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June 13, 2008


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"Mr. Fix-it sacrificed moving up rungs on the career ladder for our family. He's done that in other ways too; choosing to not be a workaholic, making spending time at home his biggest priority."

This is also a description of SuperDad. We married wonderful men, didn't we?

Happy Father's Day!!


What a nice tribute to you wonderful (and cute) husband. What a beautiful picture - gorgeous kids! Hope he has a Happy Father's Day. Take care- Kellan

Smalltown Mom

You have a wonderful husband. This was a lovely tribute. Happy Father's Day to Mr. Fit-It.


What a wonderful salute to your husband. And your family. And the life you've built.

And I read the post to which you linked -- it was very powerful.

Domestically Challenged

You have a very special husband - spoil him today!

Manager Mom

awww. happy FD to Mr. Fix-it and to all of you!!!


I Love this Jen. You brought tears to my eyes. He is very similar to my Coach. Great guys...we got lucky and the funny part is I DID not have a role model either..my Mom chose the bad ones.
We did good.

Jen on the Edge

What a wonderful tribute. And the photo is particularly cute.


This is a wonderful tribute to your husband. Sounds like a great guy. As a working Mom with four kids as well, we know that it takes a true partner to make everything work as seemlessly as possible - and even at that, there are typically a lot of bumps in the road. But that's life!

standing still

Awesome post. You chose well. As did he.


What a lovely Father's Day gift. (sniffle)


All that AND he does laundry... oh my! Nothing better in life than a solid marriage to an awesome person. Enjoy your weekend!

Nap Warden

Great Hubby tribute!

I sent you an email...I wondered if you got it?


this was so nice. Thank you for sharing Mr fix it's aka Dad's story with us. I so enjoyed it


What a sweet tribute to your husband!
The ones that do laundry and vacuum are definite KEEPERS!! :)


What a wonderful post! I, like you, got extremely lucky in the husband/father department. You got a great guy there and a beautiful family!

Memarie Lane

Your sister sounds a lot like my sister.


It's women like you Jenn, that make me realize that I could never have done it. I was too busy chasing a career and didn't pay much attention to 'choosing' the right man. If I had, I'd like to believe that I would have made the same wonderful choice that you did.

Hummina hummina and he's cute too!

Mrs. G.

I love good men. Good grown up men.

mandy g.

It sounds like you a blessed with a fantastic partner.

San Diego Momma

There's so much man-bashing on blogs these days, that it's really nice to hear from a woman who loves who she married.

Loved that.


Happy Father's Day to your husband - a real man!


you are both lucky ducks. wonderful.

Just Jamie

That is absolutely the definition of a good man. Congratulations for finding him, keeping him, and celebrating him.

Tootsie Farklepants

I could have written the first 2 sentences in this entry.


i really love reading about people in love. you have IT. and you are lucky. now go hug him.

Mike Golch

sounds like you hit the jackpot when you found Mr.Fix-it.My hat is off to him.I have know too many men that would not have doom what he has done.they were my co-workers.
but i thought that some if their brains were tnt it wount not even make one firecracker.


What a family. I'm so impressed by you both. Sweet post.


What a wonderful tribute! This was a touching post, thanks!

Reluctant Blogger

I sometimes think about bloggers when I am walking about - you know, when I should be compiling a mental list of everything I need to do that day - and when I think about you, what I ALWAYS remember is that you took in your sister's daughter when you were such a young thing yourself. Well, I do think of you cleaning cupboards whilst talking on the telephone as well.

I may not have been very good at picking male partners for myself but I think I did pick men who were good as fathers. So I guess that is something! Al is always here with the boys (making a mess of my house and leading them into trouble!)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Blah blah blah, he's a great dad. Blah, blah, blah, he fixes stuff. BUT HOLY SMOKES JENN! No wonder you have all them there children! He's HOT!!!


OK, you totally made me cry. Lots.


It just occurred to me, you and I had the same goals when we were young things: have children, be a SAHM, and marry a wonderful man who makes a great father!
Sometimes life works out beautifully this way. I'm so glad it did for both of us.


Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day with each other!


God Bless Mr. Fix-it. Even though I'm sure he gets more than he gives (because he loves and is loved by ALL his children, and that in itself is a gift - the rest is all "extra", when a father is as good as he is - though much deserved) it is obvious that he has always gone the extra mile to make things even more special for his family. And thank you to you, for posting such a beautiful tribute.


A good man is a blessing. That was a beautiful post.


He sounds like a fantastic guy :-) Wish him a Happy Father's day for me, k?

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