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June 25, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

This is the awesome-ist meme I've ever seen! And I can guess your fav color. I'll tell you tomorrow. Can't wait to have a 10 out of 10 dinner with you!


How pretty ....and the answer must be BLUE!

When are you cracking open the bubbly?


Nice. The pictures are great!!!
I did it too, created my mosaic and one picture was missing. It did not go in the mosaic because who ever posted that pic took it back. I have to start all over. Don't know if I will now.....


Oh! That's cool! :) I'll have to try that!


Oh, until I saw the list below I thought the dude in glasses was your husband

Just Jamie

I saw this at Jennifer's and wanted to try it too. Yours turned out beautifully.


I like this meme! Your pictures make a beautiful collage.

Have a good day - Kellan


Looks gorgeous, I love blue too!

Just Jamie

Jenn, I just did it too. What a cool project.

Jen M

Um, purple? :) I love this kind of thing - and I love that turtle picture!!

I was just in San Diego for the PTA conference - you live in such a beautiful place!!!!


I did it!


I linked back to you today!!! * muah *


I linked back to you today!!! * muah *


Too fun! Love your collage. And I really love your new blog layout, especially the header!

I'm back from vacation, it was fun! Glad you liked the pic of my crazy vacay. See ya soon.

apathy lounge

Finally! A meme that involves both words and pictures.


I love this!!! I'm totally going to do this soon. Watch for it! :)


This is cool. I so want to try this


# What is your first name? ocean, hands, leg, hoodie?
# What is your favorite food? nachos?
# What high school did you attend? helmet high?
# What is your favorite color? blue or brown or brownish green ;-)
# Who is your celebrity crush? is that Kevin Costner?
# What is your favorite drink? Dom!
# Where would you go on your dream vacation? Greece!
# What is your favorite dessert? totally self explanatory :-)
# What do you want to be when you grow up? college grad
# What do you love most in life? photography!
# Choose one word to describe you? drifting? no. turtle? maybe. peaceful?
# Your Flickr name? good one!

Mama Zen

This is really cool!


very cool.

i would love to do this... but for some reason things like this take me F.... O.... R..... E...... V...... E...... R...... to do. :)

maybe another day!! :) I definitely love yours!!

good job!


frame it. it's nice.


Love it, love it, love it. I'm going to do this one too, it looks like heavenly distraction.


Hey, Jenn - very pretty! I'm doing mine too. Time consuming but too much fun to pass up.

Manager Mom

THAT is a really cool meme! And, love the new photo!

Jennifer H

I had a dream about John Cusack last night!

Your mosaic is great--and how cool is it that we had a picture in common?

Also, your food favorites look yummy. Wonder what else I can get you to do. ;-)

Jennifer H

I had a dream about John Cusack last night!

Your mosaic is beautiful--and how cool is it that we had a picture in common?

Also, your food favorites look yummy. Wonder what else I can get you to do. ;-) Thanks for the link, too.


I'm all over that champagne and the chocolate dipped strawberry.


This is a great meme...wait...did someone already say that? damn. i'm always too late. I tried to do this and about half way through, had a power surge or something and my computer and everything on it went *poof*. will try again in a few...it's a great way to not really think about anything!!


i've loved seeing these! and blue is my favorite color too.

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