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May 29, 2008


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Oooh...this is fun! Wait, aren't we shootin' for tears here?

Jennifer H

You're even funnier with lowered inhibitions! (Gotta watch that third drink...by the way, I totally have to try that one.)

No tears, huh?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Things you have in common with Aurora Greenway -- you CRACK ME UP!!!

Also, for the record, when you say Thai--on a 7 out of 10 scale with Blog This Mom!, you mean how spicy they made your entree, not that Blog This Mom! is a seven out of ten. Thankyouverymuch. ;-)

Jenn, drink water. And take some Advil.



tee hee!! You, my dear, crack me up. Thank goodness that, after however much Pine-Orange-Banana juice and Absolut Ruby Red (heavy on the Absolut), these programs have 'spellcheck'!!!
Things I have in common with Jenn:
*her thoughts on Jeff Daniels, Jack Nicholson and John Lithgow
*EVERYTHING she has in common with Aurura Greenway

Take a mulit-vitamin with that Advil and water, okay!!


Hoping the tears finally came and that's why you stopped blogging this...
Hoping you remembered to drink a glass of water and swallow an aspirin before you went to bed and once during the night.


your husband survived, huh?


I hope you are feeling a bit better today...
You are a funny woman. You are even funnier when a cocktail is added!!!!
Take care-Suz


This was so darn funny--I got tears giggling. I hope today is a great day for you!

Reluctant Blogger

I am behind on blogging yet again so I missed your earlier post - sorry about that.

I hope you have had a nice salty snotty sob.

I couldn't cry for ages last year - I think we train ourselves to control it and then we just can't let go - but once I started there was no stopping. I would literally get through boxes of tissues in one sitting.

It's been a really tough time lately for you - here's to happier times eh?

Take care of yourself.

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Sorry - I know this was supposed to be a tear jerker - but I laughed out loud at the spilling the third one part.

Hope you soon find your way through this.

Deb D

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I think as Mom's we steel ourselves to get through what we have to and it's hard to let go.

Just Jamie

Oh boy. Howya' feeling today?

(I'll have to try your cocktail concoction ... sounds ather delish.)

Any tears?


Jenn, you're a fabulous woman. I hope you got what you needed out of your adventure last night... and that you're not suffering too greatly for it today.


I think I love you.

phd in yogurtry

hey, thanks for the mention! for the record I did not endorse extreme intoxication.. LOL .. although I would have to say that IF one MUST imbibe, multi-distillation vodka is the only way to go.

I loved your bit, "what I have in common with Aurora" bahaha! Too good. And even better that your list wasn't terribly long! For instance, not so good if you, too, have a RENOIRRRRR in your boudoir. That movie is such a hoot.

Mike Golch

Mike has left the building was said about me when I took a disability retirement for the Sheriff's dept,where I was a Corrections Officer for 1980-1995.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Came here from Grandy's blog.

Re glasses for the TV and the computer? Get whatever attachment you need (depending on your computer) to enable you to watch tv ON your computer. Then you can have it in a little window in the corner (or fullscreen) :)


i hope you found your tears. i've found that they come at the strangest times... grocery stores, driving, the smallest things. glad you set aside some time for yourself.

i LOVE steel magnolias. i had a crush on tom skeritt AND jeff daniels. H O T.


Damn, I'm sorry I missed all that in real time. You are funny, but not really funnier than when sober - I think you're a delight. I didn't mean to imply I thought you were 'uptight' about "Weeds" by the way; you are just, in my mind, far more elegant-seeming than the show sounds. Make sense?


Lots of good chat. Tears should come any time..


Awww Jenn, I wish you could've cried...but hopefully this helped!

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