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June 17, 2008


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I have a feeling this will happen to me too. He's 5 going on 15. Why does time go so fast when you have kids? congrats to everyone on their graduations!


I found MVP...to I get a prize?
Love the pics...the BLINK is great!
Sorry to hear SB is sick....she will remember this day...by the fact that she was sick.
Enjoy the chaos of family.

Manic Mommy

My mom has a picture of me in my cap and gown for HS graduation right beside my baby sister in her cap and gown for kindergarten graduation.

Most times I fear the blink, sometimes, I pray for it.

Congratulations to both your graduates - enjoy your guests.


I think your grad is right in the middle! My goodness, your son and daughter look exactly like you, and speaking as a New Yorker, if I had to describe a typical California family, I would be able to use you!


That nasty ol' blink...I'm NOT ready! (but aren't you just so PROUD???)


8th grade? WOW! She looks much more mature than the 8th graders I remember :-)

Reluctant Blogger

Oh wow, congratulations to them both.

We don't really celebrate school things in the same way here. Feels weird to me.


Oh, I fear the blink. It's all happening so fast.
Love the pics of MVP surrounded by the girls.
Glad you are taking time to just enjoy being the proud mom!


Love the BLINK! And yeah, it feels like that, even now. I could easily find MVP, and I'm sorry to hear that SB is under the weaather. No fun to go through the day feeling like spontaneously combusting, and very sweet of GuP to stay with her.
That was a lot for Monday happenings!

standing still

Mom, grad, palm trees. I fear our photos look fairly different in Minnesota. Mom, grad, giant piles of new snow that sometimes fall in May.



love the pictures- i'm so gonna steal the BLINK idea soon so don't feel bad. :)

Your family looks like a bunch of american eagle models. :)

Congrats to all the grads and those movin' on up! Yesterday officially lerft my old a Freshman in HS. Gulp. Ready or not...here i go.


great post. stollen... uh... i mean inspired or not. lol i just left a comment on Bossy's page saying that my son is graduating from pre-k next wednesday. (lol) and i can't imagine him graduating from HS... i'm not sure where the last 4 3/4 yrs went... i'm affraid to blink too often. time sure does fly, except when you are in the check out line at the grocery and your 2.5 yr old has to pee... REALLY BAD, and it is only you and your three kids.

congratulations on your grad!! :) great pics of you and him!! i also enjoyed all the other pics too... i hope your daughter SB starts to feel better.



Damn, but those blinks sneak up on you don't they?? I got blindsided by one just yesterday with my 10-year-old...swear to God it was just yesterday he was a round, roly-poly kind of baby...and now...holy moly!!
Yeah...I'm thinking I picked MVP out too...hard to miss that hair!! I hope that SB is feeling better soon...and, no...she doesn't look like you at all, does she?! Great pictures...love the palm trees in the background...gotta love So. Cal!!!
Congratulations to you all!!!

Memarie Lane

Hehe a ladies' man eh?

I second the American Eagle model comment. :P

Smalltown Mom

Blink, indeed. Congratulations to MVP and Get Well Soon to SB.


Congrats to the grad, where does time go? What a good-lookin' fam you have there!


Oh man, what a southern california surfer looking hearthtrob. He is going to break some hearts in Colorado, although having lived in Colorado for 5 years, it seems half the state is somehow from California anymore.


Jennifer H

Blink, indeed.

Great pictures. Sorry SB wasn't feeling so great. Hope she's better now.

Congratulations to both of them!


Ooh ooh I found him!

Still can't believe how glam you look in the 'baby' photo - wow!

SB looks fab too - even if she was off colour.

The next blink...the wedding!

Jen on the Edge

What a handsome young man! And I meant that in an admiring mother sort of way and not in a cougar sort of way.

I hope Social Butterfly feels better soon.

Just Jamie

You and Bossy had a great Show and Tell Ms. Jenn. This weekend you'll be gifted the class hamster. :)


Hip hip hurray! What an exciting time! So, surviving the teen years IS possible, eh?

phd in yogurtry;n

"Most times I fear the blink, sometimes, I pray for it." This describes me to a tee. I've had several prayers today, actually, because I am expecting a houseful of guests this weekend and the house - and my aching back - aren't ready for it. So I'm cracking the whip.

Congrats to your graduate, MVP! What a powerful moment, huh? Does he know its all downhill from here? LOL


i see him. even if i was distracted thinking of bossy. your children and gorgeous.


Congrats! Great pictures! :)


stephanie (bad mom)

The blink, it's so real. Good job raising such obviously smart & delightful children (even SB, who went through with grace, bless her heart).

Congratulations again :)


Bossy's got all the quality stuff over at her place - I steal from her regularly.


holy what? THAT'S an 8th grader? Oh Mama...do you grease your porch to keep the admirers off?

Tootsie Farklepants

Congrats to MVP and Social Butterfly!!! Poor SB. I'm sorry she was feeling lousy for her special day. She sure looks fantastic in spite of it!


What a week you're having! I hope Social Butterfly is feeling better. Congrats on all the wonderful milestones.

Too funny on sneaking off to your lovah! :)

Mary Alice

Congratulations to the graduate!

The Girl Next Door

My My don't you grow them beautiful and all gorgeous-like in California. Have you heard the country song, "Just cleaning my gun?" I think you might need to steal that one when the boys come calling for SB....


Yay for graduations!

What's MVP got lined up for the future?


Congrats to your MVP!! Poor SB, she looks miserable. Hope she is feeling better now.


congratulations! it must be hard to get your head around the fact that you blinked and MVP graduated from high school. crazy how that works. wishing him lots of happiness!

Social Butterfly

By far the worst picture I have ever taken.

Thanks a bunch Mom

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