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June 30, 2008


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Tootsie Farklepants

"It sure was fun for me to watch though."

Pretty much sums up for me the feeling I get when Marine spotting.


Hmmm....does your husband know you were ogling the strong, good-looking Marine pizza-maker? Inquiring minds want to know...


Sigh...you get to oogle marines and all I get is a bunch of pasty nerds. Life is so not fair.


I know exactly what you mean - I once visited the Wedgewood factory - the women who put on the transfer printed decoration did it with such speed it wasn't possible to see what they were doing - a blur of hands! But it was balletic!

manager mom

That's why I like your blog, you always find a nugget of something lovely in the ordinary.

Mary Alice

Funny- people's first impressions. Like the first two cougars there wondering about your young Marine "ogling" Some of those boys aren't much older than our sons, so I imagine you might share a collective...ewwww... with me. MY first thought when reading this? I hate that a young Marine has to take a second job to make ends meet.


me and the missus love making pizzas and got a pizza stone yesterday, yippee!


* snort * Jenn, you should go back and tell him how hot he looked making pizza. Maybe that will help him get in the zone. Oh, and tell him I said hi!

Kalynne Pudner

I'm going to be repeating the title of this post like a mantra as I fold and sort six baskets of laundry today. Thank you, Jenn.

Jen on the Edge

I know that zone. I may not have beauty and grace, but I totally have the flow and rhythm at times.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Maybe this guy will come and make pizza for us on Fridays at the Women's Colony.


I like your name for the machine better.

standing still

Yummmmm. Pizza. Marine .....


I love when people are really good at what they do and it shows.


Love it that the moment caught you - and you noticed the grace of making the food you were about to eat. Quite lovely!

Just Jamie

That's just like you Jenn, finding the mundane and ordinary beautiful and artistic. Did you tell him how fond you were of his expertise?


Aww that's so nice .. really. I think you should print out your blog post and give it to him... and a copy to his boss.


It's an art - making a good pizza!

Have a good day - Kellan

Manic Mommy

I agree with Hilary. When I get really good service, I always try to tell that person, and his boss.


I feel the same awe when I watch the "ordinary" events in life. I marvel at the little things.
Nice Jen!


I used to get "in the zone" mowing the lawn. I loved it. And then I found out I am allergic to grass. Life sucks. To add irony to irony, I was writing fairly regularly for Turf magazine at the time...

Tell me, how do you decide whether it's a Pizza Friday or a Champagne Friday? Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. All of our Fridays are Pizza Fridays.


Lovely that you were in the moment seeing him. And I love that Google!


Thank goodness someone makes pizza for a living. I heart pizza!


It's nice to be appreciated by others for a job well done.


that's how i am when i'm...er, no nothing. there's nothing that i do that isn't somewhat disastrous. i think it would be fun to see what would happen if the sd blog b**ches took over the dough machine for a night. lucy and ethel who?


Even in my most horrid job, I found that "zone." I bet he does, too.


Love the ZONE - it's the best of places when you're in it.


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