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June 10, 2008


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The Girl Next Door

How thoughtful!! How wonderful! Thank goodness I don't belong to Costco or I would "get me one" and never, ever work another billable hour....sigh.


probably make a good pillow or seat at a football game too


My daughter and I saw these while out shopping last week and she informed me that she and daddy looked at them for me for Mother's Day. Guess they didn't care so much about my legs burning!

Smalltown Mom

They're so thoughtful! I don't think they were suggesting anything. (Of course, I don't KNOW them!)


I think they're trying to tell you they love you :-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

It means they love you. But you knew that. Thanks for sharing. It made me feel all warm inside. Like your Pre-Belkin laptop-heated legs.

Minnesota Matron



Cute. they are thinking about you of course.
Nice guys.


Maybe they've simply resigned themselves to your "fate". :-)

Reluctant Blogger

I've never seen these but should probably have one. My MacBook gets red hot on occasions and my sons have nearly set fire to their beds with their laptops before now.


I think they're trying to tell you that you have hot legs! *grin*


What nice and thoughtful men you have in your house...either that...or...you know, Fathers' Day is coming up...me thinks the dad in your house might possibly be wanting something BIG!!?! just a thought.....


HA - That's great!

You know, I'm not sure my family would recognize me without the lap top attached.


Confirmation that they love you .... a lot!


No, see they WANT to see you more. They figure if you are comfy, you'll be on the computer in their presence!

Mrs. G.

I will have one of these before the weekend. Who knew there was a cure for the hot lap?


They just want you comfy. You know that old saying; If mama aint happy.....


The boys are looking out for your comfort and safety,

standing still

Dang. Nice gift. Do they also occasionally arrive home with a pound of dark chocolate and say, "We saw it and thought you would like it?" That would be way too excellent.

Just Jamie

Wow. That's love.

(I actually thought my comforter might catch fire from the heat of my laptop once.)

Domestically Challenged

.....ahhhhhh, they know what makes you happy!

Does it come in pink?

San Diego Momma

Sometimes hot laps are good, right? I mean that in a sexy way.

Jennifer H

That's a great gift. And it wasn't even for a holiday? Nice.

Mike Golch

I guess that I'm just too old fashioned,I'll just stick to my PC.That's my story and I'm sticking to it,


for no reason at all? you are way too lucky.


Oh I SO need one of those. Typing in 97 degree heat certainly requires this sort of relief.

apathy lounge

Ooooh! It means they love you!

the mama bird diaries

Man, I've never seen one of those. That's cool.

phd in yogurtry;n

Mr Fix-It is aware that father's day is approaching, no?

Nora Bee

Mmmmmmmmmm. I want to blog at your house!


I love it!! I've never seen these before...and my hubby is a computer geek! I should be in the know LOL
Lucky lady to have such caring men :)


I agree with Cheri...ENABLERS


ooooh - I want one! I always worry I"m radiating my... knees, ya know?


OOh! Costco? I am going tomorrow, I so need one of those.


I'm jealous and I don't even have a lap top yet! That COSTCO is the best!!


This is really cool, but hubby and I don't understand how it works. If it has a solid surface against the laptop bottom, how does it stay cool? I always put mine on a couch pillow and hubby freaks out at the wear and tear on the motor from the heat...let me know if you love it and if it works!

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