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June 18, 2008


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apathy lounge

Yay for yoga pants! I've got a pair I could live in every day.


These are all beautiful things - love them!

Have a good Wednesday - Kellan


I'm esp. fond of the earrings and necklace. (Sadly, I have no daughters to marry off to your boys.)
The comfy clothes? LOVE them.
Hope you are enjoying quieter times today!


You can never go wrong with black and white. It's eternally chic. One of the temp jobs I had in New York was working for Redbook magazine, in the wardrobe dept. The editor of that dept. never wore anything but black and white and had done so her whole life. I can still remember that so obviously that made an impact on this fashionista. I also worked at Cosmopolitain but couldn't tell you what Helen Gurney Brown wore on any day and I saw her A LOT.


Pearls and yoga pants - fabulous -
I'd love some black pearls - would someone drop a heavy hint to the husband!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Just like the "O" List, but it's the "J" list!


Jenn, so very, very Jackie O.


Wow! How very classy . . . yoga pants as well. A major, major FAVE!!!


I love you sharing your favorite dress-up things. What a great post idea!

Oh, yes, and thanks for that heterosexual clarification. ;)


I love the ensemble of pearls with the work out pants. I go with my 18 year old Gap pants that are so thread bare, worn out and then I toss on my Aussie leather dress boots.


classic beauties.

I'm inspired to start such a tradition for my girls.


Love your pretties!!!!
Looks like you clean up well. :)
Nice idea giving something to your Future DIL. A nice touch.


Nice dress-up accessories, but where are the pictures of the comfy clothes?! :-)


the jewelery is Beautiful!! :) gorgeous in fact!!

the shoes are beyond ROCKIN'!! i puffy heart love them.

and i'm totally with you on some yoga pants and a huge sweatshirt and some comfy shoes!! :) (sounds like my daily attire)

have a good one!!


the jewelery is BEUATIFUl! really it is truly gorgeous. what a nice gift to recieve from your MIL on your wedding day. :)

I love the shoes they are beyond ROCKIN'!!! I would totally sport them any where!! ~ well any where I could walk in them too. :)

And I'm totally with you on the yoga pants and the big sweatshirt and comfy shoes!! (my daily attire!)

have a good one!!

Sue @ My Party of 6

Oh MY! I LOVE those shoes! And the earrings. My ears have become allergic to earrings though. I'm going to have to pierce something else.

The Girl Next Door

Those shoes are to die for. I have a total shoe problem and would very much like to steal them from you....and the jewelry idea? Sweet. My MIL gave me a beautiful necklace for my engagement and I still wear it fondly...


whooowhee, stylish shoes!


I love the idea of passing on the tradition of giving jewelery for your future DILs(but what are you going to give your future SILs?)

And apparently I should get me some yoga pants...all this time I thought I was happy living in my jeans...

standing still

MILs who give DILs jewelry that is tasteful, classic, and worthy of putting on the person property insurance rider? Most excellent. And, I need more info on therapeutic flip flops. Must google that ...


One of my favorite earrings are simple golden hoops. I know silver is the new black and all, but there is still something timeless about subtle gold hoops when no other jewerly is worn.

I have an opal pendant from my m-i-l. I cherish it.



Ah, shoes and jewelry, two of my favorite things. But yoga pants? I go staight to PJs myself! ;)


sick burn at cheri's.

can i borrow those shoes? what size are you?


I adore pearls!! AND peep toe pumps! You rock!


Now that the oversized clutch is so fashionable, I have found myself tossing my flip flops in the bag and bringing them along... tragic, but fabulous.

Memarie Lane

My MIL gave me her wedding ring set, and I couldn't understand why she hadn't given it to one of her daughters. Then it dawned on me that while her daughters have sausage fingers, she and I both have very thin fingers. She was just being practical. :P

San Diego Momma

Post a pic with all that stuff on!

I want to see it in real life!



I have a raging case of shoe envy right now. LOVE them!!

And yes, you must post a photo of yourself in the ensemble.


Ack! I so need those shoes!
I hope you are having a terrific week, take care.

Jennifer H

Those are all timeless choices. Love the shoes!


I bet you look stunning when you wear these favorites.


Totally love the pearls and shoes, wish I could see the finished product. I am a shoe and jewelry person!


now I've got that song in my head, thanks :-)

What's the fabric in the background of the earring shot? It's lovely!

phd in yogurtry

Your pumps are stillettos compared to the low shoes I wear. I wear a lot of euro shoes with thick soles. Otherwise, barely heels. I wonder if I can balance on heels anymore.

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