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June 16, 2008


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I love the grad cap cake! It reminds me of my college graduation, because lots of people actually wrote on their caps, so their families could pick them out of the crowd.
Enjoy it all! And take lots of pictures to share.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Now we know how Mr. Fix-It got his name.

I. See. Bacon.


You are brilliant!

I never manage sculptural cakes...


BOTH of you are brilliant!

Mmmmmm....bacon! Time for breakfast!


so clever and cute!


Spaghetti for dessert!


wow! that is an awesome cake!! i love the idea for cooked spaghetti... great thinking.

congrats on your grad!! :)


standing still

Your man came up with a food related solution? Not involving pneumatic tools? You must be living in bliss-land, baby.


Yum! What a brilliant idea for that cake!


Cute cake - and what a party saving tip! Congratulations grad!!


Mr Fix-it saves the day...I love it!


Am I invited? I'll help with the bacon ;-)

The Mom Bomb

You made the cake yourself? VERY impressive.

Just Jamie

You're so clever.

(And I think I know how utterly delicious that chocolate cake is... any chance of there being leftovers? Nah, didn't think so.)


How cute is that cake!! And all those pictures are such great photos! You are very talented, Jenn!

Have a good day - Kellan

Smalltown Mom

Love the cake! We had a bakery cake, because I had done enough cooking.


The cake turned out great!! Curious about the black frosting...can't get anything here that works. Spaghetti for the tassles? Splendid idea...I see that you and Mr. Fix-It and I all went to the same "cake decorating school"!!! Can't wait to see the party pics!!
(oh man...crispy bacon!!!)


Nice job on that cake, woman! Those are not easy to do. Splendid!


awesome. Mr Fix it is a genius.
Looks great. You could sell those cakes to folks like me who would NEVER attempt anything so cool.


What gorgeous food photos. Hope it all went well.

apathy lounge

We had a graduate, too! Congratulations!

The Girl Next Door

Looks like good food and good fun - congrats to all! (I never ever would've thought of the spaghetti thing...)

Mike Golch

Jenn,the cake looks great,kiddos to Mr.Fix it for the idea.
I hope every body had a great weekend. "Hugs" and Blessings all around.


Cute! Congrats to the graduate!


potato salad?? I see dill, potatoes and bacon - just guessing.

Congratulations to you all for surviving through graduation. Great pic, by the way.



Yummy. That food looks good! And what a great idea about the spaghetti!! Congratulations to the graduate!

Manic Mommy

Mmmm. New potatoes with dill...

Congrats to the graduate and the parents that got him there.


Very clever.


I'll take a BIG BOWL of number three, please.


Brilliant with the colored pasta!
Nice job.

Jen on the Edge



Brilliant job on the cake. Can't wait to see the graduation photos!

manager mom

Ummm.. If I ever decide to make a mortarboard cake, I'd probably try to hire you to do it instead.



What??? None at Walmart??? How'd it taste???

Brilliant job regardless :)

stephanie (bad mom)

Please tell me the peppers, bacon & potatoes did not go into the cake...

Congrats & bravo!


Mmmm... Cake. Very cute idea and Mr. Fix It truly lives up to the name.


Thac cake is co cool! You did good!


Dude. I soooo want to go to your party!!!


What great photos! And that cake is terrific!


You and Mr. Fix-it make quite a team! Awesome cake!!!!


Cute cake! Did everyone who ate it have black tongues after they were done? : )

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