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May 07, 2008


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WOW!!! Great photos...but...that is some scary shit!! SO glad you AND your house escaped the destruction...thank the Lord above and those brave people!! That is a bit too close for comfort for this camper!!!


I cannot fathom the level of fear and courage it took to battle that fire.
You always say so much, Jenn, in just a few photographs.


WOW! Did you evacuate anyway?!?!? I can't imagine how horrific it would feel to see this closing in on you and to feel so helpless.



Geez. That's terrifying. Simply unimaginable.


Oooh, yes, how can I forget the color of the skies that day? Good work hero peeps!

The Introvert

Wow! Your husband is hard core! I saw a fire that close, I wouldn't be taking pictures and squirting it with a hose. I'd be running down screaming with my arms flailing above my head. I'm so glad y'all were able to keep the fire at bay!


Wow. Fires really scare me. I'd prefer a flood I think. That is terrifying.


Wow! Super scary! We almost lost my childhood home in the Oakland hills fire of 91 (I think that was the year). My grandparents and 1/3 of my schoolmates lost their homes.

Little Miss Sunshine State

We have extended family in San Diego and every time there are fires I pray for you all a lot.


WOW. Now I really need to hear this story!


Those pictures are really, really scary.



How frightening - I am so glad you did not lose your house - WOW!

Have a good day - Kellan

Jennifer H

Frightening, so frightening. I can't imagine how worried you must have been.


Yikes, I am not good in heat and threat of fire.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Great balls of fire! Jenn, this photo brings shivers right down my spine. The memories are too fresh. Your man is as brave as you. The perfect couple.


In the middle of a fire like that, what was he doing up on the roof peeing?


Yikes. I know how it feels. In our last house in the hills we were evacuated twice while flames licked the back fence and embers filled up and clogged the swimming pools pipes. We were lucky.


So very scary, wow. I am very happy that everything was all right. Incredible bravery.


Far too close for comfort. I'm glad it turned out ok.


man, that's such a scary thing...I can't even imagine.


Fires are so incredibly scary. My husband lost his house to a fire in the middle of the night when he was a child. It has always stayed with him. I am so glad your home was spared!

Backpacking Dad

We were living in a condo along Bear Valley Road in Escondido during the fires in 2003. It was some scary stuff watching the flames march down the hill toward us for days.

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