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May 14, 2008


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We really are kindred spirits. I'm in love with your home. Clearly, it has a pulse, and a heartbeat. Love it.

Buddy is also a twin with Molly. We can have a beagle play date.

Smalltown Mom

Oooh, your bedroom view is better than mine. Because my window overlooks an awesome backyard, but the backyard is full of bird crap. One son has offered to powerwash it for my birthday next weekend. That would be the bestest present.......


That does it. I'm coming for a visit. Tomorrow.

Tootsie Farklepants



Oh, your comment about Danger Boy killed me!!! J hit his head today and has a big knot. I know this is just the beginning. I mean, I can't pad my whole house? Or can I . . . ?

LOVE the house. ADORABLE. ugh, and your little piece of the earth. Gorgeous!

You know, someone should start a house tour meme. I'd love to SEE your renovations.


I thought I lived in the most gorgeous place on earth (outside of Hawaii that is!). Now I'm reconsidering. WOW!!!! Can I move in too?? ;)

Mrs. G.

Your house is beautiful. How cool to actually have a white picket fence.


Your place is lovely and I just love that tire swing photo. The way the dog is framed in the tire, it looks like he's running in it, much like a hamster in a wheel.


I absolutely adore the shot of the front of your house. It looks so welcoming, so lovely with the bounty of flowers framing the house. Come do mine up? Please?



A swing out over the canyon? [You have a canyon in your backyard!?!] My boys will be right over. Heck, *I* will be right over!! Your yard is gorgeous.
7 reasons to love your piece of Earth? Brilliant!


Gorgeous flowers, I am jealous, but look at the BEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have more than one? We have 3 dogs, the youngest a cute little 13 inch beagle named Penny. Aroo!


Fabulous!! I love all the foliage! Now, tell me, how did you get the beagle to levitate inside the tire like that?


I love your corner of the world. It is beautiful and I would be on that swing all the time...


I love the ivy? hanging down over the garage and the riotous life on your white picket fence. I, too, wish you had smell-o-vision capability cause that jasmine...OOOH!!! Mail me some? :-)


Your corner is so charming and beautiful! Here I though Eurolush lived in heaven, but you've corrected me...

mandy g.

What a lovely place! I wish I was green thumb enough to even start to appreciate all the greenery you have!


You have a beautiful home! Those flowers/plants at your front door are AMAZING!!! Thanks for showing us your casa - it is lovely! Have a good day Jenn - see you - Kellan


Definitely good feng shui.


I absolutely love your house!! It looks so warm and inviting...you did invite us, right?!?! What do you do with the kumquats?? We also have a tree here...kumquat in japanese is "kinkan". What do you do with yours? We usually make a jam...great for sore throats...and in tea is very sweet!!!


The idea of the kids swinging out over a gaping chasm does give me pause, you know...


What a BEAUTIFUL home you have!! I love all your gorgeous plants. Especially the jasmine.

Domestically Challenged

I love your corner - especially the white picket fence - that is GORGEOUS!


Very beautiful! You must live somewhere that has a much milder winter than what we put up with here!

Motherhood For Dummies

OH your garden is beautiful. I cant wait to have a house of my own were I can go crazy and make a beauitful garden that I will want to spend all my time in :)

Motherhood For Dummies

Oh I love your garden! Sooo beauitful. I can't wait to have a house of my own where I can make my own garden :)


After seeing your jasmine, I'm thinking that's what we have all over our neighborhood. I kept calling it Night Blooming Jasmine but yours looks a lot like ours. And that smell IS killer.

Show pics of the reno.

Minnesota Matron

Beautiful corner of the world, Jenn. You know, ever since you said in one of your comments that you're one of those women for whom I dress-- those older returning students who work and have families -- I am even FONDER of you!!! Those students are rock stars, they work so hard!


I love the lush landscape capabilities in California. We don't have that luxury here in the midwest.



Your abode is lovely. you have such a wonderful place to enjoy your family. Thank you so much for sharing.


So beautiful - it looks as lovely & peaceful & organized as you are :)

phd in yogurtry

Kumquat tree! How exotic! Do their blooms have a fragrance? Your home looks so inviting. Thanks for the glimpse!


Your yard is beautiful! I love the pic of the dog through the tire swing. Sweet!

Jennifer H

Your home and yard are beautiful. And I can't wait for my kids to have a tire swing.


Oh how gorgeous. I adore your cute house and luscious yard, wow.


HOW beautiful!
I'd love to be surrounded by all that green and growing lusciousness. It's good for the soul.

(Also? Next San Diego blogger party at Jenn's!)


Your home and surroundings are lovely, Jenn. I just love the wild Jasmine blooming everywhere right now. And the Jacaranda trees...

Loved your tire swings and the images they provoke.


Everything looks gorgeous and the picure of the dog through the tire swing...that's perfect timing.

Don Mills Diva

Wow Jen your place is so beautiful! I love all the flowers - gorgeous! You must get so much enjoyment from it...

Reluctant Blogger

Will you adopt me?

I love the look of your house and your garden and your swing. And I love all the sunshine you get in California.

PLEASE! I'll wipe the cupboards for you. Actually I'd do your assignments for you if you wanted.

Go on . . . you wouldn't notice another body in your house.

The Girl Next Door

Oh my goodness that yard is to die for! I'm hooked. If you're wondering who the stranger is living in the tent back there, it might be me...


It looks like you have an inviting little (or not so little) abode! Your flowers are lovely.


One of the wonderful things about SD-- fresh jasmine. The smell!


may i dogsit sometime? your beagle is cute. he could totally be my buddy.

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