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May 12, 2008


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That's SO cool that you are the first to receive the cookbook. I loved the idea when I read it on Hen's blog. I'm in, if there's a chance to send it on!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Domestically Challenged

Oh - I'm so glad you liked it!
Really excited about how this might work, and can't wait to see what people cook.

I'm 'holding my thumbs' for you on Wednesday!



That is the COOLEST idea!! Love it.


PS: Hilarious that it is an Italian cookbook and not a British one :)

Mary Alice

Fantastic idea. School is nearly out - I might just put some effort into cooking again now!


What a great idea!!! I'm interested in seeing how you do this!!! (please save the notes you make after the glasses of wine...that would be a good post!!) and by the way...we LOVE Italian food here in the Kuroiwa House in Japan!!! If it is truly going "around the world" then I want to be on that list somewhere!!! :-D
Looking forward to a "gourmet report"!!


I nominate Amy the Mom to get the cook book - or myself - but Amy would probably - no definitely - do a better job.


I'm in! I'd love to try a meal out from that book.


What a wonderful book. So curious to see how the results are for you. Keep us updated on each meal attempted.


Pick me, pick me! I'd love to try something from her book - I've not read her Italian stuff.


WoW, congratulations on winning. I hope you had a good Mother's Day Jenn- see you later. Kellan


That is absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful idea. You're just the right person to make a lovely meal.


Oh, I'd TOTALLY be interested and I'll photograph the meal :-)

phd in yogurtry

Fun idea! So whatcha gonna cook? I'm interested in recipes, but not packaging and mailing a book. My procrastination goes into overdrive when it comes to mailing packages.


Congratulations! What a lovely surprise!!
Happy cooking! :)


That is so darn cool. I can't wait to hear all about your meal!


Oooh! Ooooh! OOOOOOHHHHHH! Pick me! I love Claudia Roden! I have all her other books. Oooooh!


I'm in!!!!!! Hurray!

Smalltown Mom

Oh,I want to win! I tried to win before but your tennis ball won! I didn't mind since it was you, but I'd like another chance. [smiling]


Sign me up. I'll cook Stephanie something then make her post about it.



It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with this! Enjoy!


That's a great idea.

Do you have to be able to actually cook to join in?


Yes, sign Stu up so he can make me something :)

What a super fun idea! Someday I will get organized enough to do cool things like this.

Jennifer H

That is a wonderful idea! I know you'll find something wonderful to cook from it.

Domestically Challenged


So happy people want to join in!

(Heidi: Italian not British....because it's my favourite! - also doing British food would be a very short tour!)

Jen have a good one tomorrow


Am I too late? I want to play!


I would love to be next!!

We went to Italy last November and an Italian cookbook would make even me happier!!! :0)))


Sending a cookbook around the world to be cooked from by all sorts of people and then sent on is such a fabulous idea that I'm still reeling. Simple, and elegant. A way for those of us who love to cook to connect. Is everybody who cooks a recipe marking which one they tried, with a review? This would be a fun thing to start just among a few friends - it's always so nice to get a package in the mail!


PS - oops! Of COURSE I'd love to have a shot at cooking from that book! If chosen, I would be honored to do so.


What a cool idea. I can't cook worth anything, but would be willing to try and tell the tale.

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