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May 24, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

This is so funny. I don't know which family member is the funniest! My vote goes to . . . the one who documents the commentary so cleverly--Jenn!


I do love that you pull little things out of conversations.
Life is crazy

Jennifer H

You could start putting public service ads on the sides of the potato chip bags.

Your family is so entertaining. I love these stories.

Tootsie Farklepants

At least they're only talking about it.

That was supposed to be comforting.


so...you "wrongly think a lot of things are wrong"...too funny!!
Your family is like a sit-come just waiting to happen...but one with a lesson at the end!!! I've added you to the list of "people i'm taking notes on" when it comes to raising children different situations!!! You rock!! (but where do you hide the tape recorders to get all this?!?!) :-D

The Girl Next Door

Hilarious! I have to start remembering the very similar "conversations" that happen around my house. Teenagers are a riot!


Talking about it, good, not bad. At least, when they say things like, "Having sex with someone is like having sex with everyone they ever had sex with."

What a turn off! YAY!


I've got a lot to look forward to.


Driving a car full of teens is always an education. YIKES! on the text-stalking. But glad to know that potato chips and gummi bears are the highlights of their lives, and not the sex & STD's. Proof that they DO listen!

[How do you remember all this stuff? I have to write it down immediately, or it just flits right out of my brain.]

prof. j

I'm thinking that it's ok if they're talking about sex as long as gummi bears are at least as interesting.


Oh I hope you turn all of this into some sort of scrap book and give it to your children when they become parents. It's priceless.

Mrs. G.

This may be the only time I have ever read STD and gummi bear in the same conversation.

Nora Bee

I bet you are the #1 google hit now for "STD gummi bear." :-)


Oh how I miss my teenager conversations since my daughter moved out on her own....cherish those moments...believe me. You will miss them!

Reluctant Blogger

My children love those haribo things too - particularly gummi bears. I think they are just so disgusting.

Why have you disabled comments on your other post? I feel all thwarted!


isn't it absolutely captivating how a teenager can work "gummy bear" and "std" in the same sentence? how long can i keep my son five?


I had to come right over when I heard that you are on your last forray into the teen years, mine have only just begun and i'm scared. SCARED. My oldest will be 14 this summer and starting HIGH SCHOOL in the fall- my youngest will be four and at prechool 3 days(hopefully) a week then too. :) I will be hoping to get some ideas by keeping an eye on your blog. :)


ps. and i would guess that talking is better than say doing and at they sound pretty well informed- of course that's easy for me to say...so dreading all of this...


Always love these snippets. Yes, you better monitor the situation...


Well at least they're TALKING about sex, not DOING it. Erm. Or am I just being naive?

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