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June 27, 2008


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It's a great home - it's a great house!!!

Have a good Friday, Jenn - see you - Kellan

Mrs. G.

Your house is beautiful. I love your kitchen triange-your personality really comes through. Thanks for sharing!


This is such a fun idea! I loved your tour. Especially the kitchen!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Snake? Really? Oh my.

Jenn, your home really reflects you. So homey, organized, and special.


I absolutely, positively LOVE your home!!! The kitchen is fabulous and I seriously want to steal that couch!!


Jenn, your home is lovely and looks so comfortable. I want your kitchen! Your comment was dead on, too. An inviting bed does become so much more important as I get older. I just love sinking into my pillow at night and I allow myself to wake up slowly in the a.m. No kids in school, no alarms anymore. YAY!


Can I come and just live in your sofa!?! or your kitchen, either one is okay with me!!! I love your house....the bad thing about this is that I can't tell you right now, I'm going to get the itch to own my own home!!! I need to get my pictures up!!!


Delicious wine....and gorgeous home....even just seeing it 'virtually' you can see how welcoming it is, and how important your family are - really special.


Jennifer H

Your home is lovely--thanks for the tour!

Now, about that glass of wine...

Jennifer H

Your home is lovely--thanks for the tour!

Now, about that glass of wine...

manager mom

Oh. I'll take the pool table and the dogs, OK?

Mary Alice

Love love love your kitchen. At our last station we owned our home and it had a big kitchen with a bar right in the center of things. I loved being able to cook and talk with the kids or guests sitting at the bar. I miss it.

I also love your bench in the hallway and the linen dresser....we think so much a like. Love all your family photos....that makes it a house of love. What color red is that on the wall?

It's just so comfy and inviting...I want to stay for dinner.


OH, what a lovely home you have made for your family. There is elegance and beauty, but also lots of room for fun and feeling comfortable. I applaud you. I would love to be one of those friends who could just drop by and sit a spell...


How fun! I will have to try this. I love your home. And I would love to have a glass of wine at your bar while you finish dinner!


you know, your house is MIGHTY clean, and look at those fantastic beagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen on the Edge

Everything looks so comfortable! I'm so impressed by your creative re-use of the living room.

Mama Zen

I love your foyer! I wish that I had one!


I love your home, I think because I see a lot of things that would look good in mine. We have similar styles. In fact our kitchen/family room is the same layout and it's my favorite thing about our house. And I am fairly certain we have the same light fixture over our dining table.
Thanks for sharing your pictures. Now I'm off to do this myself.
ps where did you find the $10 book cases? I NEED those!


I *knew* I'd love your home! It's beautiful, and very welcoming.



Memarie Lane

Oh I love your kitchen. It looks like a great place just to hang out. I also love natural light, I don't understand people that keep heavy curtains drawn all the time.

Don Mills Diva

Wow - I really love your house - it just looks so inviting. Maybe one day I'll drop by for a glass of wine.

Your new header is darling BTW!

The Girl Next Door

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. I am moving in next week. You didn't show us upstairs, but I'm hoping there's a bedroom for me - someone's going away to college, right?

Just Jamie

Oh, I LOVE this. I feel so welcome, like I really am at the bar, watching you finish up dinner. What a warm home. LOVE it!

(P.S. We should get our beagles together for a play date. Huh? Okay, it's just an excuse to get together again really.)

Lisa Milton

I loved the warm kitchen too. Your home is so inviting...

San Diego Momma

I love seeing your place. Thanks for letting us in. Your home looks so warm and happy.


Oops - hit the wrong button - too excited about the Beagles. We have two beagles too - Rugby and Riley - aren't they the best dogs ever?

Thanks for the pics.


Love your place. You've definitely attended to detail far more than me and I like the way your space feels!
Do stop by for a visit if you get a chance!

Angie @ Keep Believing

Lovely, Jenn. I SO TOTALLY COULD NEVER HAVE A WHITE TILE KITCHEN COUNTER WITH WHITE GROUT. To me, that tells so much about your personality RIGHT THERE. Come look at my place. My granite is black with hints of charcoal and caramel color. That so depicts my personality.



sigh...I'm drooling, thank you very much.

Hey...I thought of you this morning. I was taking my clothes out of the dryer and noticing how very wrinkled they were (left 'em in overnight AND that was another load in there I didn't notice when I put the second one it...hey, it was dark and the dryer's on the porch.) and thought...WWJD? I KNEW you'd never be in this situation to begin with, and KNEW you'd iron the pants in a heart beat. Guess what I did? Since I have NO idea where the iron is...I sprayed the pants with wrinkle out and put 'em back in the dryer for 5 minutes. Voila!

mike golch

Jenn,you have a lovely home.I wish I had a pool table,well maybe not I'd have no place to put it.


We have that print of the French street scene too!

Your house looks very comfy.

Smalltown Mom

What a friendly home! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos!

standing still

May I have the wine now? It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

oliver rain

I'm coming over for wine too. Lovely home.

Tootsie Farklepants

My couch would like to get your couch's phone number. I'm also sending a big ROOH!! to your Beagle.

Karen MEG

Wow, your house is beautiful and so warm and inviting!!! Thanks for the tour!!


The internet: the next best thing to being there.


As a person who is certified in Feng Shui I will tell you that pics of the family belong everywhere BUT in the bedroom. I'm also a redesigner and it's one of the things I have to tell people over and over. Do not have your family and friends looking over your bed. For obvious reasons!


Great place - perfect blend of pretty, peaceful, and practical.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Beautiful! The effort you've put it into it really shows!

Irish Goddess

Beagles?! I LOVE them! Beautiful, homey home also. I would have expected nothing less.

Over-Medicated Housewife

What a beautiful home! It looks like family. Congrats!

stephanie (bad mom)

Gorgeous! And more importantly, welcoming & loving. I particularly adore your red wall.

Frugal framing tip: Get wooden ones at Goodwill or garage sales, then either do a mass spray paint of whatever color you want, or brush on white for a shabby chic look.


How true that the house is easier to change than anything else about the location. That's the reason we bought ours too, thought it needed lots of work. Great job on the addition; your home is beautiful!

so NOT cool

Ahhh, that was a satisfying house tour! It seems like you have great natural lighting throughout too. Thanks for sharing. :)


So beautiful. What more can I say, that hasn't already been said?


I love the openness of the kitchen/great room. And the rug patterns! Don't apologize for liking things neat! I'm so messy, but I have come to truly appreciate a clear surface. I long for them.

Manic Mommy

Love the way the diamond tilted backsplash mimics the cathedral ceiling in the great room.

Thanks for the tour. Oh! I forgot my hostess gift. How embarassing.

Ragdoll Billie

Oh, Jenn, I am perfectly "at home" in your home! Too many words to describe how it feels come to me. "Beauty to my Heart" keeps ringing in my head, and that is not just a physical beauty.

When released, I'm having them bring straight to your place! In the meantime I just keep looking at the pictures, and imagine living in there 24/7; it feels so comforting, so right.

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