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June 06, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

It has been scientifically established that the cruelest creatures on Planet Earth are middle school girls. I think I'm going to have the ones living in my house read this post. Thanks for putting it out there!

standing still

I love the photo. You rocked that haircut, man.


Farrah hair, yeow!

The Girl Next Door

You Rock for posting that photo...and yeah, I am so glad my daughter is past that middle school age. I think I have permanently blocked those years of my life from my brain. Whew Cat-EE!!


I think there is a reason I can't remember anything from my school years. :o)

Sue @ My Party of 6

We had the same haircut in 8th grade! (But I was boobless.) So I guess Vincent won out in the end. (That story is funny and sad all at the same time.)


I love your summary and am impressed that you're still in touch enough with friends so long ago that you know the directions their lives took.


They still have the Insta-Dress at Joanne's Fabrics...


Love the haircut!
Great story


I am sorry. But I find this very funny.
Yes, you were mean...but I blame it on Teresa fully. She obviously was a bad influence. We have all had a Teresa in our life....poor vincent


Have you ever read Finslippy's post on dumb mom moves? It will make you feel so superior (but you may die laughing).

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Poop. I was in the middle of a perfectly decent comment and then "poof" it was gone. If it shows back up again half-assed, sorry.

I'll try again:

Jenn, We have all said and done things as teenagers that we wish we could take back. You are a glass-half-full kind of gal, so instead of feeling bad now, be glad that you have learned from it and shared what you learned. Some girls do not learn such lessons and the mean girls grow up to be the mean mommies. You're a good one. Plus, the 8th Grade Jenn looks pretty sweet to me. I'm glad you're my friend, in the Blogosphere and for 7 out of 10 Thai.

The Mom Bomb

You know what? It's hard to be one of the middle-aged moms that doesn't need a bra. *Sob!*

Oooh, sister, you were a snarky little she-devil. Now I know why your other blog is called "San Diego Bitches". :)


Look at it this way, you KNOW that somewhere down the line Vincent pulled some shiz on some girl somewhere so I think he was going to deserve a broken leg ONE DAY.


Those are not "happy" childhood stories from your past - but, I'm sure you have many stories wherein you tell how sweet you were too!

Have a good day - Kellan


Ah...been there, done that. And been there, had that done to me. Rites of passage I guess.


I'm almost 40 and I don't really need a bra. Oddly, I'd probably rock in an insty-dress now!
Oh that poor boy. I agree, a rite of passage to have a bit of bitchiness in the past.

Don Mills Diva

Oh Jenn you had ne laughing out loud! I was just like that when I was 14 - just too cool for school. Poor Vincent - bless his poor wee broken-legged soul!

Domestically Challenged

We've all said things we'd like to take back, but at least you can admit it -
love the photos!
Have a lovely weekend


eh. I'm going to hell too. See ya there!


I don't want to remember these things. I was the flat as the board one that was teased. My daughter is about to enter 8th grade and I'm pretty sure she's one of the "mean girls", even though I try to make sure she's not.


in 7th grade, my best friend and I repeatedly name-called a boy "queer" .. he was annoying (teased us about our periods and called us out when we carried tampons to the bathroom) so it wasn't un-provoked but it was still mean and hurtful.

these days its my son who is teased, except its "gay" now, not "queer" .. Its been very trying for him.

karma, huh?


Oh god, I don't even want to THINK about junior high.

I was a real a-hole in elementary school, and junior high was payback time.

(How much of an a-hole? I once stuffed a girl in a school dumpster. THAT much of an a-hole.)


The best part of junior high is graduating from junior high. You know...there are some people who never pass the stage you're talking about. They are still mean and nasty today. Give yourself a hug. It's quite apparent to everyone here that you learned the lessons and graduated with honors.


The last paragraph was the best part!

It is hard to look back at ourselves, most especially when we don't like what we see. Maybe writing about it helps ease the burden. I wonder what happened to Kathy? :)

Reluctant Blogger

haha what a bad girl you were.

I'm sure I was equally obnoxious but I must have cut all those memories out of my mind because I have sat here for a while now and I can't think of one example. But I am pretty sure there were plenty. I quite like my selective memory on occasions!


well, you have made up for it. you're very nice now.

Manic Mommy

Everytime RC pours syrup on the dog (not exaggerating for effect) I tell myself that I'll be grateful to have boys when puberty kicks in.

Poor, poor Vincent. You know he had Jenn and Theresa voo doo dolls.

Jennifer H

Poor Vincent. I wonder how he tells the story? :-)

Yeah, I need an Insta-Figure, too.

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