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June 28, 2008


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I break out in bitch... This is one of the most hysterical statements ever...


Oh Boy! I wish "break out in bitch" would translate into Swedish without loosing its limpid meaning! That's exactly what happens to me at the sight of bread crumbs, wayward socks, jackets on door knobs, newspapers spread all over the Creation...

standing still

Jenn. I. Am. There. With. You. The piles of shit make me nuts. It will read on my tombstone: She followed us around and put our stuff away.

Yes, it's enabling, but it keeps me sane.

Manager Mom

"I break out in bitch" - OK - BEST. QUOTE. EVER. I am sending that to the "Blogtations" chick right now...

Jen on the Edge

"I break out in bitch when exposed to clutter."

So that's what it is. I'll have to tell my family it's a medical condition and I just can't help it.

Just Jamie

Why does it not surprise me at all that your pictures are not staged, just real-life clean? Um...I still have a closet to unpack and organize over here, did you just sign up or what?

Mary Alice

Okay.....I laughed my butt of at that "break out in bitch." Aha...finally I have a name for my own allergy.

Prof. J.

I so wish I were neat. But I am not. Truly. I love your table and flowers--makes me want to pull up a chair and share a cup of coffee.

Memarie Lane

I'm pretty anal too. Luckily I have an upstairs / downstairs setup, so I keep the downstairs spotless and just try to do damage control upstairs. I'd like the upstairs to be just as clean, but the kids have to wreak havoc somewhere.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Jenn is neat in so many ways.


"I break out in a b@tch"--please let me use that, I totally puffy heart it ;)

Don't come to my house--you may very well turn into the wicked witch of the west (yeah, it's THAT bad)

Reluctant Blogger

Well, I wasn't sure what to expect. I read this piece first before I looked at your tour. I was worried that maybe your house was going to be too tidy and unhomely. It is tidy but it is lovely - really lovely.

I'm at your bar. So where's my drink, Jenn. Jump to it, woman! And make it a large one, I've come a long way. And could you tell your dogs to stop licking my feet.

mike golch

I'm not going near this one.


Messes make me nauseous. I like order. Control. Clean = sane.


Haha! I like order, too. My place looks like this. Until you look in the drawers and the closets. Now THAT's another story.

Jennifer H

I like order, too. I'm just not that good at achieving it.


I'm a bit of neat freak - so I love a tidy house!

Have a good weekend - Kellan


I have this same allergy problem!

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I break out in bitch. This statement has me rolling in the floor right now ---- how freakin funny..



Heh... me too... unfortunately, these days - it would seem I am always "broken out". :) Great post :)

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