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June 20, 2008


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Mrs. G.

Holy Mother of God, you are like a Secret Boyfriend Goodwill Ambassador for the thirteen set-I love you, Bebeeee....


It's like an after school special without the scary drug, alchohol, teen pregnancy part.


Can I go back in time and be your daughter (or even her friend) last summer??? PLEASE?!?!


Gosh, when I was thirteen I spent the summer looking at Sean Cassidy in Tiger Beat. This beats the heck out of that.


Man, thirteen... I had my first "boyfriend" then (this was back when these relationships were brokered by friends) - I think I even saw him a few times in the halls at school. Oh, and we went to the dance together, which meant we nervously avoided each other in a crowded gym of our schoolmates while music was playing.
Brazilian polo players - so much more exotic and exciting!


OMG.I can sooo like like totally hear the shrill girly girl scream of excitement!!


if all of that happened to me between 7th and 8th grades, then maybe, i wouldn't ALWAYS say, when asked about middle school "i'd rather lose a limb than go back to middle school". maybe if MY mom got ME a half dozen cute brazilian swimmers to fawn over me when i was in middle school, then i wouldn't still sort of want to kill everyone i went to middle school with. is get her some cute brazilian boys mentioned in Love and Logic? it should be. that's totally logical.


WOW - now that is a summer I would not have easily forgotten either - how fun for EVERYONE!!!

Have a good Friday - see you - Kellan

Nora Bee

Oh, we had a Yugoslavian summer guest when I was about that age. Takes me back. I sure paid attention to my hair that summer!


WOw, that must have been the best summer ever. I want to go back and have THAT summer myself. Those boys are so cute.
So, where are you having them shipped in from this year? Italy? France?


my first crush was a Portuguese boy. we spent a summer in figuera de foz and for a year after he wrote to me almost every other day. Those were sweet times for sure.

standing still

Could we add a real live 20-something Brazillian water polo team to the entertainment at the Women's Colony?


Oh my Brazilian Boys are CUTE! That story is like a Disney movie. What a perfect summer. Somehow I would guess there were many photos to choose from for this post.
Are there any grown up Brazilian water polo teams for the mommies to watch?


Wow, and I thought I had totally repressed the fact that I was 13 once. :)

And... I'm waiting to hear your answer to Karen's question...

The Mom Bomb

I would have filled up an entire diary with my Brazilian fantasies/wedding plans.


Woa, those boys are P-R-E-T-T-Y!!!

No wonder your daughter will remember it forever!

Mary Alice

Brazilians are extraordinarily beautiful. Rescue Rangers Exquisite Girlfriend is Brazilian.

apathy lounge

My own junior high years blew chunks compared to what my own kids have experienced. I'd trade places with them (or with yours) in a New York Minute.

Smalltown Mom

It's nice to read a post about Brazilians that has nothing to do with hair removal.

Little Miss Sunshine State

And 40 years from now, when asked to remember that summer, they will *sigh*
and recall the sweet innocent crushes and how it made them feel.

The only thing cuter than Brazilian boys are the Cuban boys I've met from Miami.


hahaha your whole post had me cracking up :-) The American boys won't stand a chance after this summer ;-)


Tough for the boys from the hood to competer with that!

Shamelessly Sassy

oh man, I would have been loving that summer if I was SB. :)

Manic Mommy

That summer definitely could have been a Judy Blume book.

I thought the picture of SB was a picture of you at 13. What a resemblance!

The Girl Next Door

You. Are. The. Best. Mom. EVER!!!!! If she EVER wants to complain, remind her of "that perfect summer." Whew. Secret Boyfriends Forever!!!


I LOVE kcinnovas comment! I think my life would have taken a different turn, had I had someone like you for my mother!


The Rocky HOrror Picture Show song "Time Warp" is running through my head. I am thinking SB would like to replay that summer NEXT SUMMER



By the way, thank you for the nice comment on my enjoying my appearance on my blog. Have you been talking to Brian? Seems like I hear that a lot. Seems like I can't take much of a compliment, lately, too.



Oh, my....SO FUN! I'm definitely 13 again.

Memarie Lane

When I was that age it was all about Spring Break in downtown Palm Springs, which was crazy back then, before Sonny Bono passed the anti-thong law. I kid you not. My friends and I would take the bus there and try our best to look older while all the college students got arrested.

phd in yogurtry

You had me at bebee!


Oh....Brazilian boys....my first real kiss was by one of those fabulously tan, beautiful and nice smelling Brazilian boys...like two decades ago....I remember it like yesterday!!! They will always break your heart!!


You brought me right back to the summer I spent in Brazil in a CISV camp. Right down to the accents, the bare chests, the 'bebee'. Good times!



Oh, I remember the thrill of the 13 year old crush...


Suddenly, I wish I were 14 again. :)


~~sigh~~ oh Jenn...you had me at the title!!
I'm sitting here just smiling and yes, chuckling a bit!!! My good friend's husband in Brazilian and when I hear his (in a VERY loud, booming voice!) "De-beeeeee", I know that I am going to be the recipient of a wonderful hug (which almost always follows one of those 'running through a field of daisies' kind of intro!!).
and again...~~siiiiiiggghhhhhh~~
Yes...SB and Peanut will remember that summer forEVER!!
Now...I have the "weekend of the Portuguese men who came by sailing ship" that pretty much takes up most of my memories!!!
You gotta love that "eye candy"!!!

stephanie (bad mom)

So, were you asking if I'd like to have a gaggle of Brazilian water polo boys hanging around when I was 13, or now? Because the answer is the same both ways, frankly.

Don't judge.

(Great story, well told)

Zip n Tizzy

Oh my!

I think at 13 I would have died!!!

At 19 I was asked to dance by a Brazilian man (maybe 25) at carnival in San Francisco. I can't dance, but he cast some kind of spell, because for 15 minutes he had me sliding across that floor! It still makes me smile just thinking about it.

Just Jamie

I love the way you capture the moments Jenn. Just lovely story.


Oh thanks for taking me back there. I remember my summer...and the fun. I didn't have Brazilians, but there was a first crush. :)



You earned mother of the year, right?

You do from me, and you aren't my mom!!


My husband was in San Diego on a soccer scholarship when he won me over with his Portuguese accent. And he wears the BEST cologne! What a great summer for everyone involved.

Mayara Stuckert

O meu primo está nessa foto. O mais branco que está nas duas fotos. Essa foto é antiga. Como eu vim parar aqui? Será um presságio? O_O "This boy in photo is from my family!"

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