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June 14, 2008


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While Monday is an odd day to graduate; it may prevent the chaos that was at the local Costco this morning in the bakery department; as all 5 high school within the radius of this Costco graduated at 5pm this evening...and all of these 5 high school have approx. 1000 kids; and all 5000 of these graduates' mothers decided that baking was not an option and descended upon Costco to pick up there cakes at 11am; including myself (well I'm not a mom, but I was with my mom). We decided to purchase more alcohol following the bakery incident. Word of the wise....don't mess with mom's throwing graduation parties...they will mess you up.

Kalynne Pudner

I'm standing in awe of you. In the past few weeks I've been reading your blog, your kids never fight and you never yell. How does that happen?


I love these! It's like we are there with you guys. So cool that you share these gems of life.

Jen on the Edge

I can't believe you're standing in the way of DangerBoy going pro! :-)


Enthusiastic. That's the word I was searching for when my son asked me to rate his soccer skills. :)



Loved these little snippits of conversation! Isn't it just like a mom to keep a kid from doing what he really wants to do in life! LOL


Graduation here is 9am on Thursday.
SuperDad also has Mr. Fix-It's problem with important date recollection, at least in this case.
You crack me up!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love eavesdropping on your family conversations.


I love eavesdropping on your family conversations. :) Kind of like looking in your living room window. But better.

Oh this is weird. My comment is the same as Cheri's...


I love eavesdropping on your family conversations. :) Kind of like looking in your living room window. But better.

Oh this is weird. My comment is the same as Cheri's...


mr. fix-it. egad. and danger boy...i heart him.


Love that...you are just standing in the way of his pro video game career...How Could You??? Enthusistic...LOL!
Hope you all have a lovely Father's Day celebration and Graduation (Monday?)Oy Veh!
Blessings, E


These were great! And yes, Monday does seem ...well, rather a STUPID choice for a graduation day.

Have you thought about writing a parenting book about discipline, rules, boundaries, etc? I think you all have made so many great choices in your child rearing.


Such cuties! So funny!


Totally! HA! These are so cute - so funny!!

Hope you are having a good weekend, see you later - Kellan


Oh, kids in the kitchen makes me cringe every time.

Very cute snippets!


Your kids are a riot! I'm so glad you pass these along. And do you mind if I use "enthusiastic?" That's a great word.


Mr. Fix-it is right. It is a stupid day. Luckily for him, he wasn't quite listening before, so now he only has to deal with the stupidity for a couple of days, unlike you, who have known about it for quite some time. However, I am sure it will be a lovely day. And you are correct. The technical term IS "enthusiastic". It doesn't change when the boys become men, as I'm sure you've noticed. The Wiz just pulled out his guitar and started "noodling" again. He thinks he sounds great. I am starting to grind my teeth in my sleep...


HA! Y'all are just one hilarious family! Thanks for sharing :)


The kids here graduated from hs on Friday the 13th!! Ack!!! I thought that was a stupid day to do it! Monday? ugh. That's bizarre.

Have fun with it though, Monday or not, it'll be a great day to celebrate great accomplishments! Congrats!

stephanie (bad mom)

Oh these are great fun. I especially like the husband conversation (validation, so I don't feel like the only beleaguered wife in the world) and the kindly diplomatic change from "super good" to "enthusiastic."

mandy g.

I love these conversations!


You have great conversations in your house. I thought we were the only ones that heard the craziness...


How could you hold DB back like that???
I love 'enthusiastic' I have been looking for the right word for those situations.

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