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May 20, 2008


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As a towel-umbrella-snacks-drinks-cooler-beach chairs-toddler-and four-year-old schlepper, I salute you.

That sounds heavenly.


Oh, manual labor. I do love when my guy is a big helper. Yeah you, and yeah teenagers.


Man! I can't wait to have teenagers! Now, if I could only get a warm beach within a few minutes drive, I'd be set!
(My husband grew up in La Jolla, and LOVED it!! Beautiful area)


I choked when you said "great bathrooms!" Luckily, I was not eating or drinking. The beach with toddlers? Umm, yeah, that's why we so seldom went places with just mom. The beach with teens (really? Sunscreen w/o being told? AND you get screened, too?) sounds wonderful. I might have to try it.


Amen Sistah! And when they go off to college/graduate from college, the holidays are like that too! They cook. They bring home men who can cook. They bring joy. They bring presents. They bring home men who can hook up computer stuff. It is good.


I SO agree with the last comment! It is HEAVEN when they get older!! But, I really, really wish I was close to a beach right now. It was about 40 degrees here last night.


I love how you led me through a minor migraine with the reminiscence about toddler care, out into the blissful future of self-sufficient & responsible young adults sharing a delightful afternoon.

Blessings indeed.

But I don't get it - the water at your beach is warm? heh.


Thanks for giving me something to look forward to other than the craziness normally associated with teen angst.


I am sooo looking forward to this stage in my boys' lives!! Just moving from the 'stay with me all the time even while I go to the bathroom' stage to what we have now..."Koji? Issei? Sorry...don't really know where they are now...come back later." is so niiiiiice and I'm loving it!!! At least when they get a little older, they will actually start doing stuff and taking care of things.....right? they will, right? I will go and say a quick prayer at the temple just to make sure this actually happens!! So glad you had such a good day!!!


I agree. Somethings DO get easier!!!
Sounds like a fun day.
I too, avoid such places on the weekend...add the mall to the list.


ahhhh, now I REALLY regret not having kids :-)

Reluctant Blogger

Ah something for me to look forward to with the boys.

My daughter was never one for beaches - she was so fussy about sand she couldnt' bear to get a speck on her - it takes hours to get off the beach, even now and she is 19, because every last speck of sand has to be removed from her toes. So irksome!!! I feel like hosing her down!


Good to know there is light at the end of the child-rearing tunnel - it sounds like SB is a very thoughtful girl - must have a lot to do with the way she was raised!

Domestically Challenged


Can I borrow him?


Your teenager does LAUNDRY? Oh my, can he/she come stay at my house and teach mine a few things??


Next February when the northeast is knee deep in slush, I am driving over to chatty's in Arizona (she has a very inviting looking pool) then I am coming over to your house and you can take me and my wife and beagle to this beach. We may stay forever.


While I enjoy my way at the beach (young children), I look forward to yours. It sounds simply peaceful. Well I don't want to wish my life away, but it is nice to have things to which I look forward!

Jen on the Edge

I can't wait to go to the beach with teenagers one day!


Sounds like bliss. Truly it does.


Mary Alice

I went for a bike ride with my teenagers. It was so nice....no one one cried or whined...no one fell down or had to be reminded to stop before crossing the road. I watched another family struggling along with wailing four through seven year olds. I smiled. Life is good.

The Mom Bomb

Light at the end of the tunnel? I like it.

At this point, I'd settle for a kid who can pour his own glass of milk without leaving a puddle on the table.


LOL, I decided this weekend that I wanted my kids to be born at age 5. They seem more self-sufficient and less sticky at that age. (I was in a wedding this weekend where we were around 2 5-year-olds and 2 very needy 19-month-olds for the whole weekend.)


Stacie, my older bro has 4 kids and he and his wife always say they'd have 12 if they could pick them up at age 5 (it used to be age 3, then 4, and rose as their children got older). And Jenn? Love your post, and your kids rock. I never doubted the teens (says the former middle school teacher).

Never pegged you as a braggart tho. ;)

Becky at Swirling Vortex

Yup - they can be THE BEST and the worst. Love, love, LOVE mine too. (Most of the time!)


I. Can't. Wait. :)

The Girl Next Door

Rock On. People think I'm nutz when I say I love my teens. Not that I didn't love them as toddlers, because I loved every age. But teens and snow skiing is so way better than even thinking of doing that with small kids. Can't wait for beach weather!


You have totally given me hope for the future! hallelujah! Maybe I'll live through teen years.

And I so want to go to the beach!!!!!!!!


Oh the hope. The dream. It lives bright and beautiful thanks to this post!!!


WHAT teenager are YOU talking about!?

I have no experience with this new lifeform that you refer to.

My only experience with a teenager was that of slamming doors, eyeball rolling and "MOM! Can you PLEASE walk on the OTHER side of the STREET PLEEEEEEEEZE?"


I'm going to pretend you wrote this Just.For.Me. You NAILED the toddler part! I hope you're equally accurate on the teenage years. I'm holding you to it.


Oh this post does my heart wonders!
And my kids want to know why the trips to the neighborhood pool make mommy grouchy. Um, all the stuff to be packed and unpacked, still MY job.


They do? Can I interest you in a teen timeshare?

Mike Golch

going to the beach,that is something that I have not done in like forever.May be I should,except the beaches around here are not so hot.

Jennifer H

Sounds fantastic. 3 1/2 hours with a book? Sigh...

mandy g.

Ohmigod you just convinced me to have a teenager. Who'da thunk that was possible?!

mandy g.

Ohmigod, you just convinced me to have a teenager!

Who'da thunk that was possible?


Holy crap that was inspiring! Thinking about schlepping my 14 month old twins around and that it might ever be easier is just relieving.


: ) Eagerness to get somewhere is a big incentive to help. The husband is like this whenever we go down to NYC.


wow. Thank you for what is (hopefully?) a glimpse into my future.
Beach days are still exhausting right now...


Are we done gloating yet?

Tootsie Farklepants

Not that I'm ready for my kids to be grown but I would really like to close my eyes at the beach just once as a mother. Just once.

Mrs. G.

Yes there is, and I love it.

apathy lounge

If only we lived close to a beach!!!

Manic Mommy

We're nose-deep in the shlepping stage. So much so that we purchased the Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon to make an even bigger spectacle of ourselves on the beach.


Sounds heavenly to me. sigh. I am supposed to be taking my 2 preschoolers and 2 preteens to the beach this summer. not restful.

the mama bird diaries

Great post. Of course, now I'm dreading the beach this weekend with my toddlers. But it's really nice to know that it truly does get easier.


Ho ho! Truer words have never been written. Try having teenagers and then suddenly getting a baby. Talk about a shock to the system.


Well, you thoroughly depressed me, the one living in preschool beach paradise...but, then you've given me hope!


That is something to look forward to!

Jenn @ Juggling Life


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