding, but what an intensely clever, creative and courageous young man you have. He’s perfect!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Well of course she did! MVP wouldn't be interested in dumb girls.

Did you hear about the kid at Di's swim club? He put a weighted-down laminated poster on the bottom of the pool in a swim lane that said "[Name], will you go to prom with me?" And when his swim-team girlfriend took her first lap, she stopped and said yes. True story. I have others from my kids' high school days. You'll have them too.

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