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May 19, 2008


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WOW! That looks amazing!! I would love to cry and whine and beg for you to reconsider who to give the book to next... but then I'd realize that I would never have any time to cook like that (or at least not until my school gets out in exactly one month!)

tacoma flowers

that looks delicious.


You don't have A/C????? It took me a few minutes to recover from that news! (I used to live not far from "tacoma flowers" above, and I had A/C when I lived there!)
My surprise aside, the meal looked lovely and I'm so glad you had a wonderful evening, complete with backgammon & champagne. :)

Mary Alice

I am drooling - that looks so good. What a fun idea.


Oh my gosh, that really looks like a lot of work. But the end result....gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing.
How do you live with no a/c. really. Does it usually stay that cool there? I suppose you have NO humidity then??


Chocolate, yeah! Magnificent set of pics, really.
100 degrees? Man, this part of NY will see 50 today, blech.


Wow. That looks incredible-- especially the rice balls, that golden crusty goodness. (Wipes drool off keyboard) I am so excited to try more of these recipes out, and to make the lamb with olives myself. Thank you, thank you!

The Girl Next Door

OMG you are amazing - to cook like that, to live without AC, to take things on the road. Wow! And Champagne and backgammon - can I be your new BFF??


Sounds like a wonderful meal/evening all-around.

Minnesota Matron

Wow--that food looks fabulous! I remain impressed by everyone's photo-taking abilities. Really! These look professional, mine always look as if my hands are shaking (which they might be).

Mrs. G.

My stomach is growling and I just had breakfast. Everything looks incredible.


Hungry now. Thanks a lot.

Heidi :)


Have slobbered all over my keyboard. You did well on this and totally deserved to win Hen's contest! I'm not at all envious now because of what you made with it! Kudos!


Oh...my...goodness!! That was such a lot of work, but...oh my!!! The rice and cheese balls looked really good...and that chocolate stuff....mmmmmmmmmmmmarvelous (she said, speaking from her imagination!!)
The pictures were great!!

Domestically Challenged

MMMMMMMMMMM, oooops, oh crumbs - how DO you get drool out from between the buttons of your keyboard?

Caro, Your supper looked tutto bellissimo! Thank you so much for starting off the book's journey with such style and effort! Thank you too, to BFF for loan of chilled cucina!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what BLC creates....but do write lots of comments in it before it leaves you!

Bloggy love and appreciation,


I can't believe you made all that food from scratch! That's wonderful!

phd in yogurtry

I.Am.So.Impressed !!!!

Wow! What a total dining experience! I dont' think I've ever taken on such big cooking challenge. Yours sounded so worth it.

phd in yogurtry

P.S. Big backgammon fan, here.


Any cookbook written by someone named Claudia MUST be fabulous. ;)


Lamb - YUMMMMY. I love lamb. I love playing games, too, and I rarely care if I win or lose - not competitive here.



Good grief that makes my stomach growl. Bravo to you and your skills!


Oh that meal looks and smells stunningly delicious! Yum-my.


I mean sounds...


Sounds yummy and I don't know if I would have done the cooking in that heat, but good for you


I don't think you're being a beyotch at all. It is your blog and anyone who would think are worthy of your time anyway!

The food looked wonderful. I can't wait to read what bplc choose to fix.


Mmmmm. I just ate dinner and now you've gone and made me hungry again. And I don't even like lamb. But I bet I'd like yours!


It looks just wonderful - great job!!

Have a good Tuesday - see you - Kellan


You are my hero!! I'm very impressed with your skillz lady!! :D


I think BLC is the perfect choice, particularly since I'm jonesing for an invite when she comes to visit you. Dude, think of the good food that will be there, the good women that will be there, and the good blog material. (Not listed in order of importance, of course.)


Mmmmm, all I have to say is I hope she invites me over when she tries out these recipes! Except...not the lamb one :-)

LOVE that shot of the champagne bottle, the light is just awesome. And the dish holding the lamb, it looks like a daisy from above.

Manic Mommy

That looked absolutely delicious. I'm not a big lamb eater though. Could you do it with chicken?

The rice and cheese balls look like heaven. What about trying them with goat cheese if you're looking for a stronger taste - mmmmm.

Grown-Up Girl

#1: You're cooking that again when I'm down from LA for a spell... I'll help!

#2: I don't buy for an instant that you didn't care about losing that much, no matter how tipsy you were!

Love you <3


I wish I could eat at your house. So much tastier then mine! Now the game...I could be competitive!

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