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June 23, 2008


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At least it's DRY heat! lol
I know, it's still oppressive. When the heat is dry, it's like breathing in a hot oven, and when it's humid, breathing in a stinky sauna.
I'm off on a 13 hour car ride in less than 8 hours. I printed out 4 sets of directions and packed with all 4 kids (2 of whom are tacking on a mission trip directly from vacation, so packing was a bit complicated). Still haven't packed myself! Of course, my dh calmly packed himself and went to bed. He wonders why I'm not done yet! (MEN!!!)

Kalynne Pudner

I must have had too much wine at dinner tonight, because I totally don't get what you're saying here. Except for the part about being hot. We in Alabama get "being hot." (I could re-read it and try to understand, but then I wouldn't be the first comment, which is worth all my future grandchildren.)


So I have this friend visiting from Florida. And he's all, "This heat sucks. We went to the beach yesterday and it wasn't even cooler." And I'm all, "Dude, don't leave. It's supposed to cool down to the NINETIES tomorrow." And he's all, "I can deal with that. That would be nice."

Because when it's 100-freaking-7 degrees, anything with only double digits sounds good.

Kalynne Pudner

Dang! I should have opted for comprehension over primacy. Serves me right.

Just Jamie

As I share in the sweltering misery that we call "my husband won't turn on the air conditioner, OR open the doors because bugs may come in", all I can say is, I hear ya'.

And NOT being needed long enough to read ONE blog, or ONE article n the WSJ is shocking. But you? All that?! How can it be? You're just ASKIN' to come babysit. :)


We moved to the coast to avoid days like the one's we've had. It was too hot even to go to the pool! But I did anyway and hogged all the shade.


Congrats on the new hottie look!

Your weekend sounds dreamy - albeit a bit sticky. We've been around 107ish for two days now. Hope it breaks tonight!

Oh, I also hope you get your real face back on the sidebar. Miss it!


Your blog looks great!

I've never experienced your kind of dry heat for any more than a few days, so I should probably keep quiet. The humid heat of Winnipeg was horrid when you had to work, though.
BTW, we still have a basket of wood handy by the stove because we know the temperature is liable to dip down to about +5 during the night.


Nice face lift to the blog. I feel for you in that heat. We have had central air ever since a particularly unrelenting hot, humid summer. I can't imagine not having it now. I hope your heat wave breaks soon.

Jen on the Edge

My mother is visiting California for the first time this very week -- she was worried about earthquakes, mudslides, earthquakes, fires, and earthquakes -- and I'm sure she's going to come back to Virginia and tell everyone that California truly is the on-ramp to the Apocalypse. ;-)


First of all I LOVE your redecorating. Looks fab. You are a great looking cartoon character.
Sorry to hear of the sweltering heat. It still amazes me that you don't have a/c. We would never ever dream of this in FL.
I hope it gets cooler for you, so you can come out of your cave and join the rest of the S. D. population.


Love the new blog look!
I, too, hate air conditioning...hope the weather cools off soon for you.


yes, the old look for the blog was good, this is even better!


Love. Love. Love the new layout. Love orange!!! So cheery!!


Such a cute layout!! One of these days I will get around to getting a real layout!!! Congrats!!


Great design, love this color!!!! And heat wave? Feel your pain - it's been 113-ish for over a week here, ugh. Hang in there.


okay...so...you kind of lost me after "I don't have central a.c.". I would give up a body part to have central air!! open up the windows here and UGH!! Hot..wet..air..can't breathe...help!!
When we go to Colorado in the summer though, I feel the aging process speeds up 100 times over!! Holy Moly but do I go through a bunch of Jergens!!!
I know how SD has THE perfect weather...hope it gets back to that soon!
And...LOVE the new look!!! Very bright and cheery...and YOU are looking very hot...in a Jane Jetson kind of way!!! vrrrry nice!!


I LOVE your new look. Isn't NW the greatest? My favorite part (beside you lookin' so HOT) is the color. The outside color is the color of the trim molding in my house and the inside color is my wall color...why? BECAUSE I love it!

Heat sucks. ugh.

standing still

Girl? I love your new digs!


I love air conditioning. I want to marry our air conditioners. I would rather live where I didn't need it, but I'll be damned if I'll sit here and pant like an exhausted animal in this ridiculous inferno.

Crazy from the heat, I tell ya.


I CAN NOT live without A/C!! NOPE!

I love your new look - really cute!

Have a good day - Kellan


Oh you poor thing! I know the feeling...we had a heat wave in early June and being in New England...well, it's also not necessary to have central AC LOL! Stay cool!


no. central. air. Dear God.

It's the humidity here more than the heat. I still marvel about playing soccer in high school, when we would do camp for eight hours a day in JULY -- what was I thinking?!

Other various things:
1. I always giggle when you mention Scripps Ranch. My dad works with the Scripps family. :)

2. Hal and I are thinking about taking some vacation out your way (in California). What cities do you recommend?


I almost clicked back out thinking I was in the wrong place. The site looks great, and I love your illustration.


The new layout is very cute!

All we have is one wall ac here. When it gets into the 115 area we all sleep in the living room. It sucks but it's kind of fun at the same time lol.


I have a/c. It never went below 79 degrees in my place all weekend. It KILLED my gardenia and I've never had a heat wave out here fry a plant. FRIED.


LOVE the new look!!! AWESOME! It is fresh and cheery!

It's 100 degrees here today too. But girl, I have air conditioning! You must be miserable.

Angie @ Keep Believing

I believe your heatwave is retribution for your boastful posts early in the spring and later in the winter about your awesome mild Souther California weather.

My turn My turn : have had high 70s and low 80's for highs for over a week with no humidity.

Actually, all kidding aside, I hope you come out of the hot dry weather. I hate to think of the fire hazards.



You are so crazy! I admire your fortitude. And your new blog design! It exceeds my definition of awesomeness. (thanks for letting me use my new word here)


I rushed over here to tell you how much I love the new photo you're using with your comments (usually I just read 'em through email, so I don't notice the pics) and then saw you have a whole new layout, too! Way cool! OK. Off to admire it some more (and read your post, too!)


I'm totally with you on the A/C thing - except when you really, really need one. Then you really, really need one. But if you have one, then you use it, and I hate using it. But oh well. Life is full of these hard choices, isn't it?


Very, very nice! And I'd love to read the parenting rant...

Is your blogroll truncated? Or do you not read any blogs starting past the letter "M" on principle? (And I'm not just asking because I'm not on it...really)

Memarie Lane

Wow, Mrs. G's entire blogroll is quite an undertaking!

I like swamp coolers myself. They're great if you live in a dry place, which I do. In Florida we had central A/C and our electric bill in the summer was $300. Here it's barely $75, and we're a lot cooler.

Smalltown Mom

Nice layout. We broke down and got central air a few years ago when the heater had to be replaced. Last year we put a separate unit in our master bedroom (an add-on). All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS. I would have been miserable without it during this heat wave. Except I am dreading the electricity bill.


I lived one summer without AC in Boston. I left Boston for good that fall. Hang in there. Find much ice.


Oh. And by the way, you are a BABE in your new blogskin. Stone cold fox, I tellya.


I like your new look! As for the heat, I am getting hot just thinking about you (not you but your situation - you KNOW what I mean!!!) he he he I can't tolerate the heat but then again, I don't have to! I hope you cool off soon!


Love the blog . . . and the new avatar is awesome!

BTW, Nap made me look way too good. Sort of a disappointment in real life, really :)

Heard about the heat wave . . . makes swimming in ice cubes sound fabulous!

The Girl Next Door

I love the new look! And I wish I could eliminate my air conditioning. I love the ceiling windows open, the fans lightly twirling overhead, the sounds of the crickets and the birds, the breeze. But alas my family cannot live without it - ugh.

Perhaps I should move in with you??!! Or just tell the kids the air conditioner is broken!

stephanie (bad mom)

We don't have AC either (I know I'm in Washington, don't laugh - it sometimes gets hot here!) because I hate the monetary & environmental costs plus I also enjoy the breezes & sounds through windows.

Your day of immobility sounds just like my summer pregnancy ten years ago. But my sluggishness lasted two months.

(Super cute summer look, btw!)


I thought everyone in SoCal had AC! I grew up in the Bay Area and called my parents once when they were on vacation and I was home during a heat wave to ask how the heck to turn on the AC. They said, "honey? We don't have AC." D'oh!


my Friend? that guy? he has AC, a little apartment that we were holed up in all weekend, and? he doesn't like AC. all the while i've melted into a sweaty puddle on his couch. who doesn't like AC when it's 1555 degrees outside? blargh.


and oh my frick, how much do i love your new layout? So Much That I Will Use Upper Case.

Jennifer H

I love air conditioning as much as I despise being hot.

Love the new look (and Nap Warden!)!

La La

I went to the Hollywood Bowl last Friday night, and IT NEVER COOLED DOWN! I've lived in LA for 18 years, and I never remember it not cooling down!

I don't have central air, either, and I live inland. I do have one of those window units, though, but this past week, it didn't seem to help.

Love the new look on your site.

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