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May 04, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

It's kinda like how it is at home for me, only instead of the professor it is a second-grader posing questions I have to interrupt my email and blog reading to answer.


Oh...this one hits waaay too close to home....the other night I was in my corner of the house and the K-man was in his corner, on the opposite end of the house. He sent me an instant message on our cell phones that said "come here quick and see what's on tv!!"!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr




This is so true. I remember kids looking up stuff on their "cell" phone that they weren't supposed to have in class. We won't even talk about the pics of tests that they took. Technology-a blessing AND a curse!

Jennifer H

Ooh, going back to school just became even more appealing. :-)

mike golch

give me the old fassioned classroom whe you paid attention to the professor not a laptop.


Ha! I love that. We are so guilty of texting each other while we're all in the house too. I love Google too...I'm not sure how we got along without it. How could I stand not being able to instantly know who won the Superbowl in 1974? (Miami 24, Minnesota 7, search took .22 seconds) I mean honestly, how did we live without that?


Too funny! When I was in college I thought I was walking in tall cotton because I got an electric type writer! Most of my friends still had manual! Couldn't take that to class.


Life is changing. The comic strip is funny, although I'm not sure I like how life is changing in this direction.

phd in yogurtry

Ew, hadn't thought about using computer in class to look things up. I wonder how different my life would be now, had I been connected way back when? LOL


I remember buying a "scientific calculator" in my 2nd year university for a Cost Control course. it cost over $400. The same one today can be found at the dollar store and it does more believe it or not. Want to reallly figure out my age? In most of high school we used slide rulers in physics, and advanced math.
Yikes. I got my final degree and graduated University in 1981.

Mrs. G.

I'm glad the net wasn't available when I was in school or I might not have really bothered to learn anything.

prof. j

I once got an instant message from a student who was dumb enough to tell me he was in somebody else's class at the time. I let him have it!


Yes, it's good the phones and net weren't around when I was in school - I'd have not learned a thing - not that I remember much of what I did learn!!

Hey girl - hope you have been well - nice to see you. Take care - Kellan

apathy lounge

...and then I recall how we furiously leafed through the pages of a spiral notebook crammed with cryptic writing in order to answer a similar question from a college professor. I think kids have it much easier today.


Light years from my life in college. I couldn't even imagine such a phenomenon as laptops and internet when I was in college. And I'm NOT ALL THAT OLD!!!!



I would love to go back to college now. I could totally keep up with everyone's blog.


Too funny! I hope you have a fabulous week Jenn!

kari & kijsa

Tee hee!! Have a blessed Sunday!!

kari & kijsa

Asthmagirl Herself

What a hoot! Thanks for the visit. It's nice to meet you after seeing you on David's blog so regularly!

Manic Mommy

I want a new laptop soooo bad. Google in the classroom - deadly.


I saw this in the paper too and was soooo jealous! I wasn't in school THAT long ago and yet we couldn't do anything like this! Boo! How I wish I could have surfed through lectures!


Heh. I was still using notebooks, not laptops, in law school, and was glad I did or I'd never have learned anything in this day and age. Pen to hand to brain, I always say!

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